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  1. Kyle / Grand Rapids, MI Right Handed First: 18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff Backup: 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff 5.3 Handicap Currently play a long Iron
  2. Kyle Grand Rapids, MI Titleist 913D 5.5 index 105-110 TSi3
  3. 1. My current handicap is a 6.1. I am from Grand Rapids, MI. 2. I am currently playing Cobra S2-Max's. 8 iron distance is 175. 3. I actually inquired with the company earlier this year on these exact irons. I was wondering if an AW and 4 iron were going to be in stock soon. Customer service is a huge priority here as they got back to me within minutes and even asked if I wanted to get on the waiting list for these irons. Jason seems to be a great guy making great golf clubs at a great price. No need to pay crazy prices for a set of good irons. I love the direct to consumer mentality and the focus to improve the golf game of all amateurs.
  4. I have never been fit for irons. I’m using 10 year old cobra s2 max irons. I’m an 8.5 handicap. For those that have gotten new irons and been fit for them. How much lower have your scores been? Have you truly noticed a big difference? I have kind of believed that I could learn to hit anything but I’d love to hear some people’s actual results from getting fit.
  5. I bought one box of these. Only balls I have bought in the last 5 years. I play once or twice a week and make sure I find more balls than I lose every round. I only keep pro v1’s and Bridgestone. I often say finding balls is the best part of my game. With a 9 handicap I didn’t notice a huge difference. Only around the greens could I slightly tell. If I needed more balls I would definitely buy these again as the price is just unbeatable.
  6. I love my CaddyTek. Bought the 4 wheel cart from Costco about a month ago for $149. Used it for about 4 rounds now. Pushes easily and has everything I could need and more. Love the compartment at the bottom with the cooler and the basket at the top. 2 of my friends have the compact bag boy which has no pockets. Might roll a bit better but I would pick my CaddyTek every time.
  7. Are these the only ones you have tried? I’m looking at these and the Ben Hogan’s. I like the direct to consumer model. Not willing to spend the money to play PXGs though.
  8. My Bag Driver: Titleist 915 d3 3 wood: Cleveland launcher 4 hybrid: trend. Came in a set of my dads. Real bad club irons: 4 - gap wedge cobra s2 max wedges vokey sm7 54 and 58 degree putter: Rossa spider ghost
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