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  1. Soooo.....my quick trigger finger caused me to switch out. I tried and tried and worked with the wedges but I just didn't feel like they were suited for me. Like I said, (relatively) cheap enough of an experiment, and fun to boot but at the end of the day - for me - it just didn't work. I am leaning on what asztu324 said about the 115s as the shafts, but I wasnt interested in swapping out so I went the SM7 for the 54* and MD4 for the 58*. Honestly, having much better luck with them!!
  2. Mark Centreville VA XR16 10.5* (set to 9.5*), MRC KuroKage TiNi Black, S-flex 3.1 98-102 (depending on what hole and how warm it is outside, lol) TSi3
  3. I'm in!!! Mark, Centreville VA, USA Bettinardi Model 2HM I would like the Anser 2 because I am a blade-style kinda guy with a slight arc
  4. Not sure if you saw, but the Ping G425 just made it to the USGA's Conforming List. Usually that will mean "for sale" soon! Hopefully that leads to a reduction of prices on the 410 model too.
  5. If "Phairway Phinder Phil" shows up to Winged Foot in just a few weeks, do we have a storybook finish on our hands?!?!?! Nah, probably not - but I will be hopeful!!! Not for nuthin', but does anyone know why this Ozarks tournament is a Monday - Wednesday event?
  6. Did you go to the US Open at Pebble Beach last year? My friend lived just 15-20 minutes outside of Monterrey and went; he said it was an awesome experience.
  7. I am going with the X-Man - Xander for PGA in 2020!!!!
  8. I would like to be a tester! First Name/City State - Mark/Centreville, VA Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score - 3.6 (US Handicap) Current Iron Model Played - Mizuno JPX900 Forged
  9. Nice to see good customer service out there.
  10. I recently purchased some Maltby M-Series+ wedges via the GolfWorks website, and since I asked for some feedback from my fellow members I figured I would write up an unofficial review for your reading enjoyment (or not). I have had them now for 13 full rounds, and I think that is plenty of usage to forge an opinion on them. This review is not an attempt to discredit or promote GolfWorks, Roger Maltby or anyone that uses these golf clubs – I just want to put and honest-to-goodness review out there for public consumption. For these purchases, you can buy the components and put the clubs t
  11. Erin Hills in Wisconsin - site of the 2017 US Open. I've always wanted to play a true American-style links course and this really checked all of those boxes for me (not sure if its the architect's intent, but more so my interpretation of it). Spanish Bay and Monterrey area of California. Spanish Bay for its sheer beauty and breathtaking views of the ocean, with that links-ish feel to it on some holes. Many folks put Spyglass above it, but I'm in the minority there in stating I like SB better. Another good one on that 17-Mile Drive area is Poppy Hills. Best public course under $10
  12. LOL, I did the exact opposite - canned my 5w and put in a 3-brid (19*). Able to hit it low off the tee and control trajectory better than the 5w.
  13. I'm in!! First name/City State: Mark/Centreville, VA Current Wedge Played: 54* Maltby MS+ Tour Grind, 58* MAltby MS+ Mid Grind Loft You would Choose: 54* and 58*
  14. PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!! Handicap and Location: Hdcp = 4.4, Centreville VA Current Irons and 8-iron distance = Mizuno JPX-900 Forged (Proj X LZ 6.0), 154 yds What do you know about Sub70? = Not much; I've never tried their products but I like the different styles of irons they offer with the 639 line.
  15. My golf instructor gave me a really good tip a month or so ago when I was really putting poorly - download a (free) metronome app, set it to 72-77 depending on green speeds and just find your tempo. Its not exact or scientific which is probably why it resonated with me. He also told me before each round try the following: hit 10 putts from 6 feet, 10 from 15 feet, then 10 from 25 and finally 35-40 feet. For this, I putt to a tee instead of putting to a hole to really narrow my focus. Best wishes!
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