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  1. I would like to be a tester! First Name/City State - Mark/Centreville, VA Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score - 3.6 (US Handicap) Current Iron Model Played - Mizuno JPX900 Forged
  2. I recently purchased some Maltby M-Series+ wedges via the GolfWorks website, and since I asked for some feedback from my fellow members I figured I would write up an unofficial review for your reading enjoyment (or not). I have had them now for 13 full rounds, and I think that is plenty of usage to forge an opinion on them. This review is not an attempt to discredit or promote GolfWorks, Roger Maltby or anyone that uses these golf clubs – I just want to put and honest-to-goodness review out there for public consumption. For these purchases, you can buy the components and put the clubs together yourself or you can have them put the clubs together for you – either way, you select the head, shaft and grip from a nice list of options. I am a 4-5 handicapper with a pretty decent wedge game from 30-100 yards. I use my coach’s TrackMan system to gauge exactly how far I hit each club with a variety of swings; full swings and then I use the “clock system” for less than full shots so I have an 8:00 – 4:00 swing, and 9-3, 10-2 and 11-1. I hit about 15 shots with each club and then take an average (and yes…..I write it down, put it in a spreadsheet, print it, laminate it and then carry it in my golf bag). I digress. I chose the 54* Tour Grind, and the 58* Mid Grind. The reason I went with the Mid Grind on the 58* was because I tend to need a little help in the area of forgiveness with that club, so I rolled the dice on that decision. I also selected the DG 115 S300 wedge shaft option for both as I need a little help getting more spin and figured that less weight would help me in that. For the price and the quality of product….tough beat it. All tolled and shipped I paid $179, which for me is a great deal. It took me a few sessions and rounds to gauge the less than full shots, but I was confident that after about 4 rounds I had it. On the full shots….I have no idea where the ball is going. Normally, I hit my previous (MD4) 54* full swing at 97 yards. The Maltby 54* has gone anywhere from 82 yards to 95 yards. I have used the same golf ball (Pro V1) since I purchased them, and I cannot figure out for the life of me why I don’t get consistent results. So, long story short, I don’t really use it for full shots anymore. I now use my GW from my JPX-900 Forged set for those shots starting about 95 yards and up to that full swing of 116 yards. (Side note – I’m getting pretty good at flighting that club to the proper yardages!!) Around the greens for chip shots, I have struggled to find why some shots check and some shots roll out. I have the same set up for all my chip shots, and the only thing I usually vary is the angle of attack going into the ball; formerly with the MD4s, if my attack angle was steep I could use that as my chip shot with check on it and if my angle of attack was more shallow (i.e., almost like a putting stroke) I would get a little more rollout with it. So, I am very sure to say that I have enough work with both shots – with the M-Series wedges there is no consistency and this for me is DEEPLY concerning. On a more positive note, I will say that with my less than full shots (clock system swings) I am very happy with them. I have gauged them almost to the number and I get a consistent ball flight and spin rate for the shot at hand. If I put a good swing on it with a good tempo, I can count on the yardage to be spot on with a really nice amount of check. Also on a positive note, out of greenside bunkers I feel like they have a very good amount of spin and I feel very confident with them from those shots. We all know that no two swings are equal, and that no two swings from us weekenders are mirror-images of one another. But it is reasonable to expect certain results from our equipment based on hundreds if not thousands of repetitions. That said, I do not think I would make this purchase again when the time comes for me to get new wedges. It was a fun (and relatively low-cost) experiment to give some business to a smaller operation – and I won’t rule that out for the next wedge purchase (I’m talking to you, Sub70 and New Level!) I hope this has been helpful, if not somewhat educational of a review if you are thinking about the Maltby M-Series wedges as an addition to your golf bag. Keep it in the fairway!
  3. Erin Hills in Wisconsin - site of the 2017 US Open. I've always wanted to play a true American-style links course and this really checked all of those boxes for me (not sure if its the architect's intent, but more so my interpretation of it). Spanish Bay and Monterrey area of California. Spanish Bay for its sheer beauty and breathtaking views of the ocean, with that links-ish feel to it on some holes. Many folks put Spyglass above it, but I'm in the minority there in stating I like SB better. Another good one on that 17-Mile Drive area is Poppy Hills. Best public course under $100 I've ever played was Black Horse on Fort Ord Army Post in California.
  4. LOL, I did the exact opposite - canned my 5w and put in a 3-brid (19*). Able to hit it low off the tee and control trajectory better than the 5w.
