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  1. Definitely going to have to follow this thread to figure out if this is worth the purchase for the backyard
  2. Not much of a price range, obviously don't want to pay new pricing for a used putter. Willing to pay full pricing for a newer putter
  3. Looking to upgrade the putter Figured I'd check to see if anyone has one they're willing to part ways with before buying from some big name store Size doesn't matter because I can always get it extended/cut down to my liking
  4. Honestly a great winter idea!
  5. Gerald Mokena, IL Callaway Rogue Sub Zero HCDP: 8.7 105-110 mph I'd like to review the TSi3 driver
  6. Gerald / New Lenox, IL / USA Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Interested in trying the Tyne 3. My current putter is a center shafted and has been misbehaving as of recently, I have used my buddies TP Ardmore 2 in the past and could immediately tell the difference in the CG from the design. Just judging by looks the Tyne 3 has the TP beat
  7. I am still looking, if you're willing to part ways please feel free to message me
  8. I'll be sure to look into that! Thank you for letting me know
  9. No real preference here. Interested in buying a rangefinder since I left mine in the cart last weekend. Went back to the course 15 minutes later and it was gone
  10. Rogue Sub Zero, 9°, Mitsubishi Tensei AV Blue 65 M4 Rescue 19° and 25°, Atmos Red 60 M4 5–PW, KBS MAX 80 Vokey SM7 52° 56° and 60° Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Snell MTB-X
  11. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been golfing for as long as I can remember, my grandparents started teaching me when I was 8 (Roughly 16 years) My handicap has been pretty steady the past couple years. My handicap was around 5 throughout the from 2014-2018 (I was working at a golf shop/range in Southwest Michigan) now that I'm back in Illinois and working full time I haven't had much time to actually practice, last year my average score was around 82-85. With everything going on in today's world I've had plenty of time to practice my short game at home, hoping to get my handicap back down this season. What do you love about golf? Growing up I was always involved with team sports. My favorite part of golf is the fact that it's you and your clubs, never having to rely on someone else to do their job to succeed. Obliviously in a team sport it's easy to put the blame on someone else and not address what you could've done better, whereas in golf all the focus is on how you can improve your own skills to be the best you on the course. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been following MyGolfSpy for awhile now but just decided to join the forum page to have conversations with real people who actually understand the struggles/equipment that amateurs face. Where are you from? What is your home course? Born and raised in Illinois. Do not really have a home course, but I normally play at Sanctuary/Silver Lake/Green Garden/Odyssey What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best for my area would be amount of courses in my area with the worst being the conditions post rain. I'm not sure why but most of the courses around me have terrible drainage. What do you do for a living? Although I wear many hats at my current job, my "official" title is International Operations Manager for a Third-Party Logistics Company How’d you pick your user name? My legal first name is Gerald so all my friends used to call me Young Gerald because even at 23 years old I look like I'm 12
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