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  1. years ago I got in this discussion with a friend of mine who made the comment it must be nice to belong to a golf course, then my dues were around 950.00 per year. I asked him how much a winter he spent on skiing, trip passes, lodging etc. That killed that discussion. Moral of the story if it is your passion and out in life and you can afford it, do it!
  2. Let's put this in perspective, look at the percentage of cost fetilizer, seed, elec for pumps, possibly water, cost of maintenance parts, equipment etc have gone up since this covid crap. Also add on all of the States that have passed these minimum wage laws etc. Who in the end pays, the consumer. Yes, golf has gone up in costs quite a bit but for legit reasons. Folks complain about these costs going up but still are dropping 600.00+ on a new driver. Logic is not to be found.
  3. copuldn't agree more and they seem to go in the woods just as good
  4. I have bought from GolfBallPlanet.com and have had no issues what so ever. The ratings they give the quality of the balls has been dead on.
  5. you just have to look at that wedge as an extension of your imagination and practice it
  6. Golfnut0226

    Pyramid putter

    I know this topic is a couple years old but a friend of mine bought the mallet about a month ago. I saw his putting improve quite a bit so I tried it. I t felt like inside 10ft you almost couldn't miss. The line stayed great, good roll only thing I noticed was adjusting to the distance control over my Scotty blade. For the money, 169.00 right now, it's worth the try.
  7. I went with the Recoil Dart, both shafts worked pretty good but I found I could work the ball a little better with the Recoil
  8. you get a wedge with around a 10 deg or so bounce, lay it open to get more bounce. It's a versatile club, only as good as it's operator.
  9. No one can give you an answer on that. It is all going to depend on your swing, what conditions you are going to use it one etc. Try 2 or 3 different bounces that covers most of what you want to do and go from there
  10. 9 deg gap between PW and GW, it's really no big deal, learn different shots, thats what wedges are all about
  11. I was a FJ guy to until I got a pair from Bunkerless Golf, like wearing slippers
  12. I find it does, my ideal grip is a standard size CP2 Pro with one extra wrap on the lower hand, seems to be a pretty good balance for me
  13. Golfnut0226

    Urethane or not?

    I have yet to have one of these "other brand" balls feel like a ProV1. Vice, Kirkland, Snell etc just have a feel that I don't care for
  14. Golfnut0226

    Urethane or not?

    YOU CAN GO ON GOLFBALLPLANET.COM AND BUY USED ONES, pick the grade you want and tell them you want the older version Bridgestone, I like those also
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