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  1. What are you trying to get out of your 3 wood? You hit it a lot off the tee, so are you wanting more distance or more forgiveness out of it?
  2. Especially as courses continue upping their prices for rounds. For many people, it's too expensive to play more than a few times a month or to put in a lot of range time. So there's a lot of people who just don't have the reps needed to be great at ball striking or other aspects of their game and could use some extra forgiveness.
  3. I just think the average points are absolutely insane and just highlight the level of Golf Scottie and Rahm are playing at. Both up in the 8.2s, then Morikawa, Hovland and Cantlay in the 7s, Smith in the high 6s and the remaining elite golfers in the top 15 chilling in the 5's and 4s. I mean, sheesh.
  4. I mean....many do consider themselves snipers on the course. Especially that Shooter McGavin guy.
  5. Trust the short game! 5-10 minutes of targeted putting practice 4-5 times a day does wonders. And chipping and pitching practice has helped me a lot with my contact and striking on full swings.
  6. An old shoe box works great for your shoes (shocking, I know ). As for the cart, the old blankets or towels that have been mentioned are the simplest solution.
  7. A lot of people see non-wedge Cleveland products as the cheaper sibling of Srixon or as a product for worse golfers. As someone who loves my CBX irons and HB hybrid, I understand where some are coming from that they're a little less workable than other products. At the same time, I've seen so many mid to high handicappers who just need more launch and an easier, straighter shot, which Cleveland does so well.
  8. Yup. As mentioned in this thread, there are times of the year where golf stores get flooded with people's wedges. And while most of them are beaten to crap, there are some that are absolutely pristine and near-mint.
  9. Pretty soon we'll be hearing about Titleist, Mizuno and Wilson bringing out their "Pointed U Sole", which is clearly NOT a V. . .
  10. Whereas one of my playing partners love the split color balls. He has problems seeing other balls in the air, so these guys are perfect for him. And lining up putts has helped him improve his game a lot.
  11. I tend to change my wedges out if, at the end of the year, my local golf store has a good trade in. If you get to the store in the right 2 to 3 week window, they have hundreds of used wedges in stock. And they mis-stamp at least a handful of them, leading to great deals. E.g., this past year, I traded in my 52 and 58 degree wedges and got a nearly mint Bridgestone Tour B XW1 black 52 and SM7 58 degree for a combined $40 after trade in.
  12. I'm with Russ on this. As a soon to be dad and as someone who loved putting as a kid, the creativity of changing the "course" is more than half the fun.
  13. The only reason I know is because the Cleveland CBX Launcher irons have the loft and the club number both stamped on. Has no impact on my shot selection or my use of the clubs anymore than only having the club number stamped.
  14. MNUte

    Kirkland v2

    I think a big takeaway from Rick's video that doesn't necessarily conflict with MGS's opinion that it is a niche ball is that it is an incredible value. When you're getting that kind of performance from a ball that comes out to a third or fourth of the price, it's a ball that I'd at least recommend people try out and form their own opinions on. BUT, there were also some funny moments in the video. Rick calling it a pretty low spinning ball. Because it was so cheap, Rick cut into 4 of them to test consistency whereas with more expensive balls in the past he's only cut into 1. His comparison of it to a ProV1. What came across as his genuine shock between his reviews of these balls and the Cobra set. Costco's actually a really intelligent business entity and they've invested well into having less expensive but still good quality items.
  15. MNUte

