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  1. Hello everyone, My name is Brandon Brooks and I'm from Hampstead, Maryland. I would love to test the 460cc head, and I swing about 100-105 mph. Thanks!
  2. Hello Spies, I’m Brandon Brooks from northern Maryland My handicap, while unofficial, is around a 15 My current hybrid is the Cobra King F7, which I love. In a hybrid, my most important thing is its ability to do what a long iron may not be able to do - tough lies, occasional bump and runs from the collar, you know, be a “rescue” club!
  3. How’s it going everyone? My name is Brandon Brooks, and Im a 17-year-old golfer from northern “yee-haw” Maryland. I’ve been playing golf for about 9 years, but didn’t get too serious about it until my freshman year of high school when I tried out for my school’s team. I didn’t play in any matches, but I loved playing every day and dedicated myself to get better. That year my low round was a 45, where I averaged between 49 and 51. My sophomore year my low round dropped to a 42, where I then averaged between 47 and 49. This year my low round is a 40, and I average between 42 and 45 (We only
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