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  1. Thanks everyone. Going to check out the links added.
  2. I know this might seem like a random thing but I always have put my name and number on a sticker on my clubs because I am notorious for leaving a wedge on the green of the previous hole. I have been using Pin High Labels for the last few times but I feel like they just don't stick as well as they should. I am wondering if any of you have a recommendation on what you use or a high quality brand.
  3. I use The Grint and I like it. I have tried most of them and found that to be my favorite.
  4. I appreciate this, I don't want you to think I didn't search because I did. None of them seemed to be a first time fitting what I should know type thread.
  5. Alright ladies and gentlemen, This is my first post on MGS but I have been a long time lurker and reader. I am going for a fitting on Sunday. I currently have 7 year old clubs and I had some good luck recently so I am treating my self to a new round of clubs. I have a full bag fitting although I probably won't buy a putter. What are some questions I should ask, things I should look out for, and things I should know for when I get in there. They already told me to bring my clubs and a sleeve of the balls I normally play which are (TM TP5) but I am wondering if you guys have any advice for me heading in. - Stephen
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