    Lefty’s Balls

    Ahhh, so the dot is actually meant to be an asterisk! Makes sense.
  16. Being good at golf to me is being "good enough" to the point where I am able to keep reasonably close to my playing partners, who practice and play significantly more than me. Golf is one of my escapes from the stress of daily life. It's a time where I can go out, enjoy nature (Utah is gorgeous and the views from most courses are beautiful), and just unplug from my phone, job, chores, etc for a few hours. When I can keep up with my playing partners in regard to pace and minimizing the hacking, it makes it far easier to just enjoy the conversations we have and the good company.
  17. And this number is going to change based upon your individual goals and expectations. To build on @cnosil's point, putting is the best part of my game and I average less than 36 putts per round (I'm in the 32 to 30 range) and almost never 3 putt. As an 18 handicap, I consider that phenomenal and a key component to why I can score well inspite of inconsistent ball striking. But that's also because I prefer putting practice and put more time into it than driving/ball striking. So do I practice less and risk losing this part of my game? Or because I can't consistently practice striking, do I continue to keep my short game my definitive strength even when I'm having a bad round. Everyone will have different answers because everyone has differents strengths/weaknesses, expectations, practice capabilities, etc.
  18. After reading the article, I had a long winded post that I deleted because the simple message is: you and the article are right, everything isn't pushed to the absolute USGA limit (likely by manufacturer's choice per the article). But the article concedes time and time again that everything is so close that the improvements and year over year gains are minimal and openly admits that it's using a technicality of small gains to defeat the absolute maxed out argument. So while I should have instead said "everything is effectively pushed so close to the limits as to make year over year gains effectively negligible absent groundbreaking technology," I still think the original point stands that it comes down to the individual's preferences and traits (which the article supports by consistently reiterating the need for a fitting). ....also, I know what standard deviation is mate.
  19. Exactly. As Rick aptly summarized in a recent podcast and SAS golf has stated many times before, everything is pushed up to the limits now so it's more about sound, feel and forgiveness for the most part. Even Rory's choosing to rock his Sim2 instead of the Stealth. So much of it is personal preference that everyone should try several clubs to figure out what suits them best.
  20. I'd recommend just getting into a routine where you're thinking as little as possible by the time you stroke your putter. It sounds like there's a lot going through your head even when you're using a routine that's familiar to you. What's helped my game the most with my driver and irons and what's always been the trick with my greenside wedges and putter (my best club) is getting it down to a series of less than 5 words, none of which focus on mechanics. Driver/irons: I just say/think "cowboy" (a joke from my partners about my particular stance that works to keep me from swaying) and "grip" (to make sure I'm not death-gripping the club) as I set up, then "tempo" as I swing to make sure I'm focusing only on my tempo. Putter: I have kept the same routine for a long time to lock in my line, so once my line is picked, I set up while saying/thinking "chicken" (I stick my left elbow out to lock my motion, which my partners call me chicken winging it), "point" (to confirm the point that I'm aiming at a few feet in front of me), and "tempo" as I putt since by that point I should only be worrying about pace.
  21. Depends on the group I'm with, to be honest. My normal playing partners, I tend to joke about it along the lines of "looks like I'm playing a power fade today." For some who make me way too competitive, I'll think "shoot" and get in my head. Overall, the average tends to be alon the lines of "ah well, let's figure out the next shot."
  22. The past few months of Fall/winter golf have helped fill out the accomplishments. Since the start of November: - I've had three of my best rounds of golf that I've ever played. 2 rounds in the last three weeks of 4 over par at a local 9 hole course (it may be a very easy course, but for an 18 handicap, 4 over par is 4 over par! And to do it twice in a short time period cause I'm simplifying my motion and process is awesome) and an 87 on my nemesis course (usually struggle to break 95 there). - I've been averaging 28 putts per 18 holes. - I've had a birdy in every round but 1. - I've been figuring out my driver so I that my consistent tee shot is either fairly straight or a little cut. - Consequently, my scoring average has been 14.6 over par. With a baby coming mid next year, I'm not trying to have more goals than to just try and enjoy the times I do get out with friends/family and to try and continue to simplify my motion and shot. From there, we'll see what happens!
  23. That is very dependent on the group. How big is your budget? What do you all like outside of golf? You guys the sentimental types? Aka if you get a custom bag tag for each, would they use it? How old are each of you? And so on.
  24. Honestly, what stood out to me with this release was Bryson's discussion about its floor and the corresponding vids. Sure, we all want that perfect shot. And sure, this thing is pumping out some monster numbers for the faster swing speeds. But Bryson and others are genuinely right, it's as much about what the club can do on bad hits as well as good hits. I don't necessarily agree to Bryson's extent that your drive it doesn't stay in play on a bad hit, then your driver is unplayable. But I get the point he's making that most golfers who aren't pros are going to have at least a few less than perfect drives per round. And in most of the vids I've seen, from Bryson to Matt, the bad hits are still going impressively straight. Matt's true bottom of the golf club ball still carrying 260 right down the middle for instance.
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