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  1. Nate / Johnstown, PA 110-115 Titleist TS2 AV Blue 60 X-Stiff Yes, Currently using Modus 120 X-Stiff
  2. Nate Johnstown, PA Yes, I walk pretty much every round I play. Yes, Bagboy Compact 3
  3. Hello, Just got fit into the Hzardus Smoke Blue RDX and I noticed there were 2 versions of the shaft one being a blue with a pvd finish and the other without it. Anyone now if there's a difference between the two or is it just a cosmetic thing? Thanks,
  4. Nate Johnstown, PA Titleist TS2 7 108 MPH TSi2
  5. Nate, Johnstown, PA Setup a duct tape roll and putt on carpet Used cheaper ones in the past Medium
  6. Hello, I am looking to replace the Oversize grip that came on my Stroke Lab putter, but I am unable to find any specs of the grip as I am trying to get a new grip from Super Stroke that would be pretty close to the oversize. Does anyone know any putter grips that would be similar to it? Thanks!
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