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  1. TXG did a video where they fit a club pro for the G400 Max driver. Ian, the main TXG guy commented, “better players with good sequencing will usually have 20mph difference between driver and 6i club head speed”. The pro in the video had an 89mph 6i and a 109mph driver. My 6i clubhead speed is 84mph (trackman). My driver clubhead speed is 90mph (trackman). I’m very accurate with driver but no matter now much I try to step on it I can’t get my ball speed past the low 130s with my or any of my buddy’s clubs. Yet, I can get 120-125mph ball speed out of my 21• 5i pretty easily (Cobra Spee
  2. I’m going on 7 weeks, the shop told me the last 3 wood ordered from Ping ahead of me took 8.5 weeks. I think it’s a shaft availability issue, the Tour 75 is made by UST Mamiya (like the recoils @Rickp ) - UST must’ve been impacted by all this as well. It’s hard to blame Ping, but unfortunately these delays are eating into the little bit of the golf season that I still have up here. What a weird year!
  3. I always read the putt, line up my ball, set the putter in line w the ball, then set myself up to the putter. The second line on the putter is a final bit of feedback to make sure I’ve set my upper body up over the putter correctly, ie - that my head is in the right place. Once my head is set I pull the trigger (which for me is give the handle a tiny forward press, pause, then rock the shoulders). My problem wasn’t setting my feet up too close or too far away, I have a tendency to slouch sometimes, which pushes my eyes out past the line. Being able to get my head (the top of the pendulum
  4. My fitter pointed out my eyes weren’t in the right place over the ball (I don’t have the parallax problem you do, so I need to have my eyes “on the line” more consistently). He had the club tech at a second alignment line to the crown of the putter with automotive pin striping (that he then hit w a heat gun to harden it on). It works kind of like rifle sights, if my eyes are in the correct spot over the ball those two lines will line up, if not, they don’t. You could do something similar, just move the top line back toward you and it should put you where you want to be?
  5. SO - Arccos released a new strokes gained feature a few weeks back, and It showed my putting was better on average after I started doing drills and got fit for a putter: However, putting was still holding me back: I was losing strokes within 25 feet worse than from 25+ feet: I took a lesson with the best teacher / player I know (he won the Ohio PGA and caddied on tour for 7-8 years). He watched me putt and hated how “jerky” my putting stroke was (slow and short backswing, fast, stabby followthrough). We worked on that and he gave me a drill, after putting t
  6. Joe / Cleveland Oh 12 hcp Cleveland RTX4 52 (mid) / Cleveland RTX4 56 (full) / ZipCore 60 Satin (low) I’d love to see if a raw wedge spins more on skytrak loft for loft.
  7. I got fit for a Ping G410 3 wood with the Tour 75 shaft in stiff on 8/28, 5 weeks later (today) I call the shop that fit me and they looked it up in Pings system, it still has a status of “processing” with no estimated ship date. The shop said it has happened before when they run out of a shaft or a head. Anyone else experience this?
  8. I went in for an iron and hybrid fitting, and the fitter started off by assessing lie angles and club length of my current set. He asked a bunch of questions about what I’m looking for throughout the set and what I struggle with and took a look at my numbers for my current clubs. I wanted to try pings, we started there then went to TaylorMade, then srixon - everything was so-so until he put a Cobra Speedzone with a Nippon Modus 130 x in my hand. After the first shot I let out an involuntary, “What the f***?!” Yes, the lofts are jacked. Yes, the faces are hot. Yes, they fligh
  9. I’ve had a country club elite mat in my garage hitting bay for a few years. It’s a very durable hitting mat that holds tees well, and is probably the best for training golfers out of hitting fat shots (it penalizes chunky shots pretty severely). My only complaint with the mat is that if you try to take any kind of a “divot” into the country club elite mat, the impact is somewhere between “firm” and “jarring” depending on how steep and how hard you chop into it. I gave myself a minor left wrist injury from over-use last year (both on the CCE mat and on the course), and there are anecdotal
  10. That’s what I was hoping to hear, because the G400s W the stock AWTs are priced to move right now at Dicks/Golf Galaxy. It’s tempting me to jump on the 400s now before their gone!
  11. That could be perfect, if you already play s300 in your wedges those will blend perfectly.
  12. The answer is True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT (ascending mass technology). The shafts get lighter as they get longer (instead of heavier), the flex will remain the same, but the set is also slightly flighted to promote higher launch for more carry in the long irons. I get along with X100 AMTs despite having an R300 swing speed, the tech is that significant.
