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  1. 1. I’ve been playing golf for about 8 years regularly but first started playing at age 10 with my older brother. Im hovering around 12-14 handicap and slowly trying to progress into the single digits. 2. I just love how anyone can play it. From 3 year olds swinging for the first time with a parent to a grandparent taking a walk with some friends. 3. Wanted to get more involved.looking to get into building/repairing clubs so figured this was a good place to start. And a work friend MALyons31 is a member. 4. I’m originally from Stafford, VA but live in Kodiak, AK and moving in a few weeks to Cape Cod,MA. We only have 1 course, a nine hole spot surrounded by mountains. Bear Valley Golf Course 5. The views and wildlife are the best. One day you’ll be walking and a Kodiak brown bear pops out of the woods. But the weather can be unpredictable and once it gets into October you aren’t playing until at least May. 6. I’m a member of the USCG since 2010 7. It’s my name. Haha
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