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  1. I have bent most of my current irons 2 or more degrees lower, and have noticed that my turf interaction in the last few months has not felt great. I know its a general rule that taking loft off effectively lowers bounce, but has anyone experienced something similar? I am a fairly steep player, some more bounce is typically better for me. Thanks!
  2. Love the Odyssey White Hot inserts. Some of the best feeling putters to this day in my opinion. Also, I love that you are gaming a Srixon driver. I have not done a lot of testing with them, but I have heard they are pretty underrated.
  3. The first rangefinder I ever had was for hunting. I thought it worked well until I realized that most of the time I was hitting trees with it instead the flag itself. Highly recommend golf specific rangefinders with some kind of pin seeker technology. Also, highly recommend getting one with slope that can be turned on and off, especially if you are a competitive golfer playing in tournaments.
  4. I just bought a lightweight bag to better accommodate walking. It seems like I see a bunch of walkers at some the old, private clubs these days.
  5. I too have this issue with similar results, and I have found the Titleist AVX to be the most satisfying for me just in my own experimentation. I have tested the TP5X and just could not come to love it. Srixon Z-Star XV has been a good performer as well.
  6. Hello all, I am excited to be a part of this community of people who share a passion for this great game! Here are some things about me: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing golf for about eleven years now. My handicap is +3, and I typically shot around par, give or take a couple of strokes. I am a recent college graduate and I played all four years. I still love to compete regularly in all sorts of events. What do you love about golf? It is really hard to pinpoint why I love the game. I
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