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  1. Looking for remedies for sports anxiety.. I cant sleep before big tournaments and Scottish Amateur is coming up end of the month.. Anyone got any good info?.. ps I know this mental element only affects small number of people.
  2. Brother you want to seek out the Diamana D+ 50g X.. I changed like yourself from a Proforce 75g Stiff.. the results astounding think I gained 36yards, when transforming the spin rate down to 2200 with the new shaft.
  3. on the lookout for good training aid for chipping.. have been considering the 'orange whip wedge' by stan utley... but I wondered if was any good tried and tested products out there?
  4. Royal Aberdeen (Aberdeen City) Brora (Aberdeen(ish)) North Berwick (Edinburgh(ish)) Scotscraig (Fife) Elie (Fife) Lundin Links (Fife) Letham Grange (Angus) Craighead @ Crail (Its wayyyy better than Balcomie...)(Fife) Panmure (Angus) The Rosemount @ Blairgowrie (Angus) Btw... You are probably going to play the Centenary course @ Gleneagles (which was ryder cup course).... The Kings & The Queens courses are better!... Just saying. There is a whole heap more brother but they were the ones that are most prominent in my wee head. Kind Regards Brett (Putt-Putt)
  5. Pat this will help... I live in st andrews... and use this website for getting around men's opens in scotland https://scottishgolfbytrain.co.uk/ hope this helps Brett (Putt-Putt)
  6. Hi Connor, I own quite a few putters (not really something to brag about but its true)- The Spider is 45 degree toe-hang-weighted. So you have to setup slightly different to the STX Sync Tour which is completely face balanced... I am straight-straight putter, minimal arc... So with that setup face balanced everything should be even weight, ball centre, no shaft lean. With the Spider 45 degree toe hang, setup with more weight left side ball roughly same position but shaft lean, thus lowering left shoulder. Its a comfort think but I have Cleveland SmartSquare putter face-balanced but heavy weighted- for windy days for stability. STX for calmer days, fast greens. Toe hang putters take out on course when want to putt aggressive. - Sorry long-winded explanation hahahaha take care brother
  7. Hole in One... as much as both carry shots carry luck, the likelihood of holing out with a mid-high lofted club with skill far outweighs the sheer luck with that off a 3wood-mid iron.
  8. Aww I know I am extremely fortunate, just wish i better play.. all in time.. Which course/place do you play out of yourself? My older brother is caddie master @ The Old Collier, Naples Florida.
  9. Brettyboy187

    AVX vs PRO V1

    100% I agree with you brother!!!!
  10. Brettyboy187

    AVX vs PRO V1

    Before the COVID-lockdown I had not long moved to the Titleist AVX ball in the cold winter months through in St Andrews, Scotland. Having been an avid Titleist ProV1X guy before I did not believe there would be much change but how wrong could I be...I believe there is quite a big difference when comes to performance in relation to temperature and wind factors. The AVX is a different performance breed in cold blustery conditions, better control, trajectory and my eyes better reactions within the firm conditions of links golf.
  11. Been hunting for this absolute weapon and it's extremely rare! If anyone happens to have this particular 1 iron sat in the garage or loft please get in touch as I am looking to pay well above market value for its sale and delivery Thanks for reading Putt-Putt
  12. Alright Boys & Girls.. my name is Brett Murray, Scottish amateur player from the sunny shores of St Andrews, Scotland (The Home of Golf)....Ok so I know my handicap doesn't look great on paper to be gaming these badboys but I went up from 2 to 4 after some serious golf swing changes, then COVID hit resulting in course closures so that's my excuses out the way... Here is what I am gaming Woods Driver// Mizuno ST 190 9.5 (set 7.5). ATX60 Tour // TX flex 3Wood// Mizuno ST190 15 (set 16). Mitsubushi Chemical Diamana // TX flex Irons 2-9// Maxfli Australian Blade MCT 97 (Maltby) // True Temper Dynamic Gold // X100 Flex Wedges 48// Titleist Vokey SM7 Jet Black finish // F Grind .10bounce 54// Titleist Vokey SM7 Jet Black finish // F Grind. 14 bounce 60// Titleist Vokey SM7 Jet Black finish // K Grind. 14 bounce Putter STX Sync Tour // Black Insert Bag Ping Hoofer2 (vintage) Ps if anyone has the 1 iron of Maxfli Australian blade MCT97 and are happy to sell it please don't hesitate in responding. Many Thanks. Fore!!
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