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  1. After a long hiatus, I've been playing a lot of golf recently. Since courses opened up, I've been playing a lot more on full courses as opposed to par 3 and execs. I thought it would be the tee shots that give me problems, but instead it's been my putting that's really let me down. Like...really let me down. My two most recent rounds had me shooting a 96 and a 104. When I shot a 96, I had 9 holes where I 3 putted or more (not just 3 putts, but 3 putts OR MORE!). When I shot 104, there were 11 holes with 3 putts or more. Interestingly and coincidentally, my brother in law got me the PuttOut practice system (sans mat) for my birthday. I've been playing around with it since I got it yesterday, and the feedback is already pretty amazing. I know my putting path is not consistent at all, since I would hit either gate on the mirror. And my ball does not start online, since less than 50% of my putts get through the mini gate. Even at 6 ft, I've fewer than 20 that hit and held in the micro-target. All in all, it is telling me what I know...that I am horrible at putting right now. Good news is that just practicing for less than 24 hours, it already made me aware of the glaring faults and there've been some improvements already. Just gotta keep at it I suppose...
  2. Wow. Berger with a T3. Breakout year for him? I know it's just two tourneys, but he's actually got 5 Top 10 finishes this year. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. I've always installed Lamkin Crosslines. I like the feel of them, but admittedly not knowing better is another reason Ive always chose that one. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. If I am going in non golfing shoes, it's definitely a pair of trail runners for me. The Terrex has good traction and Gore Tex action. Pretty ideal. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. I agree with the comfort statement. For myself, it's not necessarily the grip that affects my swing. But when my feet hurt at the 14th hole to a point where I pause to rest, it makes me rush the rest of the round...which leads to higher scores. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. The CodeChaos are beautiful shoes. My only "beef" with it is that for Men, there are no BOA options unless you opt for the high tops. Having said that, they still tempt me. They are great looking shoes, and I've heard they r super comfy. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. With that Sunday leaderboard, I don't think anyone was picking DB to win. Good for him to get that win. I think it was just a strong return for golf overall. A total underdog wins the tournament, great leaderboard heading into the weekend, Spieth in contention and then finishing Top 10, Morikawa putting more proof out there that he is the up and comer. Definitely a lot of positives. Looking forward to the next tournament. Can't wait for the LPGA to get back on track too. Seems like the Marathon Classic is the next tourney up.
  8. Thanks for the input guys! And just another question for my own curiosity. Who does the testing? Someone from the USGA? And is it mandatory?
  9. If they fail testing, do they get disqualified from the event? Or do they just have to submit another driver for testing?
  10. I am a dual system person, much like a lot of others on here. For one, a lot of the courses I play here move the tee boxes around without correcting the yardages on the signs. Many times on par 3s, the signs tell me it's X when the rangefinder tells me it's X +/- 10 to 15 yards. That's a hole club difference. I also use the GPS on Par 4 and 5s because I tee off with a slice (LOL), so I have to know what and where to aim for as I need to aim slight off the fairway to try and keep the ball in play. If I know what to aim for 250 yards out, it makes a big difference for me. Off the tee box though, is where I am more likely to just use the GPS to know where the hazards are around the course.
  11. I was actually listening to a podcast when they discussed driver heads. Instead of an older driver losing its pop, they talked about the face getting "too hot" and players having more difficulty controlling distance and direction. I think they were talking about it's a reason why Tiger was willing to switch so "quickly" from an M5 to the SIM. It's weird but to me that almost sounds like you gain distance but lose control with older drivers. I might've understood that incorrectly though. I've also had the issue where I noticed sudden drop in distance. But that's usually when I am trying to prevent slices and hinge my swings really early, losing a lot of "width". Maybe the swing is something to look into as well? [shrug].
  12. I don't think it's necessary something that looks good. For me, the putter has to make me FEEL good. Not the putter itself needs to feel good. It needs to make me FEEL good. Kinda weird to explain, but I am gonna try. I have two putters right now. One is a silky smooth Scotty California Del Mar that I've taken really good care of so it's essentially blemish free. The other that I have is a second hand Scotty Red X that has not been well taken care of. One looks a lot better than the other. But I switch back for forth when I practice, and when one doesn't make me feel good, I go to the other. Right now, it's the Red X that's in my bag. So for me, it's not how the putter looks for feels, it's how it makes me feel? I don't know if that makes any sense at all.
  13. I've always been just a flat brim cap kinda guy until all this cancer talk! Seriously though, it's been on my list for a while now to start being a lot safer under the sun. I was, and still am that guy that never wears sunscreen because I don't burn. That's the first thing to change this year. I've been thinking about moving to a bucket hat for a bit more protection. I wanted to try the Greg Norman, but I do not think I can pull that off.
  14. thatjasonlee


    It's not so much SBST that I am looking for, but just a smoother stroke, whether it's arched to SBST. And I can only do that when I am more hunched over, and eyes outside the target line. If I move my eyes directly on top, or inside the line, I have a harder time getting it to start back smoothly. The putter head bobbles and everything. Maybe weak wrist? I don't know.
  15. So glad to see multiple comments supporting second hand clubs. I bargain hunt on Facebook Marketplace all the time and there are some great great deals to be had. Taylormade V Steel fairway wood (pretty old tech I know) for $25 CAD, which is like...$18 USD? And that's my fave fairway wood ever. I was actually about to get myself a set of TM TP irons for about $200 CAD, another steal for Christmas last year, but my wife surprised me with a fitting and a set of P760s instead. I think a lot of comments already hit the nail on the head, about not seeing much improvements year to year. I experienced the other side of the spectrum though and upgraded from a TM R540 to the M5 last year. Those numbers changed a lot for sure. My new average carry is longer than my previous average total drive).
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