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  1. Wonderful set of clubs my friend. How are you enjoying that Tensei orange in your driver? I launch the ball sort of low with high-ish spin and it seems like a good match. Just curious what you think about the shaft.
  2. Let me know how that goes! I have been drooling over the Mavrik for the last few months. My plan was to get a new driver next year, but that club just sounds too good. Hope the fitting goes well!
  3. I love the Srixon Z-Star XV! Such a great ball and a good value compared to others on the market. Have you tried the Bridgestone Tour B XS? I found it to perform a little sharper around the greens with a firm feel. What I love about the Srixon so much is the "click" noise the cover makes. Give the Bridgestone balls a try if you have not yet.
  4. Man, I don't even think you could get that shaft for that cheap!
  5. A friend of mine bought a brand new Hogan hybrid a few years ago and ended up not liking it. He maybe hit it a handful of times and let me have it for $50. Not too bad of a deal.
  6. Hello fellow Spies! My name is Bryce and I am from Washington State, more specifically in the South Sound. I have been playing golf for over 25 years with a few breaks in between. A few years back I decided to take the game way more seriously, and see how high I can go. Currently my handicap is a 1.4, and I typically shoot in the 70's. What I love most about golf is the pure challenge of improving. You get out of this game what you put into it. It's one of the few games I know of where no two days are the same. Also, golf can help you learn a lot about your personality, strengths and weaknesses in handling pressure. I had seen MyGolfSpy around the internet for a few years now and have always come here to read about new products. The gentlemen that conduct testing here do a great job in explaining the how and why of golf equipment better than the big publications. Not knocking the other guys, but they can mislead the consumer by not explaining the ins and outs of why a club or a ball will work for YOU. The information here is incredible if you really want to learn how to make this game easier on you. At the moment I do not know anyone, but I hope to in the future. This seems like a nice place. Like I said earlier, I am a Washingtonian. I don't exactly have a home course but I like to play around as much as I can. My favorite courses are: Allenmore, Spanaway Lake, The Classic, Oakbrook, High Cedars and Washington National. I am always looking for new places to play and practice at, let me know! The best thing about golfing in the Pacific Northwest are the spring, summer and fall seasons. Winters are bearable in most parts if you can handle the rain. We don't deal with too much ice and snow, and if we do it's not for too long. Of course that is a different story in the foot hills. Summer has to be the best time to play around here. The temperature stays in the 70's to 80's, and can be joined by a nice breeze. The worst thing is the rain. It doesn't bother me to play in it, but some courses here just do not handle a lot of water well. Currently, I am unemployed, but hope to change that soon. My username comes from the strongest part of my game and my best score. Thanks for taking the time to read my intro. I am looking forward to great discussions and maybe making some new golf friends.
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