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  1. Cleveland wedges. Never go out of style. Found my current carry bag for 6 bucks.
  2. I play the 2020 Pro V1 x. Why? It is by far the straightest ball off the driver. I play a tight course with no rough. If you miss the fairway it’s in the trees or OB. I can play 72 holes with the same ball and there are no scuff marks. One box can last me 2 months playing twice a week.
  3. I live in McDonough, Ga. I have been loving golf for 12 years. I play with Taylormade 2016 M1 driver. Nike Vr pro combo irons glide 2.0 wedges odyssey marksman o-works putter. I play the 2020 Pro V1 x ball. The straightest ball in golf. I love My Golf Spy for being honest and cutting through the crap.
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