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  1. Follow up for the few folks who wanted to know! I decided to take it into the local golf shop and have them send it in to Callaway to see what they say. I figured this was a way to avoid the fear that I be charged if the warranty was rejected. I will let you know what they say!
  2. Wow that's awesome! I guess I will give it a go then! I only fear is if they send me a new one and then I send them my old one, if they think that my old one did not deserve to be covered, would I then be charged the full price of a new driver?
  3. Hey there, have any of you ever dealt with Callaway warranty? I have a very thin line on my rogue and I cant tell if I should be worried about it, if it will lead to future issues or if it is purely cosmetic. I know they give two years on their clubs and we are coming up on that now that 2020 is coming to a close, so I'm debating sending it in, but if thy deny me it might be a waste of shipping costs. Etc. Take a look at these pics and let me know! Or for those of you who have done this, what has your experience been?
  4. Thanks guys! This was helpful. I think my takeaway is that it is ok to really like specific elements of the game and if something interests you feel free to pursue it as far as you feel comfortable with! For me, I get to take some time off (as some as pointed out, due to my location), but will continue to have finessing the equipment as I go. I finally feel like I would love to play for the sake of playing, at least til the end of summer next year Haha I love golf!
  5. Good luck to everyone, just remember it is a LONG SHOT.
  6. Ryan Minneapolis, MN (couple of warm weather vacations in Nov and Dec planned :)) Callaway Rogue Handicap: 8.8 Swing speed: 104-105 TSi2 "Give me a whack at it!"
  7. Good luck to everyone! Slightly more good luck to me, but also a little good luck to you, the person reading this right now.
  8. When I started on my golf journey, it was for the love of the game, but I have had some problems over the past few months. Some of it, I attribute to moving, others to having to go back to work (was furloughed for 6 months by COVID), and some of it may be from it cooling down a bit as we head into the fall season. The issue itself is that I am constantly researching, reading reviews, spending time in this dang forum, updating my equipment and looking at my perfectly situated bag, but I am not playing ANY GOLF. I had gone out like 4-5 times in the last 5 weeks and when I do, I play so bad
  9. Ryan/Minneapolis Handicap: 8.8 50 G - Mizuno JPX 850 Forged, 54 S - Bettinardi HLX 3.0, 58 L - Taylormade Hi Toe While I know that Raw Wedges dont ACTUALLY produce more spin in some circles they look more badass. Sign me up!
  10. Follow up on this one. Yes, switching to a 4 wood has been AMAZING. I now play the TS2 16.5 degeee and it has been a life-changing. My 3-wood shots were always impossible to get off the ground and never carried very far. Additionally, I could never hold a green, or really take a shot unless there were no hazards between me and the pin 250 yards away. Now I get 240-245 consistently and it is BEAUTIFUL ball flight. Paired with the HZRDUS red shaft and it has been ideal. If it stays up too high, I can bring it back to 15.75 degree thanks to the adjustable hosel, but man, its the dream.
  11. This post is for the curious folks wanting to know if they were selected. It's ok. I am one too. Best of luck. #KEEPLOOKING
  12. Ryan, Minneapolis, MN, USA Ping Sigma G Kushin, face balanced I would be interested in the Tomcat 14. I had always been a blade player, and the cushion was a step away from that. I would be interested in something that is still face balanced, but the highest MOI is incredibly intriguing to me. I also would love to test the landing strip concept with the dots. Thanks for the opportunity! Fingers crossed!
  13. Dang those look pretty. If y'all keep zipping those back, I might need to unzip the wallet!
  14. Best of luck to the late entries! It's still worth a shot!!!
  15. Hi there folks! In today's session we will talk about lead tape on putters! Or more appropriately, I will ask about it I recently realized that I choke up on my putter (34") about an inch, and then decided I should just join the elite group known as 33" putter putters (not sure if that is a thing). Anyway, I took it to the local golf shop and they were able to save my grip, cut it down and let me have a go. I took it to the practice green and MAN, it felt so light! In a bad way. I talked to my tec guy who put some lead tape on the back of the head and in the center. It felt cl
  16. I just checked out the Infinite line at the local golf store and WOW. I couldnt believe how good they felt! Even the Bucktown (which had a larger head) really helped me line up the putts well and they felt GREAT coming off the face. I think I am going to invest. This is why I love MyGolfSpy. I would have NEVER considered Wilson Staff, but the data convinced me to try it out. Excited to have a resource like this.
  17. I have been eyeing the Bucktown model. I have been a blade putter all my life, but think I could gain from the mallet design. Was surprised by how highly the Infinite range scored. I have been looking at the fang designs and am curious about the Wilson ones. Anyone have experience with the Bucktown? I just tied my best round this week (79) with 36 putts! It was the worst! I feel like my game is there, just need the putter to BRING ME HOME TO GLORY. First, lessons, then, new toys.
  18. Do you still want to hang on to that one even though it didnt perform very highly? I was just looking at that model as well as the Wilson Bucktown, but feel like I should go with wilson because of the performance. What do you think?
  19. I tend to recommend that people stick with the PW that comes in the set. It is designed to respond similar to how your irons respond, like full swings. GW is where I begin to ask questions about how you use it. My GW came as a part of my set, but I use that for full swings as well, so it is great for me. Anything inside 105, I use my 54, which is a specialty wedge for the various shots I try to hit. If you will be using your GW more around the green or in ways that are different to the full swing, then I might start recommend a wedge that matches your others. I work at 2ndSwing, so I get
  20. Ryan -- Minneapolis, MN 9.5 Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Never thought I would move away from Mizunos, but I am datacratic
  21. After doing some research on balls for the first time in my life, I actually switched over to the q star tours. They have been hanging on a string off the tee and I can finally hold greens with my iron shots!
  22. Ryan in Minneapolis, MN Bettinardi HLX Forged (54) and Taylormade Hi Toe (58) 54 degree mid bounce would be my choice. p.s. been LOVING this site. I started following in Feb. Joined forums in May. Listened to every podcast and finally became a donor. Thankful for your work!
  23. Currently a 9.9 handicap from Minneapolis I play Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Irons, so these would be a great apples to apples test for me from the players distance category! 8 iron goes 155. Learned a lot about SUB70 from MyGolfSpy. DTC club brand with an owner you can call on the phone. Considered doing the demo thing, but got a good deal on some other irons (current mizunos) from my brother. Next time I get new, I will probably go with them. Not really interested in paying double the price for relatively minor difference. huzzah!
  24. Ryan, Minnesota Handicap: 9.8 Currently playing a Titleist 915h 19° Most important thing is ball flight. Need to carry 215-220 and land soft (some go far but run out on every green). Thanks!
  25. I would be the Dino Thunder Black Ranger because you would bring me in for the ultimate experience to crush the enemy of boring and unfun reviews.
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