  5. I'm in!! First name/City State: Mark/Centreville, VA Current Wedge Played: 54* Maltby MS+ Tour Grind, 58* MAltby MS+ Mid Grind Loft You would Choose: 54* and 58*
  6. PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!! Handicap and Location: Hdcp = 4.4, Centreville VA Current Irons and 8-iron distance = Mizuno JPX-900 Forged (Proj X LZ 6.0), 154 yds What do you know about Sub70? = Not much; I've never tried their products but I like the different styles of irons they offer with the 639 line.
  7. My golf instructor gave me a really good tip a month or so ago when I was really putting poorly - download a (free) metronome app, set it to 72-77 depending on green speeds and just find your tempo. Its not exact or scientific which is probably why it resonated with me. He also told me before each round try the following: hit 10 putts from 6 feet, 10 from 15 feet, then 10 from 25 and finally 35-40 feet. For this, I putt to a tee instead of putting to a hole to really narrow my focus. Best wishes!
  8. Out of general curiosity, does anyone know if Sergio is fully signed on with Ping? All I have seen was that he officially split with Callaway, but I haven't seen if he officially signed on with Ping. His WITB for this past week's RBC was full Ping (driver, irons, wedges, putter) except for his 3w and 5w (TM Sim). Thanks!
  9. I tested the SZ driver about 6 months ago at my local Golf Galaxy, and for me it was just behind the Callaway Epic Flash in terms of overall best for me. I think Cobra made great strides with this model! I had very good swing/ball speed numbers and spin rates for me, and the trajectory was pretty consistent with the Tensai AV Blue S shaft in it. I have not tried the SZ Extreme yet.
  10. Just curious to see if anyone has been fitted for or purchased any New Level irons. A friend of mine was fitted locally and test them out, and he said they weren't too bad. I had never heard of them and I did a little "recon" on their website; I like the look of some of the offerings, and the price tag is rather friendly. Anyone have any experience with New Level irons? Thanks, and keep it in the fairway.
  11. Just got these in yesterday, gaming them on Saturday in a local am tournament.......
  12. I use the 9 for when I'm playing faster greens here in Northern VA. Shaggy/bumpy greens I'd go with the 8.
  13. Bump and run with an 8 or 9 iron.
  14. I use a sharpie line or double sharpie line if I need to mix it up on my golf ball (and a smiley face that my daughter draws on it). I find that it helps me align my feet and the face in the general direction I am trying to go. I would really like to test this product out.
  15. I would have normally said The Open, but since that has been cancelled I will go with The Masters.
  16. You're calling me out, ballplayer!! OK fine....I had been milling replacing my Callaway MD4s with the MD5s. After reading thru a few posts here on the site, I was really intrigued on the Maltby M-Series+, so much so that I did a little more research and talked to a couple of my friends who work in the golf retail industry. Got all positive feedback from them, so at that point I was really leaning. Had a couple beers Friday night, and apparently I made the purchase!!! Luckily, the wife wasn't horribly mad at me so I'm still alive to tell the tale. One of the clubs is on backorder, so from what I'm being told by Golf Works is that the order will ship around mid-June.
  17. My 7 year old daughter draws a smiley face right near the number, and I use a stencil to make a straight line for lining up putts. I'm thinking the line is gonna payoff and I'll start making 4 footers - someday......
  18. Right....but I think you can get the SM7 for like $120/each now. I have been reading some really nice reviews on this site on the Maltby M-Series wedges, and for the price point of about $60-70/wedge it might be worth the experiment.
  19. I carried the Vokeys (I think they were the SM5s at the time?) longer on full swings, but the spin I got from pitch shots and chip shots around the greens was pretty much the same. Out of the bunkers they also were equal. It came down to cost, and I got a nice deal on them.
  20. Hi all....here is my WITB: Driver: Callaway XR16 10.5* (set to 9.5*), MRC KuroKage TiNi Black, S-flex 3 wood: Ping G410, Alta 65 S-flex 5 wood: Callaway Fusion, Recoil F4 Hybrid: G400 22*, Alta CB 70 S-flex Irons: Mizuno JPX-900, Proj X LZ 6.0 Wedges: Callaway MD4 54/S and 58/S Putter: Bettinardi HM2, 34"
  21. I'll give another rec for Tobacco Road.
  22. Hands down, Erin Hills. Such a great test of accuracy, distance control and putting.
  23. Hi everyone....was looking to replace my Callaway MD4 wedges with the MD5s. I went to the MD4s from Vokeys because I had a great deal on the price, and I really liked them. That was almost 2 years ago now, and I think its time to replace them; they are starting to lose their bite on pitch shots (30-60 yards) where I once had a good amount. I was fitted by my buddy (who I used to work with at a now out of business big box golf retailer) and I was at 54*/S and 58*/S. Anyone have intel on the MD5s? Or, if you have had really good success that you want to share with another brand, I'm not "brand-exclusive". Thanks!
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