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  1. Jeremy / Charlotte NC / US Taylormade spider Interested in trying it the Ketsch!
  2. Selling my used PRGR launch monitor. This is the newer unit that just came out this year. Works great and comes with everything pictured. I got this in late April and used it about 10 times. Selling because I ordered a Skytrak. $200 with free shipping in the US.
  3. I have the same net and just ordered the Fiberbuilt Practice Station. How do you like it? And is there any reason you have a tarp underneath it?
  4. I switched to the yellow Snell x so I haven't been marking ball. But it seems to be gaining popularity so I may need to start doing something. I used to add a line for putting but wasnt a fan of marker showing up on my irons.
  5. I think this break is going to hurt Brooks. This is purely a guess, but I don't think he is grinding it out during the lockdown.
  6. Also, I have the Fiberbuilt Practice Station for my mat and and the Haack Golf Net.
  7. I've been hitting balls in my backyard during COVID. What is the best way to wash 20-30 balls at home?
  8. Curious for those that have this putter. What does it compare to?
  9. Looking to get one of these in the next few weeks. I've researched both and I'm looking for feedback from people that have one or both. I'm going to use mainly indoors and space is not an issue. Let me know your pick!
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