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  1. I think rest is an important part of training. More so when you are injured. Don't risk missing more rounds because you "rushed" to get back out there. Like @Letthebigdogshunt said, imagery is powerful training. Body can't do what your brain doesn't comprehend. You could imagine different and isolated parts of your body during your swing, or playing a hole in your head, etc. Might help with the mental part and course management part of your game too. Good luck. Hope you figure out whats bugging ya and you get better
  2. Always been android. The greatest thing about iPhone is the usability. Little children to senior citizens are able to navigate iPhones. Samsungs 8 and newer battery life is life changing. Also, androids come with fast charge capability where to my understanding, you have to buy an adapter to have fast charging capabilities on an iphone. Charging from 30%-100% in ~1.5 hr is great. I guess another thing I don't like with iPhone is that Apple almost forces you to stay in their bubble. At the end of the day, much like golf, to each their own.
  3. Taichi , Las Vegas NV Current: '09 volkey spin milled 52°&56° callaway xtour 60° I would choose 52° mid
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    That's annoying. You would think as an adult, people would grow out of high school tendencies but that isn't the world we live in. I hope continue to play. Like people have said, there are plenty of awesome people out there that play and plenty of cool members.
  5. Just food for thought. I recently saw a video TXG posted on youtube where they compared the titleist velocity and proV1. No noticeable difference in distance but major differences in spin characteristics, especially on shorter shots. Most people would have guessed this. This is the caveat. Since high hdcp players miss more greens, they need balls that spin more where better players want balls with more spin. So age old question of performance vs $ With that being said, I see a lot of last years srixon z-star/z-star xv on sale now for under $30.
  6. I'm the opposite. I usually think I do worse than I actually do. Not sure what your hdcp/average score is but I think scoring in the 70s is all about super high GIR% and under 32ish putts per round. The missed greens will quickly add up over 18 holes. As far as tricks to snap a streaks of bad scores, I'd be rich if I knew that answer
  7. Taichi Onishi - Las Vegas I've used the GPS on the golf cart and golfpad which is an app for yardages via GPS and to keep score. I use the app mainly.
  8. I would go try some clubs at a big box store just to get an idea of what flex shaft generally works for you. If a regular flex works for you, I would also recommend the callaway edge set at costco. If not, checking out second hand shops works great. Not sure where you're from but in so cal there are stores called Play It Again Sports and they are basically a second hand sports equipment store. I picked up a set of titleist DCI for about $100, a used bag for $40, and a putter for about that. Basically, get something cheap so that you can work on your swing first before getting shiny new equipment. If you have a lot of disposable income, look at any of MGS most wanted lists for your set, go get fitted, learn to hit those clubs, and enjoy.
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    I want them to play well but I also want to beat them.
  10. I take bogie and birdies.
  11. Another great NPG episode. Just a few things. 1) I dont think balls need to be rolled back 2) I dont agree with bifurcation 3) the thing I dont like the most about this whole thing is that it's based on 1 tour player. They fussed over Rory but that dust settled until Bryson. Bryson may have influenced a younger generation to try and do what he does but like they mentioned in NPG, he is probably one of the best and and one of the MOST consistent ball strikers on tour. At those swing speeds, a fraction of a millimeter off and the ball is gone. Simply put, he is an elite athlete=freak of nature. 4) Bryson didnt win. 5) I'm fine with older courses not being in play on tour. Selfishly, I would love it if pebble beach prices dropped. 6) if they throw everything in reverse as far as technology for distance, I think golf would lose a lot of golfers. I agree with the idea of growing the grass. It's simple, doesnt cost any extra money, and if it works problem solved Lastly, golf is and has been pretty boring to watch. As far as a better viewing experience (this was mention in NPG about tiger, phil, peyton, and tom) golf needs to change up how they televise. It never dawned on me but when adam said its ridiculous when commentators whisper on Putts when they are miles away from that green, I laughed so hard. Not apart of the subject but it was a question asked so thought I'd throw it in.
  12. I feel like im getting lumped into this group of the jealous or ego driven because I started this thread. I'm not trying to puff my chest out, so to speak, but I'm the best player in my regular foursome (which isn't saying much since I'm a 14 hdcp but I'm working on getting better) so there is no ego involved with me starting this thread. I also dont care about what other people are using. I looked up Tigers, Rorys, and a couple other tour players specs and the top players are using around 35-36° 7 irons and hitting them 170-185 ish yards. I'm sure you'll be able to find guys that have stronger lofted clubs and thats great but I'm looking at the best in the game. I'm also looking at this from a sports perspective. The amount of time and energy spent to create their swings and our swings is an important thing to me. I understand that it's a hobby for most and the OEMs give what the customer wants. Great! Awesome! But what about the consumer group that share similar ideas as I do? As I had mentioned earlier, a lot consumers purchase clubs based only on distance so the OEMs created clubs to win launch monitor battles, and then they figured out the tech so they can actually be gamed. Awesome! BTW @Golfspy_CG2 thank you for that awesome clip. I already knew the new clubs had tech to preserve launch conditions and I didnt question the play ability because I used ping g400 for a round when my set was getting regripped. I'm not saying this should stop but I am wondering how far will it go and what happens to people like me. At the end of it, it's either I go with the change that's occurring or pay $2000 dollars for tiger woods irons. As always, thank you all for your comments and time!
