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    Nateyeight got a reaction from Chip Strokes in shaft decals   
    I was actually looking into this the other day. I have blacked out wedges and was looking at putting a wrap on the shaft to black it all out. I found only a few companies that do it. I have noticed that people don't like stock shaft stickers missing as it can lose value. To be honest my wedges will be used until they die. Some of these wrap companies have images and various colors too. 
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from xOldBenKenobiX in Golf digest Tiger's series   
    Seen it advertised but haven't started watching yet. Will need to find some time. Looks cool, thanks for sharing the links.
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    Nateyeight reacted to xOldBenKenobiX in Golf digest Tiger's series   
    Has anyone else been watching this special run? 
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    Nateyeight reacted to xOldBenKenobiX in Golf digest Tiger's series   
    I just started watching the other day, so I am still on season one.

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    Nateyeight reacted to Chip Strokes in anyone carry 5 wedges?   
    curious if anyone games a 5 wedge setup. i’m playing around with the idea myself.
    i’ll likely go set PW, 48, 52, 56, 60 and see how that works out
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    Nateyeight reacted to Siamese Moose in Funniest (Good Natured) Golf Digs After a Bad Shot?   
    My personal favorite, on putts left short, either "Nice lay up, or, "I don't think I would have layed that one up."
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    Nateyeight reacted to xOldBenKenobiX in Can a comment mess you up?   
    I try not to get worked up, however when I get pissed with my self, I hit the next shot really well.
    Maybe I should play like Bruce Banner.

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    Nateyeight reacted to Perrymr in Iron or Wedge?   
    to piggy back off other replies, my opinion is this:
    If you use your pw for mostly full straight forward shots, matching the irons might be bennificial, I think of my pw and gap as irons more so than wedges. ( I also have a sand and a lob that are not apart of the set)  But if you are someone who manipulates the face to create different shots with your pw you may want to consider straying from the set wedge.
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    Nateyeight reacted to HardcoreLooper in Iron or Wedge?   
    I've done everything from playing specialty PW / SW / LW (back in the days of weaker lofted irons) to set PW / GW - specialty SW / LW.  And right now?  All irons are Cobra F8, 4i to LW.  But the GW / SW / LW are built like specialty wedges and do not match the set.  What does this mean?  Who knows.  My suggestion is to experiment to see what works best for you.  
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    Nateyeight reacted to RyanJohnson_Official in Iron or Wedge?   
    I tend to recommend that people stick with the PW that comes in the set. It is designed to respond similar to how your irons respond, like full swings. GW is where I begin to ask questions about how you use it. My GW came as a part of my set, but I use that for full swings as well, so it is great for me. Anything inside 105, I use my 54, which is a specialty wedge for the various shots I try to hit. If you will be using your GW more around the green or in ways that are different to the full swing, then I might start recommend a wedge that matches your others. 
    I work at 2ndSwing, so I get these kinds of questions all the time! (I know that my employment doesnt guarantee correct knowledge, but I'm confident here!)
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    Nateyeight reacted to Micah T in Iron or Wedge?   
    My PW(43*) and my GW(48*) are part of my AP3 set, and my 52, 56, & 60 are vokey with various grinds and level of bounce. I look at my pw and gw as full swing clubs that I’d prefer to have the same weight and feel as my iron set.

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    Nateyeight reacted to tchat07 in Iron or Wedge?   
    PW part of my irons. Do not think I would do ever do a gap as part of an iron set though. Like my wedges a little too much.

