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  1. Sucks that they don't have big trucks in the UK my 2500HD can carry 10 sets of clubs with room for pull carts.
  2. Is it golf season yet? Re-newed my membership last week and am looking forward to another great season with you folks. Fingers crossed covid doesn't mess with the season too much.
  3. 160$ for 3 wedges is a good deal, if they play well. I hope to see some reviews soon.
  4. It will affect your fade(slice) or your draw, depending on how agressive the lie angle is.
  5. Played the worst game of the season last week played the best game of the season this week. I played a United way charity tournament today and it went amazing I don't think I'll take a trophy because there's some very good players but nonetheless I played incredible today. I missed a hole in one because it lift out and I got a birdie from 6 in. On the par 5 on the back 9 from 220 out I had a good lie so I said screw it and hit my driver off the deck and nailed the green and it's stuck. Freaking three-putted for a bogey but that driver off the deck shot was awesome.the guys I was playing with said they'd never seen it that happen.
  6. I cant stand Bryson, guy frigging drive me up the wall.
  7. Last week was good, got some rain and the smoke cleared. This week we back to hot and smoky and its frigging THICK. Kinda sucks but what can I do.
  8. I switched to android quite a few year ago because I didn't like Apple locking my phone up, Android is much more user enhanced I can do whatever I want to do. If your not tech savvy though I would say go with apple. My parents use apple and have no problems. If your into having a bunch of apps and personalizations get the Android. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Thats cool, I hope its genuine! I would put it in my collection anyways because .... how would you really know unless he handed you the ball.
  10. Not sure what happend saturday but I shot the worst round of my season, 56 on the front nine, found the water found OB found every sand trap it was a battle. Kinda sorted myself out on the back 9 and shot a 41 but damn that front was brutal!!!
  11. I've played zstars for a while now, Never noticed much difference in years. I guess i'm not good enough to need the best of the best. I play srixon exclusively now after playing prov 1's and not seeing much difference between the balls other than price. Thr srixon is a great ball and a great price.
  12. Murica! Good luck guys and gals wish I could enter this.
  13. How do you know your launching high? Do you have something to compare it too? I launch higher than most people I play with and they scoop the ball. I'm compressing the ball and getting more distance and height than the guys I regularly play with. unless I think the piss out of it hahah.
  14. Gift Card, like everyone else mentioned. Any time I tell my wife what I want for a gift xmas, birthday whatever she ends of getting me something weird. The gift card seems kinda unpersonal but its the best option. They can get whatever their heart desires, shoes, putter, anything.
  15. Buying new clubs to fix a problem, pay for lessons. You can play with old clubs and still be very good. And like the above post said trying to fix problems watching youtube videos. you need to know the route cause to fix the problem. Everyone has a different swing there is not a one swing for everyone don't fix what aint broke.
  16. I don't know if 3:1 is best for everyone. I know when my tempo in my back swing gets too quick I tend to come over the top and slice the ball. Tempo is something I'm constantly thinking about. I try to think low and slow for my back swing to prevent me from coming over the top.
  17. Bahahahaha, played in 70-90 kph winds and crazy rain. Shot a 48 and was super happy about it. The winds were so strong I needed to aim almost 70 yards offline to hit my target area. This was the worst weather I have ever played in so only played 9 holes but had a super good time, drinking beers and shooting the s*** with buddies.
  18. I' love my mizuno's nothing better than hitting it pure with a mizuno.
  19. Mine was through paypal, but the member posted on this forum.
  20. I direct messaged the Admins when i was scammed, they made a post and deleted the member from the forum.
  21. Anyone debating lessons or gear needs lessons. You can always improve your form. Even the pros are constantly getting lessons, clubs ain't going to make you better lessons will.
  22. Mine will not make it through 2 rounds. I can play 27 and it will usually die a few holes after that. for 18 its great no issues and come home with 20-30% left. I also use it as my dailey watch and if I know i'm playing saturday I will usually fully charge it the night before and it still wont make it though 2 rounds.
  23. I have the s60 and love it. It does everything I want it to do. I previously had another garmen product that was more for back packing and back country stuff. It had a golf app but wasnt great. The s60 is nice and slim in comparison and combined with the app it's a great tracking and all around great addition to my game. On the course everyone always asks me yardage and compared to my range finder it's usually within 3-5 yards. I'm not that good anyways to dial in 3-5 yards so it's perfect. My greens in regulation have gone up big time because I'm choosing the right club more often. If I hit it pure haha
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