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  1. Some people have to touch the hot stove. Others learn by watching people touch the hot stove. For me...I had to touch the hot stove. I like shiny new things and would get seduced by marketing and ego. When I finally learned to stop touching the hot stove, my hdcp dropped and that is all I care about now (lower hdcp). I'm cured...sorta
  2. I agree that fitting will help you get the most out of your setups. However, I was a long time Taylormade driver user and I still feel that I hit them longer than anything else BUT don't let the distance seduce you. I'm now using PING drivers (G410 LST), and my driving distance has dropped a little but I find more fairways and my misses don't punish me. I am shooting lower scores since switching to PING. Secondly, spend the time and money to find the best shaft for your swing. I have invested quite a bit in my driver but after I found the perfect shaft setup, I'm have increased my drives by 30 yards. Combine the new length, with hitting more fairways, and now I'm hitting short irons into greens.
  3. Interesting thread but you guys are MASHERS! I have a G410 LST with a HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 shaft and I have a range of outcomes (230-280yd drives) I'm pretty much around 250-260 yards off the tee. I was fitted with the Ping TOUR shaft and found that I was able to get about 5-10 yards more from the Smoke (it is 1/2" longer shaft). I'm gonna try the Tensei CK Orange shaft with the LST next. However, I'm intrigued by the RADSPEED since I hit their fairway woods really well. I'm demoing a RADSPEED XB for the next couple weeks with a MID/MID shaft (Motore X F3) as I believe I can average 270+ with the right combo. The XB is an even longer shaft (yikes). We'll see...
  4. There are quite a few good options and getting fit is the key. I have mainly used Taylormade and Mizuno irons, but tried some Srixon Z565s and they were very impressive (still bummed I sold them). I love new stuff so my most recent model of irons were the JPX 919 line (both Tour and Forged). However, during a fitting for those a couple years ago, the fitter had me try the Ping i200 irons. I wasn't a fan of the look but I was impressed with the dispersion and consistency...but I HAD to have Mizuno irons. Well...I am now a proud owner of i210 irons and while I'm not a fan of the look, these are the perfect blend. Forgiving, Consistent, Workable, and really good feel for a cast iron. Currently shooting scores half of my handicap (HCP 11) with these. I've never considered PING, but almost my entire bag is now outfitted with PING and I'm not really interested in new stuff anymore
  5. I ordered some i210s with Alta CB shafts and it took 3 months...but it was WOOOOOORTH IT! First time PING user, btw
  6. Scott Pacific, MO Ping G410 LST 10.6 handicap 100 mph Either driver is fine for me to test
  7. Scott / Pacific, Missouri Handicap - 11 Current Wedges - Callaway MD4 (50, 56, 60) Was already thinking about switching my chrome wedges for black and was willing to see what the fascination is with RAW wedges
  8. Scott - Pacific, Missouri Currently use a 3-hole putting mat in my basement I have used a few mats in the past as well as the mats in Golf Galaxy, Dicks, and other pro shops. Medium speed mat
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