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  1. Thank you for the insight. It also sounds like that fitter is worth the $100. And either way, free or paid fitting, it is an answer to Adams question.
  2. No it shouldn't be free for a quality fit. When I got fit, they charged for the fitting if you don't purchase the equipment from them. If you did purchase the equipment from them, they took the fitting cost off of the cost of the equipment. This is the perfect business model IMO because it protects the business from people getting the information and finding that product on eBay (as Ryan was trying to point out but couldn't) and the consumer gets valuable data. Also just a couple things. In the episode, Adam asked "well how does Titleist do it for free?" I think Titleist can do it for free because they are multi-billion dollar corporation that knows everyone at a club can't be fit, so when members sees Bob with new shiny Titleist irons or a driver, good chance that will inspire another member to upgrade their half season old bag. Also, I agreed with Ryan when he said there are plenty of weekend warrior golfers that care more about drinking and camaraderie than getting better. At the end of the day, although I understand what Adam is saying and wants to happen, I dont think its an industry problem and more of what people assume problem. You hear it often, even on NPG, where people say "i didn't think i was 'good enough' to play prov1x" or "play mizuno irons" etc and perhaps in this case "im not good enough to get fit". At the end of it, the player needs to take ownership and be accountable. Get fit but do research before going to maximize the chance of a positive experience.
  3. I use them often. Started with inexpensive ones from Amazon to save money on sunscreen and I enjoy them. They do ride down and sometimes it irritates the biceps area but it might be that I haven't had a proper fitting.
  4. My typical shot is a fade. My preferred shot shape is the shape required for that shot. I dont practice enough to be successful but I am focusing on being able to hit the 9 squares or windows (the drill Tiger uses). Still a long ways away
  5. If I have a beverage out on the course, its not to calm me or anything for my golf game. It is purely to enjoy the beverage. With that being said, I'm not a huge fan of drinking because I feel too disconnected too easily with my body. With my friends that drink and play, its looks like it's a huge double edge sword. There are holes,typically early, where they play unbelievably but it seems difficult to maintain that balance and they get sloppy. If it works, it works.
  6. I think it boils down to comfort vs performance although both styles are getting closer to each other (spikless getting more traction and spiked getting more comfort). Personally it feels like I am swinging harder with spiked shoes. Perhaps subconsciously I think/know there is less traction so my body may not use my legs and ground forces as much with spikeless. I have the adidas 360 xt and they are awesome. There is a tiny break in period but they feel super comfy and I feel planted. I heard footjoy did a case study that showed golfers with spiked shoes had a little more swing speed but I haven't found it so not sure about it.
  7. If I were choosing only one wedge, I would choose the 54° or 56° depending on your gapping needs. As far as I know most wedges can be bent stronger to 55° or weaker to 55° but just be aware of what it does to the bounce. The reason for the 56° IMO is that it is a versatile wedge. Full shot, half shot, open face etc. As far as which OEM, best to get fit. As you have probably already heard or read, bounce is very important. Dont just look at lofts. Congrats and your improvements!
  8. Taichi Onishi Las Vegas, Nevada Callaway epic flash sub zero with tour ad mt-6x x-stiff Don't have an established handicap but I usually get around 82-84. 106ish swing speed Tsi 3
  9. I first heard about the Premier Golf League from rick shiels pod cast. Was wondering if anyone else has heard of it and what your thoughts are. I think its pretty interesting though I don't know how they are going to pull off the team aspect of it.
  10. I think its a difficult club to hit. I think its because players look at it as a "wood" so they play it too far up in the stance (like a driver) instead of 3,4,5 iron ball placement which results (i think) more often in a topped ball. Also, because the perception is a "wood", they stand too far away with the hands too far away from the body as if they are hitting a driver which contributes to topped balls.
  11. I think its course management i.e using a driver for every non par 3 hole. Also to go along with this, aiming for the pin no matter how difficult the pin location.
  12. 1) Taichi Onishi, las vegas nevada 2) Truthfully, I dont do anything besides play golf once a week. 3) never owned a putting Matt. I have used my friends puttout matt. 4) classic, 8ft, medium speed, 3 flags, 2 side A 1 side B, and U bumpers.