  13. I think you are hitting it on the nose as far as "traditional lofts" goes. The only thing I can say to that is what is relative and relevant to my golf game which is that I would say lofts that I'm accustomed to. The easy answer to all this would be "just get accustomed to these lofts now" which is true and maybe I'll get there or have to get there.
  14. The only thing that concerns me if this is the way OEMS are going forward, it may get to a point where I wont have a choice to use clubs that have stronger lofts. I will either have to choose to use old clubs with old tech or use newer clubs with the tech and stronger lofts. Tony Covey was asked on No Putts Given how low a 4 iron can go and he said "0°" which is clearly sarcastic and over exaggerated, or is it? I can see this trend continuing because companies need to win launch monitor battles to sell clubs. A lot of golfers, including myself at times, get lost in specific metrics and its smart for OEMs to target those metrics. Thankfully they also created the tech to correspond with the lofts. Just want to thank everyone who shared their thoughts and @revkev thanks for understanding the noobs.
  15. @RickyBobby_PR i am fairly new to the forums and before I created this question, I did a quick search and didnt find a topic about it. I then realized I didnt search properly after seeing your comment so I apologize for creating a redundant topic. Once I found the thread in the club making section, I felt a lot of frustration in that thread from your comments and many others that are like minded to you. That frustration is apparent here as well. I just want to touch on a couple things. I dont play them unless I have to. I dont think its marketing because I used my friends ping g400 irons when my clubs were being regripped. I had a ~192 yrd par 3 to which I used a 7 iron and made it safely on the green so I know they work. I figured it out because I looked up the loft of that 7 iron and did the math compared to what I hit my 7 iron. This whole process may already seperate me from the general average golfer. Like I said in the beginning, I think there is a market as in a consumer population for these types of clubs. I just wanted to know how people felt about it since I couldn't find that thread initially. I'm sorry if this whole thread rubbed you in the wrong way. Not my intention.
  16. Just wanted to see how people feel about how OEMS are moving towards stronger lofted irons. I understand there is a market for such equipment whether it be for reasons such as age, strength, or injury to be competitive but I am not a fan of it. In general i think it promotes for lack of a word, laziness. I feel like it shifts the focus away from putting in the work on your fitness and swing to just buying an answer. Just my opinion. What do you think?
  17. I didnt count it. That happened to me definitely once and potentially twice when the cups were raised 2 inches. I've never had a hole in one so for my first, and any other for that matter, I want the satisfaction of pulling thr ball out of the cup.
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  19. Taichi, Las Vegas Nevada Desire 460cc ~104.6
  20. https://youtu.be/a9EkzYWgGkE TXG just put this video out and it may answer some questions. If I had to guess without any metric numbers or video of your swing in slow motion, it would not surprise me if you are releasing or flipping a little early which will lead to power loss. Even if you have a low spin shaft, if you release early, you will get more spin on the ball. It's probably the most common issue people have concerning delivery IMO. Record your swing from the front and see what your hands/wrists are doing before impact.
  21. As long as its mowed and manicured, it doesnt matter to me. Direction of the grass will effect how the ball rolls. I hope no course has checkerboard greens because that will cause the ball to snake around.
  22. Totally agree with @jddaigneault. A lot of your power loss is because you release it way early and flip. It looks like you're losing connection with your right elbow on the down swing and it looks like you lock your right leg out near the top which forces you to unlock your knee before the down swing. Not sure if that is a trigger for you down swing but I think it's tough to get a good sequence with that. The driver head/shaft possibly could be fighting your swing but it's more mechanical than anything IMO. I would highly recommend getting a lesson. In the mean time, if you're looking for some info online, I would check out top speed golf on youtube. @zrumble good chance another reason for the release is his body thinks he cant get a positive angle of attack because of the lack of that back tilted spine angle. It looks like he has that tilt after contact but his shoulder line at set-up is straight. Lastly, I see you have spineless shoes on. There is test done that in spiked vs spikeless shoes, you lose distance with spikeless shoes.
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    Knowing your distances for not just your driver but all your clubs is important. After that, I would say comfort. What is a comfortable distance to challenge you but not want to make you quick golf because you're pressing the whole round.
  24. Green conditions are tops but just recently realized that the tee box is important to me. I can understand the divots but what I cant stand is when there isn't a flat or even semi flat surface. Having the greens be like turtle shells is tough enough but to also have multiple tee boxes with a slope or slightly turtle shelled tee boxes turn me off from a course.
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