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  1. Conner, Fort Worth TX 10 handicap Taylormade Rac
  2. Conner Pulliam - Fort Worth, TX Yes - 18 Birdies Still use 18 Birdies
  3. My parents wouldn't let me watch it anymore after I launched from the couch and round-housed my older brother in the crotch. Good times...
  4. Gimme that Pink ranger....ya now...cause i'd like an excuse to play the front tees once in a while
  5. Y'all are going to kill me with every notification that isn't Stud
  6. Oh lord, please don't tell me paddles are involved. Once was enough!
  7. I'm 27 and I'm all about the cart, especially in the Texas Summer heat. It's a lot easier to play well when you're not fatigued from carrying. Plus it eliminates that aweful constant clacking of the irons as you walk....drives me bonkers
  8. Just going to leave this hear, lest we forget JT in this years tournament of champions...white pants = bad idea https://www.golfdigest.com/story/justin-thomas-questions-his-choice-of-white-pants-when-he-wrecks-them-with-mud-during-fridays-wet-second-round
  9. I'll echo that. I've rolled my left ankle more than once on damp driving ranges and my knees get sore when in trainers, for me it's not worth the long term damage. (Or the embarrassment in front of your buddies)
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