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  1. Lol... I work in roofing, our American offices say "Ruff" we say "Rrr-ooof"... Pretty funny on either side of the border. If I was playing 1 Okanagan course it would be Predator Ridge - Ridge Course. It is really spectacular. 2010 Olympics were pretty special, the buzz in the city was just awesome.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/-PhEslcXRks?rel=0&showinfo=0&autohide=1&autoplay=1 This video will make you want to stay for a month!
  3. Man I made a list and forgot one of my favorite courses up there Gallaghers Canyon
  4. My unsolicited Okanagan top 10: 1. Predator Ridge - Ridge 2. Predator Ridge - Predator 3. Black Mountain 4. Fairview Mountain 5. The Bear 6. The Quail 7. Sunset Ranch 8. Tower Ranch 9. Kelowna 10. Sunset Ranch
  5. I played it last year, absolutely beautiful mountain course! I would recommend trying to get on Kananaskis if you can as well! Where else you planning to go on your trip?
  6. I used to put a thick line for alignment, but I have been using the Callaways with the three lines lately and those have been helpful. If they grow in popularity I will probably start initialling the side.
  7. I grew up playing Redwoods, Belmont, and Newlands. Redwoods has relaxed a bit in the last few years which is nice, they had a few years where they thought they were Morgan Creek.
  8. Hey, New to the forum, what are your favorite courses around the Lower Mainland?
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