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  1. Anyone have any interest in these? They're in incredibly good shape. My wife used them a few times and just preferred her Taylormade stuff instead. Nike Vapor Fly w/ Tensi Shaft. All of them are in 9.5/10 condition. I've priced them all using completed listings on ebay and made sure I'm lower than the average on there. Driver $200, 3 wood $110. Hybrid $110.
  2. Last week I played at an indoor golf facility using the TruTrack2 System, my Driver speed was consistently 120-121mph. Today I was at my local Golf Galaxy testing new drivers I'm in the market for, their monitor was saying my Driver speed was between 106-109mph. A month ago when I was in there, in a different bay testing a 3 wood I was between 113-115mph. To top it off, today it was showing my ball flight as a hook, regardless of which driver I hit. I took 7-8 swings with each club... I have haven't played a draw in 10+ years, let alone a hook that no matter what I did, wouldn't go
  3. I’m currently playing a Titleist 915 D3 w/ an Aldila Rouge Silver 2nd Gen Shaft, set up at A1 9.5 degrees. Typically I carry somewhere around 270-75. I don’t have a slicing or hooking problem. I can play a little cut with it when I know I need to be in the middle of the fairway and avoid trouble and when I’m loose (rare these days) I can play a draw like I did in my 20’s. I can keep it in the fairway more often than not. My issue is that I’m getting the itch for a new driver. The new Cobra and TaylorMade stuff is very intriguing. So I’m looking for some opinions/common sense... 1.
  4. Thank you. I'm hoping to get back to working on them here shortly. I coach softball and in Iowa we were able to play this summer so I had to put these on the shelf for a month or so. I can't wait to get them "finished"
  5. I'm looking at getting a set of MacGregor M685 Forged irons and I believe they have Rifle 4.5 shafts in them. I'm getting them for my brother because he wants to get in to forged irons and this seems like a really good deal. He doesn't have an aggressive swing, more smooth than anything. I'm just not familiar with these irons or shaft. Anyone familiar with either? I can get the clubs for $100 in nearly new shape.
  6. @deejaid out of curiosity. How stupid would it be of me to re-shaft these Hogans? I'm not leaning towards it by any means. I'm just wondering because I know nothing about putting shafts in something this old.
  7. I just wrapped up week 3 with B XS and I'll be played it until further notice. I absolutely love everything about this ball. For me, it's the best ball I've played when it comes to workability and control. My distances are consistently right on the money and shot shaping is the best it's been in quite some time. I never thought I'd fully go away from ProV1, but three weeks in and I am still impressed by this ball. A draw back for some people may be that it's not quite as long as some balls, but distance doesn't mean much to me. I hit it long enough, and when I get the same distance ever
  8. Hi there. Sorry to ping you out of the blue...  I'm writing to see if you have had any experience with the GolfTec on University up in Clive?

    I'm looking for a good fitter for a driver fitting.  I'm from Sioux City, and all we have is an Austads... I'm thinking of going to Club Champion in Omaha, or GolfTec in Des Moines - I spend a lot of time in DM...  

    Just curious if you had an experience with them, or heard anything about them. 



    1. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Haven't had any experience with either specific location, but I have had a fitting at the Club Champion in Minneapolis. What I know of their process is that it's very consistent from location to location. They're brand agnostic and they're very detailed.  I haven't had a fitting at GolfTec, but I hear very good things about them. They have only a few major brands, but they do a good job. 

      Hope this helps. 

  9. I've used sandpaper before on clubs that haven't been used in a while. I take a really light grit sand paper and essentially wet sand them. It can bring Tour Velvet style grips back to life. I decided to use it because dish soap wasn't cutting through the slick old grip. I think it turns out pretty well. My brother is still playing with the last one I did on an old R7 3 wood he decided to bring out of retirement a year ago.
  10. I just started a project as a new hobby. I've had a set of 1972 Hogan Apex irons and a set of Titleist Tour Model irons (maybe 84? maybe 89?) for as long as I can remember in my cart shed. To be honest, I'm not even sure how they ended up in there. I've always been curious about how playing them would be, and I've also been curious about restoring them and making them "shine" again. I just started the project, and I'm only one iron in on the Hogan set and I'm already very excited about how these could turn out because they already look considerably better. I've never done an iron restora
  11. I'm also curious about this. I've used them on a launch monitor with an MP18 head and they were the most consistent for my swing. My dispersion rate was tighter. I currently have S300 in my MP18-SC's but really need to go in and see how much of a difference there is. I can tell you that I loved the way they felt. I don't know if "crisp" is the right word to describe it, but that's how they felt to me. They just felt right.
  12. I picked up a box of the B XS yesterday because my local shop was running a deal. I've played PROV1 for the better part of 15-18 years. But when I saw these for much cheaper I decided to give it a shot. I played 18 yesterday and absolutely loved the ball. My ball flight was exactly how I've wanted it to be for as long as I've played. I typically hit the ball to the moon, I've tried everything and have struggled to get it down. It's never killed me aside from having to always having to pay extra attention to the wind, especially a headwind. Yesterday my ball was laser straight and the low risin
  13. Decided to join the forum. I've been a fan of the site for a while now. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing for 22 years. Currently have no idea what my handicap is, I'm usually able to keep it under 80. What do you love about golf? Having something that never lets you get comfortable. I can play great on Monday and feel lost on Tuesday. It's a constant chase of trying to improve or shoot a better score and knowing that even at your best you can still put up a mediocre score. It's challenging mentally and p
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