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  1. I always struggled with 3w off the deck until I got the TM M2 HL 3W. As others have said, much prefer a deeper face off the tee.
  2. Thanks for the advice and indeed Portmarnock is a fine club, I'm very lucky to play there. Your input on the KBS Tour V is greatly appreciated and sort of confirms what my own thinking was. Unfortuanlty I'm quite steep on my irons so Tour V sounds like it's out for me. I'll look into your idea of contacting Hogan in the US and also try a few other brands here. I already had a fitting for Titlesit and they suggested T200 in KBS tour S. Many thanks again.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm in Ireland. As you say, I'm losing a bit of distance with my irons compared to what I should be getting but quite a bit of that may relate to playing in the wind almost all the time. I'm capable of playing DG and like the weight. Was just wondering was there any feedback on the TourV as it's the only other offering that Hogan do in steel. As I'm nearing 50 years and driver speed is down from 105 to 102 the last couple of years was thinking the slightly lighter option may suit.
  4. Ping G400 LS Tec TM M2 HL 3w Cobra Baffler Pro 3R Ping S55 4-PW Vokey SM7 50,54,60 Original White Hot 8 ProV1X
  5. Hi all, I'm new to MGS forum and am in the market for a new set of irons. Been using Ping S55 in DGS300 for the last number of years. Wouldn't be changing except for the fact that I've worn the grooves away! Anyway, I'm looking at the Hogan PTX/ICON combo set and trying to figure out best shaft option. I used Hogan's years ago in the FTX model with an Apex 4 shaft and loved them. Hogan's online fitting suggests Tour V for me but its very hard to find any info regarding that shaft. I've tried to order demo clubs but they're just always out of stock in Europe. All my golf is on links
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