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  1. Gregg Austin Texas Swing speed 105 True temper xp95 stiff flex Zelos 8 stiff
  2. Gregg AUSTIN, TX 8hcp Tour edge exs 220 110 Tsi3
  3. Gregg, Austin tx Handicap 10 TM MG 2 50 54 and 60 The look and potential spin increases with patina
  4. Handicap 10 Austin texas Callaway Apex 19s, 150 yards Sub 70 is a DTC company. I've had my eye on them for some time now and have been dying to try some of their equipment. Hoping for the chance!
  5. Gregg Austin, tx 105 swing speed Current driver taylormade m5 460
  6. Gregg hcp 12 Texas Currently play titliest H1 Versatility is the most important aspect for me
  7. Let the course dictate what club you should use. Best advice I've received
  8. I feel walking let's me connect with the course and go over my previous/upcoming shot more indepthly. Slows down my mind. Give me a good carry bag and I'll walk everytime
  9. I'm between the hoofer and this, everyone says the hoofer is the gold standard. But this looks like a contender, good pics
  10. I vote for the original Titleist Professional. That piece of crap would get lumps under the cover in 3 holes. Probably the most expensive golf ball ever made in terms of golf shots per ball Yes, that ball was a lump of garbage after 3 holes haha
  11. Interesting, I had my sights set on this driver. Will not be buying until I test it thoroughly tho
  12. I've got a pair of originals, great feeling out of the box, love how they look
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