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  1. I've played a few rounds now with them and I agree, they feel great off the face. That's good to know about the black finish. I really liked the look of those but ended up going chrome, but now I don't regret that decision
  2. This would be so cool! Handicap and Location: 15, Colorado Social Media Accounts: IG: blar24 Twitter: blar24 FB: blar24 Expected rounds in an 8-week span: 8-12 mixture of 9 and 18 holes. Current OEMs in your bag. Driver: M5; 3w: RBZ; 5w: SLDR; 4-GW: Mizuno JPX-EZ (but just ordered a set of Apex Pros); SM7 52 & 60; TM110 putter Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge: Cobra SZ Extreme 9 White, Ventus Black 6x Cobra Speedzone Tour 3W & 5W, Ventus Red 7x King Forged Tec 4-PW, Modus 120X King Bla
  3. Wondering if anyone has tried the Rapsodo R-Motion? I’ve heard decent things about their mobile launch monitor but was curious about this. Seems like if it works it could be a cool piece of tech.
  4. A little bit of both. I loved the feel of both, but seemed to be finding the center of the face better with the Apex’s. But even on shots with solid contact I was just getting better numbers with them also
  5. I agree with many of the responses above. I use my Vokey 60º most of the time as I can hit many different shots with it, but I will also go with a 52º or even 8 or 9 iron if I want to play a bump and run. Another good resource is Phil Mickelson's instagram account. He has posted quite a few videos with short game tips (not to mention a lot of other great/funny videos).
  6. That sounds good to me! Now I just have to wait until they get in.
  7. I've been playing the JPX-EZ irons for the last few years and love love love the look of the 919s. I went in for my fitting and went the opposite way as you, ended up getting the Apex Pros. Can still hardly believe it.
  8. I'm a little late to this post, but I feel like this might be Rory's best chance. I don't have anything to back up that opinion other than I feel like he tends to play better later in the year. But I would also love to see Rickie finally get his hands on a major
  9. I've been using the Snell MTB-X since the ball test results last year and I absolutely love it. I played ProV1 before, but now I get better average distance off the tee and I haven't noticed any significant difference in shots inside 100 yards. I doubt I'll ever go back.
  10. I've been playing the MCCs for the last few years, but one problem I have is if my hands start to sweat I find myself losing traction from time to time. Any recommendations?
  11. Yeah, the CK is in kind of an inbetween category I would say. I say made for because it was the shaft that came with my M5. But unlike most made-for shafts, MCA actually posts specs and information about the CK on their website, not just the CK pro. That alone leads me to believe it is still a very high quality shaft, and thus a much better shaft than most stock shafts.
  12. I recently went through a fitting at Club Champion and decided to go ahead and upgrade my irons. Based on the results of the fitting, I am going from a set of Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged to Callaway Apex Pros. So here's what I'm wondering. Those of you who have made the jump from irons more in the game improvement category to more of a blade, what are the biggest differences you noticed? And how long did it take you to feel comfortable with your new irons? Bonus question: if you play the Apex Pros, what are your biggest likes and dislikes?
  13. I second Arccos! Lot's of valuable information to see the areas that you most need to improve. It even recommends a club selection after a certain number of rounds (although I don't always use what it recommends, it's nice because it basis the recommendation on your averages and tendencies).
  14. I just had an experience that changed my thoughts on this. I just went through a fitting at Club Champion, and I went in fully expecting to upgrade my driver shaft (I was even looking forward to it). I had always figured that an aftermarket shaft would improve my driving. But after hitting a number of shaft and head combinations, we discovered that none of the shafts performed any better than my current "made-for" shaft. I play a 10.5º M5 with a Tensei CK Orange 60. The point being, getting fit for the right shaft is more important than just deciding you need to play such and such aftermarket
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