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  1. Just want to post an update with some of the changes I made to my bag! After a few rounds, really started figuring out what worked and what didn't. Also realized there were some clubs I carried around that I didn't use as often. Here is the new-ish bag! Driver: Reverted from the TM M5 to classic Cleveland Launcher. Just way more forgiving and something I know I can hit. Only downside is that this thing is SUPER loud at the range. Hybrid: The "original" hybrid, the Perfect Club, is back in the bag. 3 wood and 5 wood are out as I never really use them that often. Irons: Still the P760s. Love them. Wedges: After 15 years, the 56 and 60 degrees TM RACs are retired. Replacing them with the Mizuno T20s at 50, 54, and 58 degrees. Putter: Best change I've made. The Phantom X5.5 just gives me a lot of confidence, and the heavier head definitely helps with the lag putting. I may fidget with the weighting a little more and I want it a bit heavier still. But it's taken my 3 putts from 9 to 11 per round, down to 2 to 4 during the last 5 rounds. At the beginning of this year, I was really trying to shop for an all TM bag, but halfway through, I finally realized...why? LOL.
  2. I always thought the BOA system was gimmicky until I tried it. It is comfy, easy to use, and quick. You may need to retighten during the round, but it's not difficult to do. The tongue does slip to the side, but that happens with me for all my shoes. Overall, I went from someone who didn't think too much of them, to someone who will be looking for that system in my next shoe. Hope that helps.
  3. With counterfeit being such a big problem, I wonder how hard it is for companies to have a "verification" system. One where a serial number can be entered, and it tells you whether it's fake or not. Keep in mind, I am not sure what the cost of something like that would be for each company, and the benefits to them would be limited as it's really going to be used mostly be those looking to purchase second hand, which doesn't contribute to the company's bottom line. However, they may gain new customers that were loyal to other brands, but that's probably going to be limited. Did I just answer part of my own question?
  4. Him and Rickie both. I really like Fowler and I think he is a high calibre golfer. Just not exactly a high calibre golfer because of his mentality. I remember watching some interview where JT talked about how he thought he went low for a few rounds in a non tournament situation and Rickie had no problem going even lower. And sometimes, you can totally see that flash of brilliance. But just never enough to string together a great tournament. Such a mental game, and that is probably where Rickie falters. Would love to see that guy have better finishes.
  5. Funny thing is how true that is. I don't remember who won Bay Hill the year that Daly had the blowup hole, but I certainly remember his ... 12? 13? LOL. OK, maybe I don't remember it that well, but you sure do remember the blowup holes. And if it wasn't for Tiger winning the 2000 US Open the way he did, people would probably remember Daly's 14 better. Or now that I've typed all that out, I may just be remembering all of Daly's blowup holes. LOL.
  6. Thanks guys! Comforts me to know that this is not just a problem for me. I really thought for a while that something was wrong with how I see things on a golf course that was making me lose those balls! LOL. Quick update though, I tried using the line of sight method suggested above, and it kind of works. I still had a trouble finding a couple of shots in the last round that took a while, but walking along the line of sight really made things easier.
  7. My 18 degree Perfect Club. I think it was the original hybrid club to some degree. Being a 20+ handicapper, I always go back to it. I use it off the tee, in the rough, out of the fairway, just not for chipping. So it almost works exactly as advertised, and pretty good results too. For someone who can't hit a reliable driver, this club gives me more distance than teeing off with irons, but keeps the ball in play. I took it out a few times because I thought it was a little embarrassing of a club, but I always go back to it because it works.
  8. Thanks Murv. I do have trouble keeping track and differentiating the trees, but this mention of line of sight gives me a bit of an idea. Maybe I can mark the line with a tee or something while I am on the tee box, and after everyone hits, have a reminder of what the direction is. Let me give that a shot and see how it goes.
  9. This is going to make me sound like such a fool, but here goes. I usually try to do that, and while I have my eye on the area, I can tell distinctly that it is one specific tree I hit the ball around. As soon as I go to put my club away and look up...BAM, they all look the same to me. There are a few times when there is a distinct red maple (I'm in Canada) that makes it way easier...but a lot of times, all the firs looks exactly the same.
  10. Hey guys, I am having a really hard time tracking my ball on the course, and I was wondering if anyone has tips around how to find your shots? I am losing a few balls per round, and while one or two of them are clearly OB, or in hazards, I am losing balls that I didn't think should be lost. I watched them land somwhere in the rough, and sometimes bounce, but once I take my eye off the landing area, I lose it completely. Does anyone else have that problem? Just wondering how you guys know where to look for the ball? Or have any tips for keeping track of where your ball should be. I have one friend that always know where my shot and his shot goes. But when I don't play with him, I run into all sorts of trouble, and it's frustrating as hell.
  11. After a long hiatus, I've been playing a lot of golf recently. Since courses opened up, I've been playing a lot more on full courses as opposed to par 3 and execs. I thought it would be the tee shots that give me problems, but instead it's been my putting that's really let me down. Like...really let me down. My two most recent rounds had me shooting a 96 and a 104. When I shot a 96, I had 9 holes where I 3 putted or more (not just 3 putts, but 3 putts OR MORE!). When I shot 104, there were 11 holes with 3 putts or more. Interestingly and coincidentally, my brother in law got me the PuttOut practice system (sans mat) for my birthday. I've been playing around with it since I got it yesterday, and the feedback is already pretty amazing. I know my putting path is not consistent at all, since I would hit either gate on the mirror. And my ball does not start online, since less than 50% of my putts get through the mini gate. Even at 6 ft, I've fewer than 20 that hit and held in the micro-target. All in all, it is telling me what I know...that I am horrible at putting right now. Good news is that just practicing for less than 24 hours, it already made me aware of the glaring faults and there've been some improvements already. Just gotta keep at it I suppose...
  12. Wow. Berger with a T3. Breakout year for him? I know it's just two tourneys, but he's actually got 5 Top 10 finishes this year. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. I've always installed Lamkin Crosslines. I like the feel of them, but admittedly not knowing better is another reason Ive always chose that one. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. If I am going in non golfing shoes, it's definitely a pair of trail runners for me. The Terrex has good traction and Gore Tex action. Pretty ideal. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. I agree with the comfort statement. For myself, it's not necessarily the grip that affects my swing. But when my feet hurt at the 14th hole to a point where I pause to rest, it makes me rush the rest of the round...which leads to higher scores. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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