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  1. Philip, Vancouver, BC, Canada Currently using a Yes! Ann putter, but would love to try a mallet for stability. The Tomcat 14 interests me as it looks close to the spider shape and has an interesting alignment aid.
  2. I use Taylormade's MyRoundPro app to track my strokes gained. Overall it's a great app to track stats and how clubs are performing, with options to benchmark strokes gained on different handicap levels. Some issues are that inputting the rounds manually can take a long time (although I put that to me relying on memory for specific yardages and not using the GPS feature), the overlay isn't 100% accurate (so those tucked pins you might need to readjust your "lie" to be on the green since it thinks the pin is off the green), and inputting putts is a bit tedious since the zoom is limited (on Andro
  3. New recruit here! For fun, I wanted to show off my bargain hunt WITB that I have accumulated over the years. Some of these are my gamers, but most have been upgraded (although I do like to take these our for a spin every so often). Driver: Taylormade M2 (2016) with Harrison Mugen Black 70 X Price: Free? I got the shaft from my coach, and the head from the backshop of my club as a giveaway since it was old and scratched up. Nothing a little paint job couldn't fix though! This is my current gamer. 3 Wood: Taylormade RBZ Tour Tour 3 (14.5) with Graphite Design YS7 70 X Price:
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