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  1. I have tried many brands and have found Ecco Biom shoes to be the most comfortable, however, I have not tried Skechers but, know that their shoes tend to be second to none when it comes to comfort.
  2. It’s worth a try. Martin Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates RH Handicap 5 1st Hybrid, Stiff 2nd Driving iron Stiff I play 790UDI driving iron. Longest regular iron is a 4 iron. Currently no hybrids.
  3. Shooting 79 on an extremely windy day at Yas Links, a Golf Digest too 50 course. I actually almost went home after the front 9. Not my lowest score but, my most satisfying.
  4. A small country of 9.something million people with in excess of 20 courses and 3 European Tour events, including the finale of the Race to Dubai and a Ladies European Tour event (COVID permitting). What are your favourite courses and why? I will kick it off with by too 2; Yas Links in Abu Dhabi, a Kyle Phillips design and ranked in the top 50 in the world. A seaside course with many undulations and holes that vary a lot in terms of risk. It has had some issues with fairway and bunker drainage but, is under new management and is almost back to its best. The greens are always pristine
  5. A wet towel hanging on my bag. The putter goes in the bag and the ball gets wiped.
  6. 1. Memorable is definitely subjective but, very important to me also. Added to that is how I like the layout. 2. Maintenance of the course. 3. Playability. I have played courses that have been set up for European Tour Events and while it is a great challenge once in a while, it’s too difficult for me to enjoy on a regular basis. 4. Staff. I have avoided courses because of poor or bland service. I have many times found this at courses where the management doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with their employees.
  7. Excellent, when you are able to par 9 holes, it’s usually a good day. Congrats
  8. I would suggest going to a reputable store that does fittings, give them your budget and let them assist you in finding what works for you. I played a SLDR driver for 5 years and hit it extremely straight however, I changed it as it wasn’t very forgiving. Went to Callaway Rogue Sub Zero and got 10 yards more on Centre strikes but, 10 yards further in the bushes. I was fit for the SLDR but not the Callaway. Get fit
  9. From the list I would say Rory or Rickie, however, Matsuyama or Im would definitely have to be in if you are looking at the Asian male market. Don’t forget the golf crazy Korean women who make up a third of the world’s top 100 where Jin Young Ko, Lee6 or the retired Se Ri Pak must be considered.
  10. I have been using Cleveland wedges for years now and really like these. Very good stopping power. I almost always play with a square face, even out of bunkers and they do the trick. All are medium bounce. I may reduce the loft of my PW and increase the 50 by a degree to close the gap a bit, or go with a GW that is the same as my irons and get Clevelands that give me the correct gapping.
  11. I have to agree with you......really over prepared
  12. I used to carry a 20* hybrid but the love faded. My current set up is a 15* fairway wood followed by a 4 iron. The 790 UDI replaces the 3 wood on some days. Wedges are PXG 0211 45* then Cleveland RTX 50, 56 and 60. There is too much of a gap between my pitching wedge and my 50 degree, ideally I would weaken all my irons by a degree or a bit more.
  13. I had everything Taylormade except for 3 Wood and Wedges. They just worked for me, not brand loyalty. The only thing Taylormade that I have now is my P790 UDI
  14. Taylormade P790 UDI. When I tried it indoors I was convinced that the numbers were wrong, then I took it outside. Best friend on those windy days.
  15. When Chrome Soft was released I gave them a try and was hooked, then the Truvis was released and the world was a good place. I like the pattern as it makes it easier for me to focus on a spot and watching them spin and roll is a pleasure. Not to mention that they are great balls. Reading ball testing reports I was a bit put off by inconsistencies in Callaway ball manufacture (an issue that they say that they have addressed) and decided to give the TP5x Pix a try as they seemed to be the perfect ball for me. The unhappy ending is that when I finally received by two boxes, I had ordere
  16. Excellent review Matt, very happy that you have pushed your demons behind with the support of your loving family. I have been playing 0211 irons for about 6 months and have nothing but praise for them. The longer blade length in the long irons looked a bit “off” initially but, they are easier to hit than other long irons that I have tried resulting in my hybrids being banished to the cupboard. As far as the finish goes, I like my clubs to be pristine and saw a few small blemishes from the clubs banging against each other in the bag so, I put covers on and life is good again. My
  17. Interesting, I have only read about them and have never used them. I like my Truvis and won’t change.
  18. It seems as though wet performance is the biggest issue. If you like colours then use a non matte one when the grass is wet
  19. My SLDR driver stayed with me for 6 years before it was replaced by a Rogue Sub Zero but, long and in the bushes didn't work for me. Went back to the SLDR until a TS2 replaced it recently.
  20. Jacaru leather hats from Australia with the mesh sides.
  21. I find Fit39 works very well in hot and humid conditions. They are all synthetic out of Japan (I believe) with a very grippy palm. Online purchase can be done but, there are many knock offs floating around.
  22. We are out in the UAE but, only 3 balls and no sharing of buggys. The holes also have inserts so that the balls can be removed without touching the flag stick.
  23. Hi Everyone, I have been reading GolfSpy on and off for a while and find it to be a very interesting and educational site. So, it’s time to get more involved. - I am from Jamaica, living in the UAE. - Started playing seriously in 2006 and got my handicap to 18 within a year but, I stopped practicing and it now moves between 6 and 9. - Was a member at Yas Links (Golf Digest top 50) but, cancelled after having shoulder surgery in 2016. Now I play wherever I can get a good deal. - Favourites are Caymanas Golf Club in Jamaica as I Crew up playing football and running around tha
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