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  1. I'll throw my hat in the ring! Been slowly moving my bag slowly to Cobra anyway, so this would expedite that very well! Handicap and Location 17, but working it down. Just getting back into golf last year after a 15 year hiatus. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Social Media Accounts Facebook: @bmans Instagram: @brucemans Twitter: @brucetmans Expected rounds in an 8-week span 8 - 10 rounds. Would love to test these out at my annual trip to Cabot Cliffs and Links this year! Current OEMs in your bag Cobra (F9 irons and Hybrids), Callaway driver, Cleveland wedges, Talyormade putter, using Arccos/Cobra Connect this year as well. Have a lovely King Cobra cart bag as well. Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge KING SPEEDZONE DRIVER - 10.5 Yellow, HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 KING SPEEDZONE FAIRWAY 3W, HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70S KING SPEEDZONE FAIRWAY 5W, HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 70S KING SPEEDZONE IRONS 4-GW, KBS Tour 90 Stiff KING BLACK WEDGE 52º loft, 8º bounce, Versatile grind KING BLACK WEDGE 56º loft, 7º bounce, Wide Low grind KING BLACK WEDGE 60º loft, 8º bounce, Versatile grind +1/4 inch long shaft length for irons and wedges
  2. Hi all, been reading GolfSpy for a while. I am from Nova Scotia, Canada, originally from Vancouver. I started playing when was I was young, but am only now getting back into it in a serious way. I'm a member at Grandview Gold Club, but my favourite courses around here are the Cabots in Cape Breton. Golf courses here, and throughout Atlantic Canada, are genuinely world class and would recommend them to any golfer! Feel pretty lucky to live here, although the long winters means golfing in a simulator for a large chunk of the year! See you out there!
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