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  1. Anyone else surprised by the performance of the Wilson Staff Model? I have really wanted to try them out but am wary of the spin off the tee. I recently switched to the Titleist Tour Speed and shot a PB 76 and it felt super straight! Must have been lower spin! But then I returned to my home course and couldnt hold a single green! IS there any realistic way to reduce spin using driver/shaft combo? Or is the best bet to find something in the middle?
  2. Thanks for the thoughts! At this point I would say I like the sweet/grain tastes more! I feel like they might be more "entry-level" flavors since Scotch is commonly held as a harsher spirit (though I understand it is versatile). I'd appreciate any recos in that profile!
  3. Sheesh that sold fast! Looking at it now....does not surprise me! Congrats to the lucky new owner!
  4. Ok so I have been I fan of Scotland for as long as I can remember. All my favorite bands are from there and I used to work for an agency based in Edinburgh, even made it out to St. Andrews on one business trip! BUT I am a real NOOB when it comes to scotch. Any seasoned vets have a path they can send me down to reefyne me auld pawllaht and begin my journey to glory? Looking for introductory recommendations! Cheers!
  5. Beautiful! I was looking to see if anyone else had been here. Here's a pic I took of 13. Beautiful course.
  6. I was also going to point out that you might want to try out the Titleist Tour Speed. That being said, I just played the best 9 holes of my life at the newer Arcadia Bluffs South Course in Michigan (look it up, it is beautiful) with the Tour Response and now I am considering playing it a bit more....
  7. Love it guys! Congrats! Show me what works!! I just got locked down in Minnesota, so I need a clue on what to hit into before I go nuts and hit the wall instead!
  8. Here it is! So concludes the journey of my warranty claim. Thank you all for following along. If you have one you're not sure about, it's definitely worth a shot!
  9. Ryan, Minneapolis, MN I used a hitting net as a kid. I would hit balls for hours in my front yard. Made my ball striking very consistent. I dont currently use a LM, but am looking for something to simply track CH speed and ball speed for now. Want to build that up over the winter. Maybe my wife will stopping complaining about me chipping in the carpet...
  10. Great news everyone! Received a call from the golf shop that Callaway will be sending me a new Mavrik! Woo! What great customer service! Once the store receives the new one, they will send back my old one and I can choose if I want my current shaft or the one in the new club. LOVE IT. #STOKED #THATSHOWYOUKEEPCUSTOMERS #IWILLSTILLWANTTOGETTESTED #BUTIFITISATIECALLAWAYHASMYBACK
  11. Follow up for the few folks who wanted to know! I decided to take it into the local golf shop and have them send it in to Callaway to see what they say. I figured this was a way to avoid the fear that I be charged if the warranty was rejected. I will let you know what they say!
  12. Wow that's awesome! I guess I will give it a go then! I only fear is if they send me a new one and then I send them my old one, if they think that my old one did not deserve to be covered, would I then be charged the full price of a new driver?
  13. Hey there, have any of you ever dealt with Callaway warranty? I have a very thin line on my rogue and I cant tell if I should be worried about it, if it will lead to future issues or if it is purely cosmetic. I know they give two years on their clubs and we are coming up on that now that 2020 is coming to a close, so I'm debating sending it in, but if thy deny me it might be a waste of shipping costs. Etc. Take a look at these pics and let me know! Or for those of you who have done this, what has your experience been?
  14. Thanks guys! This was helpful. I think my takeaway is that it is ok to really like specific elements of the game and if something interests you feel free to pursue it as far as you feel comfortable with! For me, I get to take some time off (as some as pointed out, due to my location), but will continue to have finessing the equipment as I go. I finally feel like I would love to play for the sake of playing, at least til the end of summer next year Haha I love golf!
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