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  1. Bradford Spring TX I walk 90% of my rounds / Walk at least twice a week SmartCaddy
  2. Bradford Houston ,TX Titleist TS4 8.4 107 Titleist TSi2
  3. Brad Spring TX Handicap=8.4 Titleist Volkey SM7 50, 54, 58 I like the look and feel of the RAW wedges.
  4. I have the Titleist bucket hat ... It is amazing how much cooler you feel in the hot weather !!!
  5. That is awesome but it looks like alot work !!! Nice job !!!
  6. I use the Smartcaddy and love it .... It will tip over like people said ... you are going to hit a hole or something ... My advice is to not let it get to far from you, do not go max speed and you will be fine !!!! It makes for a great walk !! http://www.smartcaddy.co.uk/trolleys/remote/smartcaddy-sc301er
  7. rlpolo

    Balata ball

    WOW .. those are collectors items now !!
  8. Lamkin Crossline for me ... Switched from tour velvet Golf Pride... Cant go wrong either way !!!
  9. I just switched from 50 degree ping wedge to a Vokey wedge !! Love the Vokey !!!! Glad I switched to all Vokeys now ... Only other wedge I like is Cleveland .
  10. Any football fans that need to get rid of your Master's tickets ....Im available for you !!! LOL
  11. I have played Vice ... It was ok but now I need to try Snell. I agree the Vice balls wear out to soon.. but it was soft and felt great off the club face !!
  12. Bethpage Black ... Love playing there.. Cant wait to go back !!
  13. I prefer the optics on the Leupold to the Bushnell... I had the Leupold 3i2 and now a 5i3. But you are right 909.99 WOW !!
  14. They look really good .. I was thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair.
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