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  1. I just got done replacing almost every club in my bag. The only two I kept are my Cobra F7 hybrid and 3 wood. I added P790 irons (4-aw), a Cobra F9 driver, Cobra MIM wedges, and an Odyssey O-works putter. I also started playing the TP5 pix balls. I chose to go for a couple of the older models which is what allowed me to stay within my budget and still change what I wanted. I did not intend to have so much Cobra in my bag, but I have just been really impressed with a lot of what they have done the last 3 years. Has anyone else?
  2. I have been playing the P790s for a court months now. Coming from Mizuno, it's been an adjustment. Did you find that your shafts helped you optimize spin?
  3. I have been playing golf since high school, but did not develop a real passion for it until about 10 years ago. I love that golf allows me to be outside enjoying the beauty of nature while challenging myself and enjoying good company. Golfing in Colorado is great because of the scenery and the extra yardage off the tee. The winters here can be challenging to play in though. I really feel lucky to live in Colorado and consider it by far the best place to play in the region. I teach 8th graders for a living and I am excited to be part of conversations that are real, positive, and not so serious as part of this group. 8th graders can be very immature and caught up in negativity at times so I am hoping to connect with something different here. I don't have a "home" course, but we just moved to Windsor, CO so if you have a favorite course in Northern Colorado let me know and I would love to try it out.
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