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  1. I am unable to make it. Hopefully, I'll make the next one!
  2. What's the oldest club in your bag or the club that you just can't take out? Mine is my TM r7 st 3 wood. Bought it brand new about 12-13 years ago. I know there is plenty of new technology out there but I still hit it just as far/consistently as I did day 1.
  3. Current stock shot is straight. Early on in my playing career I played a fade which then became a draw as my handicap lowered and became about distance. In the last handful of years Ive focused on course management so I now focus on straight and then work the ball either direction as needed. I'm also a believer in playing with whatever shot I have that particular day.
  4. My go to club is my 8 iron, it's always been my most comfortable looking iron since I started playing. I also always start a range session/warm up with my 8 iron. However, my favorite club to hit right now is my 3 iron as I have been flushing it.
  5. I always forget about Glade. I'll have to give a try this year. I played clustered right before the courses closed down and it was in pretty good shape, I recall the greens having some speed to them.
  6. Ol' reliable! It's been in the bag since brand new and can't seem to replace it. Still smoke it 250yds.
  7. Awesome! I went to Gaithersburg high in moco. I've never played Glade Valley, how is it?
  8. I played in a charity tourney there probably close to 7 years ago lol it was in so so condition then. I agree with you though, the whiskey, Worthington & National courses are good for that one round a year but otherwise are just too pricey to play regularly. I tend to get the majority of my golf in after 4pm for that reason.
  9. How is Maple Run these days? I haven't played there in years.
  10. Did anyone else grab one of the putter covers from the MGS/PRG contest last year?
  11. The only changes so far this year have been a few grip changes Driver: TM M3 3 Wood: TM r7 Irons: 3-PW TM RSi TP Wedges: 52,56,60 Vokey Putter: Ping Sigma G
  12. Awesome! Yea, I like Clustered because it never really seems to be that busy and it's almost never an issue to get 9/18 in after work. I was a member at Little Bennett a few years back. What's your favorite course in the area?
  13. Made the switch to Snell MTB-X last year and love them. Played some of my best golf over the past year... coincidence? Maybe, maybe not
  14. Been a follower of MGS for a few years now. I enjoy the articles and podcast so now I've decided to join the forum side. 1) I took lessons with Dad around age 7 but didn't start seriously playing until early high school and became hooked. Got my handicap down to a 3.2 last year. 2) I love the mental challenge of the game. It can be the most satisfying game one swing then the cruelest the next. I also like that I can get the same enjoyment playing with a group of friends as I can playing solo. 3) As a consumer, I am a review reader so when I started seeing the MGS Most Wanted stamp on products I got curious. 4) I live in Frederick, MD. I play a lot at Clustered Spires but grew up playing the Montgomery County courses. 5) Pro: I love that there a lot of great courses within a 30 to 45min drive and you can basically play year round if you're willing. Con: Even though there are a lot of great courses there are no true golf retailers. I have to travel to Baltimore or Nova to get my hands on a large selection of products. 6) I am in personnel QA for an insurance carrier. 7) Don't recall the exact reason but it's my original gamertag.
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