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    Nateyeight reacted to Kansas King in Iron or Wedge?   
    I haven't seen anyone post this yet but wedges that come with an iron set typically have their grooves cut (or cast) differently than stand alone wedges. The wedge with your set will likely have less aggressive grooves than say a Vokey wedge. However, that isn't all bad but it depends on your situation. If you love hitting flighted down shots that hop and stop then the stand-alone wedge may be for you. However, if you like taking full swings then the set wedge may be the better option. You're swing characteristics also matter. If you balloon wedges and aren't the best ball striker, then the set wedge may be a better option as they typically are a little more forgiving. You may also prefer the less aggressive grooves even if you are a better ball striker because you may get better control. Too much spin is too much and pitching wedges are certainly a club where using the set wedge may be advantageous. Just because you can use a stand-alone wedge doesn't mean it will always be the best option. 
    As always, you have to get fit to know for sure and stay open minded with you're options.
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    Nateyeight reacted to Buffly in Iron or Wedge?   
    There is no rule stating it has to match. 
    Before matched sets were popular it was normal to have a wide variety of brands and designs. 
    I would think it has more to do with how you use your PW. If you play one stock shot = set PW. If you play a variety of shots = specialty PW. 
    A specialty PW just gives you bounce options and sole grind options that are different enough to change turf interaction to suit you. 
    Most people play their set PW and add specialty Sand and Lob wedges. 
    The Gap/approach wedge floats around depending on player preferences. 
    I play set PW and Gap. My specialty wedges are my 54* sand and 60* lob wedges. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to Nic in Update: My WITB is finally complete!   
    Sweet setup!  I have a similar OCD headcover obsession lol
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    Nateyeight reacted to Buffly in Update: My WITB is finally complete!   
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from brendalonian in Update: My WITB is finally complete!   
    I started with a Strata 9 piece set a few years ago. Got fitted for a Driver to start with, then just recently got fitted to a new set of irons. Now it time to knuckle down and get my score down into the 80's and low 90's consistently. What do you guys think? Ended up with a mix of Callaway and Titleist. 
    Driver: GBB Epic 10.5*
    3 Wood: Epic Flash
    4 Hybrid: Epic Flash
    Irons:  4 - PW Rogue 
    Wedges:  Vokey SM8 50*, SM7 56*, 60*
    Putter: California Fastback 35" w Red Cord Dancing SC Grip
    Bag: Nike Air Hybrid Golf Bag

    My OCD made me match the EPIC Flash driver head cover with the 3W and 4H. 

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    Nateyeight got a reaction from Larryd3 in Selling on Ebay, buyer wants to make payment through phone   
    I would do it through eBay or get his PayPal and do it through Goods and Services. 
    I wouldn't risk it
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from daviddvm in Selling on Ebay, buyer wants to make payment through phone   
    I would do it through eBay or get his PayPal and do it through Goods and Services. 
    I wouldn't risk it
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from GaDawg in Selling on Ebay, buyer wants to make payment through phone   
    I would do it through eBay or get his PayPal and do it through Goods and Services. 
    I wouldn't risk it
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    Nateyeight reacted to Tom the Golf Nut in Determining your Tee Box ?   
    Average Drive Recommended Tees 300 yards 7,150 - 7,400 yards 275 yards 6,700 - 6,900 yards 250 yards 6,200 - 6,400 yards 225 yards 5,800 - 6,000 yards 200 yards 5,200 - 5,400 yards 175 yards 4,400 - 4,600 yards 150 yards 3,500 - 3,700 yards 125 yards 2,800 - 3,000 yards 100 yards 2,100 - 2,300 yards  
    This was from the PGA
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    Nateyeight reacted to EEZurg in It's Probably Time for a Push Cart   
    I carried too long.  It was then posed to me....pick up/put down that bag wrong once and how long will you play NO golf until your back feels better.  I had a 2 strap bag and still sometime only used one( "old school")  I bought a cart the next day.  Honestly, I kicked myself in the ***.....it's like having a caddy.  AND......I play more golf....and feel better.  I can carry more water, too.
    Even my kids use them now.....
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    Nateyeight reacted to Fairways_GIR in Golf Thoughts   
    3 steps and a mindset for improved play:
    1.  Know your game (fitting is the perfect start) - play your game. Don’t press to do what others do. 
    2. Focus on simplification of play (refuse to compound errors) fairways and greens in as few shots as possible - no need to be a hero. 
    3. Press hard creating a superb short game. 
    ~Mindset (patience - allow it to happen)
    If you are struggling, You are simply pressing because you need some “definitives”.  Get a fitting, know your ball flight, know your capabilities. That way you aren’t “trying to find” something. You just rinse and repeat - praise the monotony of boring golf. 
    I say that because “trying harder” is actually a negative. Your best swings will always be your practice swings - why? - BC you aren’t worried about the practice swing. 
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    Nateyeight reacted to hartrick11 in So... What's really in your bag?   
    Likewise on your Fastback - love the whole California series! My putter won't be changing for a looong time. I also have a Monterey 1.5 collecting dust and if I had the extra cash sitting around would buy the rest of the lineup for a sweet display rack.
    Everything else was purchased within an 18 month stretch that ended in January which explains my bag staying the same since then, though it's still a bit of an upset 😄. Not planning to make any changes in 2021 either, unless I am selected for a test that is!
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    Nateyeight got a reaction from hartrick11 in So... What's really in your bag?   
    Love the putter choice, I think you are set with your Driver and fairway for some time now.  
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