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  1. I'm a bit late to the game, but I got a TSR3 a few days ago and it whistles on my backswing. Its not a huge deal, but it was certainly distracting at first.
  2. Curious if anyone knows the difference between what a plumbers neck and slant neck on a putter or supposed to promote. I have a slant neck Spider and a plumbers neck PXG closer and both have the same amount of toe hang. The slant neck seems to be newer and I'm not as familiar with it.
  3. Today's TXG actually talks briefly about the RH sleeve in a LH club.
  4. Look forward to that report!
  5. So basically it's opposite day? +1 is -1. Draw is fade. Bogeys are really birdies.
  6. Hadn't ever thought about the draw/fade difference. I don't often change the setting cause I don't want a draw biased driver, but this has peaked my interest and I just happen to be playing a RH adapter in my LH club.
  7. Selling the main Super Speed sticks and a PRGR launch monitor. Did the training a year and half ago and thought I'd do it again but have a second kid coming soon. Launch monitor is basically new with plastic still on buttons. Train this off season and hit bombs longer than ever next season! Seeling combo for $300 shipped conus or $160 each shipped conus.
  8. I recently did a driver fitting at True Spec in Bend, OR. It was a great fitting. I would definitely go back there. Jason knows his stuff and is also a teacher. I went in June and he told me to come back for free as I was working on swing changes. Went back in early August and it was a great experience. For some reason though, I was thinking there were fitters where you could hit the short, middle, and long iron.
  9. Dang. Thanks for the heads up. Not sure where I heard that. Maybe just a dream.
  10. I'm not brand bias, but the new Titleist irons sure look beautiful! I'm also a leftie so that limits my options. I've done an iron fitting at national fitter previously and it was just OK. I ended up going back after I tried them for 6 weeks or so and they essentially put tip weights in to bring them back to my old specs. Never been all that happy with them. My thought now is that I would be better off with a combo set and a OEM fitter is probably the best way to go about doing that since you can hit different clubs.
  11. Hey all, Driver, fairway, and putter fittings are all pretty straight forward. Hit that club, get that club. Iron fittings are different in that going to a fitter like CC or True Spec, you only get to hit one club out of the entire set of irons. The other option would be to find a OEM-specific fitter and then you at least get to hit a short, mid, and long iron, but you only that that one OEM's clubs. What recommendations do you have for an iron fitting? Would you go with a national fitter or an OEM fitter? Or am I missing some other fitting option?
  12. @Blove@golfinnutDo you have recommendations on where that can done? A national fitter like Club Champion, you'd only get to hit the 6 iron and aren't fittings with a Titleist rep only 30-45 minutes long?
  13. That's what I thought as well, but unfortunately, the customer service reps aren't always up on what they have for lefties. Usually get the answer, "we have everything" and then get there and they have maybe 5 options. Happened to me with both putters and drivers.
  14. Anyone know if the new Titleist irons in leftie are available at True Spec locations?
  15. Matt Portland, OR I walk all rounds. I use the clicgear 3+
  16. Matt - Portland, OR Putting on the carpet at home Experienced 1 putting mat while in high school. It was lumpy and bumpy and had the unrealistic ramp up to the hole. Medium speed
  17. 1. Free 2. Club Champion - they normally charge but we're running a promotion 3. Yes, very happy with the results. Their 90 day fit guarantee is great. My new irons weren't giving me the same result on the course as they were in hitting bay. Went back and he helped make adjustments and it's going better.
  18. I can certainly understand them trying to not put in new shafts and help make the current ones work. I'm sure that's why he didn't want to share all options and just went with the tinker comment. If it works out and gets me to even a quarter of what it takes to play on LPGA, I'd be ecstatic. I always try to look at LPGA data and stats to compare my game to rather than as you call them the Beefy McBeefs. I certainly appreciate the extra work the fitter is putting in to cut my shafts and add tip weights. I hope to have them back by the weekend so I'll follow up again. I appreciate th comments and data. I'm not too far off on AoA, with my heavier 6 iron anyways.
  19. @Manimal26. Following up on the CC perfect fit guarantee. I was able to go in for my refit today. Brought my new fitted sticks and my old 6 iron since they use it for fittings. Fitter asked me to warm up and while doing so he took measurements of my two 6 irons. New fitted 6 iron (JPX 919 forged with Nippon NS Pro 950GH) was a D2 swing weight and old one (MP-54 with dynamic golf s300) was a D5. I explained i had been hitting a lot of chunks and toes and my backswing had gotten even longer (I already go past parallel with my old clubs) with my new clubs. As I was warming up, I asked him what my options were and I got the response "we're going to tinker." So I hit some shots with my new 6 iron and he said he was really going to being paying attention to swing path, angle of attack, and face to path. Maybe 1 or 2 others were in there too. After I hit my new 6 iron and my old 6 iron he noticed the biggest difference was in attack angle. New 6 iron was about -7 and old was about -5. Not sure what I should be at for a 6 iron but even with my driver I have a -2 to -3 AoA. Believe my swing speed with the 6 iron was about 88mph and I flying it about 175-180. He also noticed my new 6 iron was longer in length from club head to butt (and in distance a bit, but not important here). He then added some lead tape to the hosel of my 6 iron to test adding what more head weight would do. That brought my AoA back to about -5, what my old 6 iron was. Then he was quick to say he will cut down the shafts to what my old ones are and add in some tip weight to bring it to D5. All in all, it felt a bit like he was looking for the quick fix and I didn't really have a chance to explore other options. I could have been more vocal, but I'll give these a shot and he said to check back in with him after a few weeks with the new sticks to let him know how it's going and we can look again if we need to.
  20. Maybe give Nikon a try. I've had good experience with them. Bought a rangefinder from them about 6 years ago. After a little more than a year (past the warranty date) the eyepiece broke off and they sent me a brand new model to replace it.
  21. Sounds like you have a solid setup at your place. It has definitely opened up my eyes to the smaller, lesser known fitters and I'll definitely search more for my next fitting. I had an iron fitting at Club Champion this spring and it was a really good experience. That being said, I am headed back this week or next as the shafts have not been working out. I don't blame the fitter though. These shafts were the clear winner when I went in for my fitting. The problem may have been that it was early spring so I hadn't been playing as much. I'm interested to see what options I have with CC and their 90 day guarantee.
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