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  1. Just ordered SM8 in raw finish as well. I think the rust is hard to avoid over time. I think the raw finish will actually make the wedges last slightly longer than chrome due to them not having a coating that will wear and make the grooves dull faster.

  2. On 5/20/2020 at 11:58 AM, Deuce said:

    Don't forget Lonnie Poole (NCSU). It's my favorite of the three main university courses. YMMV. It is certainly unique in its design compared to the others.

    I'm also a fan of Dormie Club (https://www.dormienetwork.com/dormieclub/). Just realized they've moved back to private status, which is a bummer.

    I played dormie recently. You can still play, but have to book through their partners. (Talamore and tabacco road, I think).

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  3. I have a sunday bag that I like bc of how lightweight it is for an evening 9, casual round, par 3 course, etc... Does anyone have good recommendations for lightweight bags with stands. My only gripe with my sunday bag is that there is no stand and sometimes in the morning or after rain will get wet when I have to lay it down. Thanks! 

  4. On 5/20/2020 at 9:27 AM, Middler said:

    No better answer that I know of. eBay or the PGA value guide. And you have to find someone who thinks it's worth paying book value.

    Odds are they will be worth (much) less than the OP would hope. And condition makes a huge difference, not mentioned in post #1.



    Indeed. I bet if you get it refurbished by Scotty you could turn a pretty solid profit. Maybe even better than if you sold it in current condition. I think it cost ~ $290 for full refurbish. New shaft, grip, remilled, paint job, etc...

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Letthebigdogshunt said:

    Range finders are fine on an open course, but if you have doglegs or are blocked by trees and the green is not available visually they don't work. The GPS units are not accurate to the yard on the green but I find them accurate enough for the average golfer. If it is a few yards off most golfers don't hit the exact yardage anyway. even when I was playing to a mid single digit handicap I could not hit the exact yardage I wanted most of the time. Even the pros when they have a yardage don't hit it stiff every time. That being said, if you want a RF or a GPS find out what all the pros and cons are before you buy either one. There are a lot of reviews out there about what the good and bad is about each type of equipment. I like the GPS because it gives me the general yardage I need immediately. 

    This is also a good point. I think there are definitely advantages to both an kinda depends on the course you are playing. 

  6. I like the rangefinder. It is very useful when laying up on par 5s and playing strategically to your numbers for approach shots. If you have your yardages dialed in, it is nice to know the exact numbers that you're playing to, especially when you get close to the green.

  7. I got fitted for a driver this year and had shaft cut to 44.5". It feel much shorter than my old driver (46"), but I have found that I have much more control and didn't lose any distance with a shaft that is fitted correctly. I would recommend a fitting and playing around with it.

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  8. 2 hours ago, 808nation said:

    Definitely use my 3 wood on par 5s, on long par 3s, and when my driver is not cooperating. I carry the Cobra f9 3 wood and this is by far the best 3 wood I have used so far. It is very forgiving and longer from what I have used in the past.

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    I am think of getting a 3 wood this year. Have always had 5 wood, but think that it makes sense to have the 3 wood off the tee. 5 wood isn't used that often bc I am trying to play smart instead of going for greens from 250+. How much harder would you say the 3 wood is to hit off the deck? 

  9. 1 hour ago, Mtbryant01 said:

    Look up Sweetens Cove Golf club right outside Chattanooga, TN. 9 hole course with 2 pin locations on the green to play like 18 holes. All day packages. They limit the number of people playing so it’ll never be overcrowded. 

    In Alabama, you got all the RTJ courses. If interested I’d look into playing Muscle Shoals, Capitol Hill, Ross Bridge, or Lakewood. Alabama also has an awesome public course I’d play everyday if I could at Farmlinks. 

    A little further west, you have a couple golf courses paired together in MIssissippi that are fun to play. Old Waverly Golf Club and Mossy Oak Golf Club.

    Definitely worth a trip to Sweetens. Great place. The course at Sewanee is also there and I've heard is worth a trip if you're in the area.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Check out the FAQ at the top of the page, it will help you with most anything you want to know how to do on the forum.

    But here's the shortcut to the WITB to save you time, I'd still recommend all new members giving that entire FAQ a look, lots of good info and hard work put into by @GolfSpy MPR


    Very cool feature. Thanks! 

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  11. In Pinehurst, I love pine needles and mid pines. I've heard that Asheville has some decent courses, like the Omni resort course. In the Raleigh NC area I'd play some of the University courses, like the Duke course and UNC Finley Course. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

    If you ever get up to N. Idaho/Spokane WA area, it is definitely worth a play.  The LPGA cancelled the Symetra Tour event there tis year... I'd go to see that and stay and play.

    Will do! I know that area has a bunch of good golf and some nice resorts as well.

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  13. I think it depends. I have been trying to get more serious about my golf game and trying to play in competitions. I recently got a new driver with the new VA Nemesys shaft. It is a mid-high launch, low spin shaft, which is not easy to find in any stock shaft. Most low spin shafts are also low launch, so this made a big difference for me with driver, being someone who has a negative angle of attack with all of my clubs.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

    I haven't played in Boise, but Circling Raven is  NOT "in the area" unless you consider a 6-7 hour drive in the area.  I suppose you could fly into Spokane.

    I received an email this week...  Circling Raven is offering Spring rates for the whole year.  Good deal, and include stay and play packages.

    Oh I see, wow. Thanks. That is a good deal, but most likely won't be able to take the trip that far out of Boise.

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  15. I'd have to give this to Whistling Straits. I can not imagine trying to play that golf course from the tips with the wind blowing a little bit. Overall I enjoyed the course, but a few holes seems a little contrived to me. The 18th is an uphill par 4 with a >200 yard forced carry on the second shot. From the back tee is upwards of 500 yards.

  16. Everyone is walking now with the covid pandemic, but I am noticing a trend towards walking at some higher end resorts, like Bandon Dunes and Sand Valley. There are also a number of private clubs around Chicago that have very good caddie programs and require walking unless you are disabled.

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