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  1. Putting machine is one of those mats that return the ball when you drain the putt. Min has lines from 2 feet to 8 feet and I practice distance controll with it.
  2. I'm 5"10' 34 inch to floor and i'm standard/standard. With stiff shafts. Whats your height and wrist to floor measurment.
  3. Anyone on here play on draftkings? I searched but found nothing. I guess you do your own fantasy thing on here?
  4. Interestingly enough I had this happen about 2 weeks ago, an older gentleman just walked up to my bag and grabbed my hybrid and was about to hit it..... I had my bag behind me and wasn't really paying attention to anyone else. It took me by surprise and I snapped at him quite harshly (WTF MAN) he said "nice club". My reply was go f****** buy one then, keep your hands off s*** that doesn't belong to you. Completely forgot about it until reading your post. Some people need to be hit with a shovel.
  5. They are a load of crap, I cant stand them! Wooden or plastic regular tees with the lines on them so can do the same thing every time is where it's at. The only Martini I want is ice cold and shaken.
  6. I now ask myself questions to activate my brain more. Thinking positive and seeing the shot in my head doesn't always work. I try to ask myself things like, If I do this what will the ball flight be? How much to carry the hazard? (pick the right club) For some reason asking myself questions changes what's happening in my brain and I tend to think less about the swing mechanics and let my body do what it naturally wants.
  7. New course I have never played before, 3 strangers that knew each other well. Great round with a great bunch of dudes. They were all members and we teed off at 8:36. I dropped off a friend for surgery at the hospital and checked out the local courses in the area while I waited 4 hours. I was very pleasantly surprised. I had heard good things about this course and I was not disappointed. Amazing condition, the greens were very shapely and very fast the fairways were in great shape and the tee boxes we super nice. I shot a 45 from the whites and was pretty happy with myself. I wish I had time to finish 18. Storey Creek Golf Club on Vancouver Island if you want to google it. Its one of the nicest courses I have played on the island and the price tag wasn't too bad either for prime rates.
  8. I have gotten lessons and dialed in every club in my bag from my putter to my 3 wood. I can smash my 3 wood long and straight, even a 3 iron. Driver i'm all over the place... Any idea what I could be doing different between a 3w and a driver? Its the only club in the bag I cant seem to hit well. I've even played rounds without using my driver because of this. I know you guys cant tell me much without seeing my swing, I was hoping something was very common with drivers that isn't an issue with shorter clubs. My next lesson is in 2 weeks and I'll bring it up. Thoughts?
  9. Holy mother that's an expensive set of Irons, I don't have that much invested in my whole bag. They are beautiful and I've never hit Miura's I hope they wipe themselves clean after I hit them for that price.
  10. Im wanting to quit smoking. I'm 35 and been smoking a pack a day since i was about 16. What have you guys done to quit smoking? I'm thinking about trying a vape at 12mg then 6mg and then 3mg of nicotine until i'm at 0. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. I want to be successful and I don't like my kids watching me smoke. Thanks in advance for your advice.
  11. Looks pretty good man, i've been practicing punching too. How do you keep everything inline? I have a hard time with keeping spacing and alignment.
  12. Very sexy clubs I love the golden bear imprint. How much are these buggers gonna cost?
  13. Retire in Canada, our taxes arn't bad and your money goes alot longer here. West coast doesn't even get much snow. On Vancouver Island I maybe have to shovel 1 inch once a year.
  14. Did you ever try the ski dubai, that was pretty neat. The no alcohol thing sucked though.
  15. Hottest country Ive even been was Dubai, Afghanistan had nothing on that place. Dubai is 50°C (123 °F). When I came home from tour I was cold for a year haha
  16. I don't know how you guys play in that heat! I've never played in heat above 90*. Do you soak your shirt in the pond or just go for a swim at the turn?
  17. I've been playing every saturday with the same 3 guys for a while. One in the group is terrible and usually shoots around 120. The other dude usually shoots in the 90s and I'm in the 80s. Then there is the one guy in our group who always shows up 1 minute before tee off and just plays amazing, every time. He usually shoots sub 85 sometimes into the 70s. I have never beat him. Come close the last 2 weeks. I shot an 87 he had an 85 and then this weekend I shot and 85 and he shot and 85. Finally I have tied him and I'm going to practice my ass off this week and kick his butt next weekend! Been a year chasing him. His swing is so nice and he rarely misses, I've finally gotten to where its close and I can feel it.
  18. Finally summer showed up here on Vancouver Island. We finally got above 20*C (68*F) Its been sunny and hot for 3 days and hopefully it stays like this for a while its been cold and rainy for 3 months. Getting Close to 30*C (86*F) and cooling off at night nicely.
  19. Who do you guys think this week's sleepers are? Who is underpriced and who is over priced of draft kings?
  20. 3w 220 high flight, 3hy 200 high flight, 4 iron 185-195 mid flight/low flight playing hands more forward.
  21. New to me Mizuno JPX900 tour irons, new grips all washed all clean for next week. I wish I bought these years ago played 3 times now with these irons and my game has never been better. Misses with these can be really short but definitely worth it for the tight dispersion.
  22. Lit er up tonight. First time breaking 80. Played 9 with some friends and then because I was playing so well finished 18. Best round of my life tonight. Hopefully I can play as good tomorrow with my regular Saturday group.
  23. Played the white tees. My course is blue, white,green,red. Red being the front most tees.
  24. What do you guys do when your having a bad round? Had a bad shot? What do you do to keep your brain engaged and play well when the chips are down. Does keeping score make you play worse?
  25. Every grreen is an island green in the PGA haha
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