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  1. I tee lower than a lot of people bc I use the Jim Venetos swing and therefore strike driver with a descending blow-actually increases distance... Don't tell anybody...
  2. Hello I've been playing golf for 50 years, and play blades oh, I have a 22 year old Snake eyes irons, and 20 year olds MacGregor v foil driver and 3-wood. I own a barber shop in ellenton Florida, and I play as much as I can, I say I'm an 18 handicap but the truth is sometimes I can shoot 75 and sometimes I can see 90. I don't care. I play the game because I love being on the course I love walking oh, so I rarely ride in a cart. I love being on a Munch nature, walking on a beautiful lawn I don't have to mow and communing with the course. my screen name is Daddy's flying because I'm a pilot
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