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  1. Handicap and Location: 20 & Austin, TX Social Media Accounts Instagram // GatsbyTV Twitter // BigBlackSanta Facebook // Yes Expected rounds in an 8-week span 24 Current OEMs in your bag Driver // Cobra F9 Speedback, 7.5 degrees Driving Iron // Cobra King Utility One Length Irons // Cobra King F7 One Length Wedges // Cobra King Black One Length, 56 & 60 degree Putter // TaylorMade Spider X Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge All Done! =D I also already play with Arccos sensors attached to every club. This is exciting, I'd love to try out the new Single Length Irons
  2. Thanks for the comments folks! @DaveP043 - Thanks for responding. I double checked, it looks like I forgot to multiply one of the inputs by 12 months. I've now corrected the mistake. @RickyBobby_PR - These numbers are all correct as of 2019. I got all of my numbers from each club directly via email, phone call, or in-person. I double checked my correspondence with Belle Haven and the original $82K number is correct.
  3. @TDubbGolferGuy - Thanks...I noticed that too. Ended up getting each club on Amazon. There's a part of me wondering whether they're selling out, because they're no longer making them or whether its a COVID-19 supply chain issue.
  4. @WaffleHouseTour - Distance Gain or loss on full shots compared to the Vokeys?
  5. I use the Arccos app to figure out what's going on with the wind and elevation change. I'll take its advice on whether I club up, down, or stay neutral when it comes to club choice. I'll then shoot with a rangefinder to get the distance. So basically I mix the two. I use the range finder to gather distance and then use the app to figure out whether from that distance given the elevation and wind whether I should go up a club, stay with the club for that difference, or use less club.
  6. Hit my first 300+ yard drive today. Went from 250 yards consistently to 280-290. The big changes I made were: New Driver Stiffer Shaft Firmer Ball
  7. The list isn't comprehensive, because it doesn't have every course in the area. With that being said, this will save others a lot of time, because I had to e-mail and call a lot of clubs to get this info. I hope this helps others! Lastly, If you'd like to add any other prices, corrections, or info feel free to DM me or comment and I will update the table. A FEW NOTES: Army Navy's Initiation Fee is the civilian price: If you're a former service member or government employee GS-12 over higher than the initiation fee is $37,350 for anyone over 35. Belle Haven's Junior Initiation Price has a few tiers: 21 - 29 = $35K 30 - 35 = $50K 36 - 40 = $60K
  8. Anyone have something custom from LabWorx? Would like picks and to hear about your experience. Thanks!
  9. I've played at a good portion of the best golf clubs in the world and have never had a problem wearing my Nike collarless Golf shirts. I've been waiting for the day someone calls me out, but honestly it hasn't happened yet. Since Tiger wears it many people are familiar with the style, so they're letting people get away with it. I'd be interested in finding out whether others who have worn non-Nike branded collarless golf shirts get the same treatment.
  10. Can't really give you much in terms of comparisons between the F9 and SIM 3W... But I did just recently upgrade from Cobra F7 to Cobra F9 and increased from an average drive of 252 yards to 278. I track everything via Arccos, so the numbers are accurate. The major differences from one club to another for me were the following: Changed to Stiffer Shaft Changed to the same Golf Pride grip I user for my Irons Started using a stronger grip when hitting Driver I enjoy the F9 and couldn't recommend it more, but I spent a year hitting an ill-fitting driver and being frustrated by it. I say your best bet is to hit both under the guidance of a clubfitter to see the numbers you get.
  11. Yeah, @scooterhd2 pic paints the right picture (no pun intended) The Sweet spot is in the center, but the part you actually want to hit it off of is the Hot Spot. It's interesting to me that club manufacturers haven't gone out of their way to correct this common misconception.
  12. Wondering whether anyone is part of a DC area group. There are some courses like Congressional and River Bend I've never played. I'd be interested in finding a group.
  13. Anyone using Cobra Single Length 56 or 60 Wedges? I'd like to hear thoughts on how they are compared to a standard wedge. I have the rest of the single length iron set except the sand wedge and lob wedge. I'm wondering whether a full conversion will help me become more consistent with my highest lofted wedges.
  14. I'm using the TP5x pix. I'm surprised we're not hearing others switch to this specific pattern. In my opinion, because the ball is distinctly marked it makes it far easier to find it. I can tell from 20 feet before even walking up to a ball if its mine or not. It definitely saves time.
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