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  1. I got new irons and spent time working out the new yardages. Pretty much my set AW is now the PW from my old set. Got 3 wedges, another gap that was 10-15 yards different, only 2 degree difference due to how hot my irons are compared to my wedges. A wedge for around the greens, and a wedge with a grind to help me in thick lies and fluffy bunkers. The set AW is 48, and my wedge set up is 50F, 54S, 58K (Vokeys). Then with my 6 iron distance, worked out my gapping to my driver. So I ended up with a hybrid, 7 wood and 5 wood. Once you know your irons distances the rest will fall in place.
  2. I found the PING G425's were the best in terms of dispersion and how easy they are off the deck. Lacked a little distance, but I was looking for accuracy over distance.
  3. I had to adjust my wedges to my new irons. The t300 lofts are crazy. My PW is now 43* and I have a set GW at 48* (essential my new PW). My wedge set up is 50*, 54* and 58* now. The reason for the 2* loft change from my 48* t300 wedge to my 50* Vokey wedge is the t300's are super hot and both the 48* and 50* are mainly full swing shots, so my gapping works better with these lofts. The 54* is my versatile 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 shots from 70 yards and in, and my 58 is a K grind mainly for fluffy bunkers and rough around the greens. So including the PW I have ended up with 5 wedges. Ditched the 5 iron in my set and have a 5 and 7 wood, and a hybrid instead of my 5 iron now.
  4. Changed the shaft and grip, back in the bag
  5. Titleist StaDry Performance Towel It is a little expensive, but it is thick, durable, it has microfiber on the inside, a scratch pad to clean the grooves, and you can use the the outside for hands and the inside for clubs. Wetting some sections but also keeping some parts dry.
  6. Curious to see what everyone's preference is on their putters
  7. I had a beginner set and started to improve. I upgraded in this order; Driver Putter Irons Wedges (you need to do these after the irons, so you know what loft to get for gapping, and if you have a gap/approach wedge in your set or not) Fairway woods
  8. The Vokey website is great to work out what you need, you answer questions on how you play and where you play, and then they give you recommendations.
  9. Haha so true. But it really does make a difference. I tried to rephrase it so I wasn't that guy
  10. Mine was getting the correct grind and bounce on my wedges for when I need to use them in the specific situations. Been a life saver, no more duffs.
  11. I love being outdoors and playing a sport. I am too old to play the sports I did growing up, so golf allows me to be competitive, but also enjoy the outdoors. I know I will never play professionally, so I never let a bad shot bother me, I always reality check and say I am just lucky to be out here having fun. "A glorified walk in the park" some say.
  12. My AW is 49 and apart of my iron set (needed the extra forgiveness for the longer shots), so I added a 54 S grind for more of a straight back half and full swing shot, and a 58 K grind high bounce for bunkers and rough lies around the green. The 58 has been a life saver and minimized my duffs big time with that grind and bounce set up.
  13. Usually a 5 hybrid will go 10-15 further than your 5 iron. In my set up I have a 5 hybrid as my next club after my 5 iron in my gapping. A 4 hybrid might produce too much of a gap which I found out. Test out some 4 and 5's to see what distances fit your gapping best, like @cnosil said, don't worry about the lofts as much as the distances they go. I am a high handicap so I have similar set up to you. My 4 hybrid gets close distances to my 5 wood, so that gets taken out or used in different situations, like in thicker rough my 5 wood might not get through. I had to go to a Simulator to work out my rough distances.
  14. Interesting responses. I also have an issue of gripping too hard, it does seem weird to swing something so fast and not grip it to death. I usually pull the shots to the left when I do. I have looked at some YouTube videos that offer some tips, hold the club in the air in front of you, and make sure the club moves easily and not restricted, or they say 6/10 pressure. I have to constantly remind myself on the course and when practicing to stop gripping it hard. The idea of changing the thickness of the grip never crossed my mind. I might have a play around with that to see if that helps me too. Thanks everyone.
  15. Not paying enough attention to the ball slightly on a hill going up or down. The obvious ones where the ball is way above or below my feet I make the adjustments, but the ones where it is even with my feet and I am on a slight down slop on a hill, I need to pay more attention and not thin it (downhill). It is the slight adjustments that I need to work on more. I need to focus on more aspects of my where my ball is and not just the type of rough I am in.
  16. I buy from them all the time, always great quality. Never any issues.
  17. Interesting, I get no clicks. I will get a replacement tool. Thanks
  18. I added loft and a draw setting on my hybrid Epic Flash, all the examples say there should be a click to stop over tightening. Mine doesn't click, it is on solid but is there a chance I have screwed it too tight, and if so what is the ramifications for doing so?
  19. Not sure how legit these products are but Amazon has one called this "Technasonic Check-Go Pro Sweet Spot Electronic Golf Ball Liner" I have seen some gadgets out there that finds the center of the ball for you.
  20. I did the same thing, dropped my 50 degree Vokey for the AW to match my set. So much more consistent on approach shots.
  21. I had the Epic Flash 3 wood. I had to retire it, it was too hot sometimes and with my swing being inconsistent the distances were too far between my shortest to my longest. Great club but didn't suit my ability.
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