  13. Never 3 putt. I can drive it 300+ yds. Be interesting to hear more from people that do both well and see what they choose
  14. IMO, the different tee boxes are there for a reason. I think people should play from the tee box that offers normal opportunities with their skill set. Even if there is betting involved, typically we'll have a rough understanding of each players ability so having golfers play different tees is ok with me. Played today with people I didn't know. They sheepishly said they are playing from the white tees while I was playing black tees. This course has gold, black, blue, white, and ladies tees. My response to them, which would be the same response to anyone im playing with, is do what you do. It worked out perfectly because my tee shot ended up right around theirs so we would have similar short to mid Iron distances into the green. The only thing about longer hitters moving up in tee boxes, especially when there is betting involved, is that par 4s may start to be driveable holes and par 5s are easily reachable in 2. I understand the idea of not using driver and course management but how many golfers do we know (including myself) will pull driver out instead of 3 wood or hybrid?
  15. Also consider the ping glides 3.0 and mizuno t20. MGS and other places have shown what influences moisture has on wedge shots (spin and launch characteristics) with the ping and mizuno coming out of MGS testing for wet conditions.
  16. I think rest is an important part of training. More so when you are injured. Don't risk missing more rounds because you "rushed" to get back out there. Like @Letthebigdogshunt said, imagery is powerful training. Body can't do what your brain doesn't comprehend. You could imagine different and isolated parts of your body during your swing, or playing a hole in your head, etc. Might help with the mental part and course management part of your game too. Good luck. Hope you figure out whats bugging ya and you get better
  17. Always been android. The greatest thing about iPhone is the usability. Little children to senior citizens are able to navigate iPhones. Samsungs 8 and newer battery life is life changing. Also, androids come with fast charge capability where to my understanding, you have to buy an adapter to have fast charging capabilities on an iphone. Charging from 30%-100% in ~1.5 hr is great. I guess another thing I don't like with iPhone is that Apple almost forces you to stay in their bubble. At the end of the day, much like golf, to each their own.
  18. Taichi , Las Vegas NV Current: '09 volkey spin milled 52°&56° callaway xtour 60° I would choose 52° mid
  19. Chizzle


    That's annoying. You would think as an adult, people would grow out of high school tendencies but that isn't the world we live in. I hope continue to play. Like people have said, there are plenty of awesome people out there that play and plenty of cool members.
  20. Just food for thought. I recently saw a video TXG posted on youtube where they compared the titleist velocity and proV1. No noticeable difference in distance but major differences in spin characteristics, especially on shorter shots. Most people would have guessed this. This is the caveat. Since high hdcp players miss more greens, they need balls that spin more where better players want balls with more spin. So age old question of performance vs $ With that being said, I see a lot of last years srixon z-star/z-star xv on sale now for under $30.
  21. I'm the opposite. I usually think I do worse than I actually do. Not sure what your hdcp/average score is but I think scoring in the 70s is all about super high GIR% and under 32ish putts per round. The missed greens will quickly add up over 18 holes. As far as tricks to snap a streaks of bad scores, I'd be rich if I knew that answer
  22. Taichi Onishi - Las Vegas I've used the GPS on the golf cart and golfpad which is an app for yardages via GPS and to keep score. I use the app mainly.
  23. I would go try some clubs at a big box store just to get an idea of what flex shaft generally works for you. If a regular flex works for you, I would also recommend the callaway edge set at costco. If not, checking out second hand shops works great. Not sure where you're from but in so cal there are stores called Play It Again Sports and they are basically a second hand sports equipment store. I picked up a set of titleist DCI for about $100, a used bag for $40, and a putter for about that. Basically, get something cheap so that you can work on your swing first before getting shiny new equipment. If you have a lot of disposable income, look at any of MGS most wanted lists for your set, go get fitted, learn to hit those clubs, and enjoy.
  24. Chizzle


    I want them to play well but I also want to beat them.
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