  13. I had one for a bit, and actually talked to Dean Knuth about the tech. The face tech is no BS, the face is hotter when you are NOT in the sweet spot, for me though ball speed ended up not being the most important factor, and I ended up moving on to something to neutralize my tendency to hook!
  14. I bought a few ping g400 crossovers at the right price and put them on the launch monitor with the stock Alta CB 70 soft regular (Softer than I would play). The 22 degree 4 crossover is an absolute rocket launcher. On a smoked shot it was challenging my 4w in distance, but with the soft shaft it was spraying left and right. I thought to myself, this thing would be perfect with my iron shafts, more control and less distance would absolutely fit the bill. So, I pulled the altas, glued in my gamer iron shaft and COULD. NOT. HIT. A. SHOT. I waited a day, warmed up, and just could not get anyt
  15. I’ve watched a few comparisons between the G410 and the outgoing G400, for most golfers, the 410 launches higher with less spin, which nets more carry yardage and more distance. My question for anyone with experience with these two is this: for the average swing speed (say 85mph 7i) does one model hold greens better than the other? Assuming urethane balls (vice pro). I can see the extra spin on the G400 being an edge in green holding, but I could also see steeper descent from a higher flight in the 410 countering it out? Edge to the 400 for anyone wanting to reduce a draw or fade, ed
  16. I just tried floating golf balls in water and epsom salt to see if the ball would fight to have one particular side float to the top (the theory is that that would mean the ball is out of balance). What I found was that 1/24 mid range balls (Srixon q star tour and cally super hot) were actually balanced. If the check go thing works, that means, in theory, that aligning them with a check go would make a difference. How much of a difference I can’t say at all. I tested a few urethane balls (pro v1 392 and top flite gamer tour) and they were almost all in balance, which I think means ma
  17. I’ve never been a ball snob until the most recent no putts given podcast. I usually play either Srixon Soft Feel or Srixon Q Star. The point the MGS guys made was about ball quality and consistency, which I’d never really considered. With that in mind I decided to test the Q Stars (my go to) to see how balanced they were by floating them in water and epsom salt (if the center of gravity isn’t in the center of the ball one side of the ball will always fight to float to the top). 0/12 of the Q star tours were in balance. For perspective, 1/12 Callaway superhots was in balance, 1/12 Srixon s
  18. Joe / Cleveland Ohio Cleveland RTX4 60• (low)
  19. That's awesome that yours is rolling pure! My ruler has a .300" hole (not counter sunk) - either the extra 175 thou's in diameter, or the lack of a chamfered edge (probably both), definitely "grab" the ball. Just a heads-up for other DIY'ers!
  20. My skytrak (camera based) likes LED bulbs (with "frosted" plastic covers) and incandescent bulbs, but it hates fluorescent lights and CFL bulbs (especially with colored golf balls). Maybe its the type of lighting?
  21. I've bought (and sold) a lot of golf equipment. I pick up stuff just to try it, so long as I can make my money back (and then some) by breaking it down or flipping the it on eBay. I have a small eBay business and have probably bought and sold 50 iron sets and a few hundred individual clubs/graphite shafts in the last few years (if you think I'm full of it stalk my eBay seller's page)! I also have a skytrak in my garage. I'm saying all of this for context for the claim I'm about to make: I do not think it is not realistic to try to "Fit Yourself" - no matter how knowledgeable you are, you
  22. How does it roll with the ball placed in that small detent/drill hole? I've been putting down a 2" aluminum ruler and at first I was starting with the ball placed in the "nail hang" hole. What I noticed was that depending on how the dimples were resting in that hole, I could get some serious weird stuff happening (the ball would jump left or right, side spin, hops, and just strange things). It took me a while to realize that it was caused by placing the ball in that hole. I now just rest the ball on the dimples on a flat part of the ruler. The nail hole is much larger than on your pr
  23. I posted a WITB a few weeks ago, since then, I fired a lifetime low round. My putter was fire that round, the rest of my game was average for me, but what I did really well (I think) was apply a new game plan, or philosophy to my game. Here's my new philosophy, working from the green back: Get the putter FIRING: I got fit. It was expensive (between the fitting and the putter it was the most expensive "section" of my bag, and I didn't even go super premium), but has already made a huge difference. Start the ball on the darn line. This was a revelation for me
  24. When I do virtual golf with friends (skytrak + e6 connect) there is an option for putting, I select "player decides", then we typically putt it out on a practice mat and manually add the number of putts taken back into e6 connect. Flipping over to exputt to actually "putt it out" (at simulated distances over 10ft) would take things to a completely different level! Unfortunately, I think scores would also go up!
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