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  1. The best I got: Several years, I was playing with my brother and his father-in law. Carmelo told me to go ahead and hit my drive. I was new at golf and didn't hit the ball far or straight usually. This time I did and one hopped a long solid drive into the behind of one of the gentlemen in the group ahead. Who promptly turned are and hit the ball right back at me. It was Carmelo's buddy so there were a few laughs. It scared the crap out of me.
  2. If it’s dry they play well. They hold surface water which cause face skidding and green planing on landing. They are like glue on wet greens. They get dirty. Really dirty. and they hold sand. otherwise the Tour series are really good. Really. Experience.
  3. MaxFli TourX, I have used the matte ones, they work well in the arid dry of Arizona. Dry is key. I wont buy the matte anymore because I live in NY (because Tony says NO, NO, NO!!). But I will still play the gloss. If i didn't have a stash of 4 dozen, I would buy the Snell MTB X in yellow. Or On Core Elixer would be 3rd but it is a different sound, very playable ball.
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