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  1. Does anyone have any tricks when putting on grips to make sure the face is square? I have seen some benches with a laser or a board at the end with lines that makes sure it’s square. I want to know if anyone has any do it yourself ways that you make sure the club head is straight in when gripping clubs.
  2. St Mary’s GA 9 HC Line using PVC fitting Snell MTB-X /TGR. (My kids Initials)
  3. Greens are HARD. Good luck have fun!
  4. martymar112


  5. 9.5/ St Marys GA michaelfmartin33 (Instagram) 16+ Mizuno, Titleist, Callaway King Speedzone Driver King Speedzone Fairway wood King Forged Tec King Black wedges
  6. I like the blue and red
  7. I have seen a lot of these pro tracer apps. Are they worth getting? If so what ones? thanks.
  8. I watched a youtube video with Aaron Dill and he talked about making sure you try to stamp it on the thickest part. go to 2:10
  9. From what I have been reading no. The only thing g I saw was make sure you stamp the thickest part of the club. It can stamp through the face.
  10. Been to Pebble and that place is great! everything in that area is all about golf. I love being on the coast but never been to Wisconsin. Other course to try in the area -Bayonet - Poppy Hills - Pacific Grove
  11. Mamala Bay Golf Course HI Best thing about being in the Military is traveling and being able to playing great course.
  12. I just started using the MTBx and love it so far!
  13. How do you guys mark your balls??
  14. Does anyone know where I can get Odyssey pro type putters? I am looking for the number 9. thanks Mike
  15. Great idea and great post. Going to have to add that to my man cave!!
  16. I am working on my home shop as well. I am building a work bench now. Then my fist purchase would be a vice to make a regripping section. Then items to stamp clubs. once I get that then I will get brave and learn more I will buy more equipment.
  17. I am about 2 hrs away. Looks like I have to put that course on my list to play.
  18. My buddy set up 12 of to go play here. We Stayed 2 nights played 4 rounds of golf and it was about $400 or less. Great for a first buddy golf trip. I think they have like 5 courses. https://santeecoopergolf.com
  19. Where in RI you from? My dad grew up on west Warwick country club. I enjoyed metacomet cc
  20. Did you remove they stock paint first? Or did you just paint over the white?
  21. Kirkland Glove is money!!! 3 for $14 cant beat it!!
  22. Thanks. That’s were I learned how to play golf. Nice be able to be stationed back we’re I grew up.
  23. I am working on building a work shop in my garage. I want to start stamping clubs so I am looking for what are some good stamps to use. I am looking to spend around $50 for a nice set of letters and numbers. If anyone has any recommendations that would be great. Thanks Also any other tips on stamping clubs. Mike
  24. How long have you been playing golf? I have been playing golf for over 20 years. What’s your handicap or normal score? I am about a 9 HC. What do you love about golf? I love that I can be alone and decompress from work or that I can be with my friends. Getting older its harder to find pickup basketball or baseball games ha. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Love the reviews on the latest gear. Do you already know any other Spies? Not yet. Where are you from? I move around a lot being in the Military but I am stationed at Kings Bay Ga. Also were I grew up. What is your home course? Trident Lakes Golf course What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best thing is I can golf year round. Worst is summers are HOTTT. What do you do for a living? Chief in the US Navy, Been in for 16 years. How’d you pick your user name? Just a random username I been using for a while.
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