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  1. Strictly a personnal thought when you are chasing 1 to 2 yds off a club as an ametuer it's called a lot of free time on your hands. Cold weather a little softer ball, warm weather firm it up some. The one you can consistently hit the straightest, has a feel you like and has the spin you like is the ball or balls to use.
  2. then you and I might be around the same age, most folks don't even know the name Kroydon. Sad part I remember aluminum shafts in clubs and Shakespear golf coming out with fiberglass shafts
  3. Bag Boy chiller bag with Top Lok and a bag boy 3 wheel Top Lok cart . Great combo, drop the bag in the top and walk away, no straps needed
  4. This reason you state is why I play mine shorter. My irons are 4 deg flat and naturally with fairway clubs you are stuck with the factory lie unless you shorten the length. It's about the only way I can make up for what I need. Shortening a club "flattens" the lie.
  5. My guess, take an inch and a half off the butt, you'll hit it straighter and more on the face, likely longer with the contact
  6. comes down to how many wedges do you really need in a bag, learn different ways tohit a 56deg and you don't need the 60 deg, likewise for all the other wedges
  7. and that is why I ststed "usually" Most high hncp players don't seem to have a clue where the club head is in the swing
  8. my thought exactly, usually heavy club is harder to square up
  9. Golf Pride CP2 Pro, just a good solid feel in the hands. There isn't a cord grip made that I like.
  10. 2014 F150 supercab, enough room for 3 foursomes with room to spare
  11. How about Kroydon blades? Look that one up !
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