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  1. Thanks for the info Rickybobby. Definitely gunna look into it soon. It’s time to upgrade the bag.
  2. Does anyone have any experience with the PXG For Hero’s club program and do they do club fittings before you buy? Thanks in advance.
  3. That’s a spring cleaning job that will require a large dumpster...
  4. If I could get a full swing in down there, that would’ve gone in first haha.
  5. Decided to beat the Coronavirus gym requirements and put one in my basement. Turned out better than I thought it would. Still piecing some things together, but the bar area makes it a bit more multipurpose and it’s a nice escape for a couple hours a day. Just need a refrigerator down there now to keep the mountains blue.
  6. Maybe the tee times will be a bit more available at 1pm and 4pm so we can get out there and listen to them suck on the radio instead of wasting 3 hours of our Sunday’s...
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