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  1. Kevin / Hudsonville, Michigan In the winter, I putt indoors on a carpet style putting mat in my basement that has a slight slope at the end and 3 holes to putt at. My current experience with putting mats is just the carpet style one I have at home. It has 3 holes with a slight slope and 2 channels behind the holes to catch any missed putts. The carpet style is quick and in no way resembles actual grass putting surfaces/greens. However, my experience with Birdie ball is that I own the original birdie ball golf practice tool/game that I play outdoors all of the time with friends and family. It is great that they now make a putting green! I would be most interested in testing out the "Medium - 10-11 Stimpmeter - Private Course" speed for the Birdie ball putting mats because the greens at my home country club course tend to be pretty quick and this mat would most resemble that speed.
  2. Kevin/Hudsonville, MI/United States My current putter in use is a Taylormade Est 79 model TM-180 with a 34" shaft and Super Stroke GT 1 grip. The PING Heppler putter model that interests me most is the Anser 2. I have always heard great things about the Anser putters and would love to finally try one out. The other reason it interests me is because the putter's head design looks extremely similar to my current Taylormade putter. The only difference is the offset hosel. I love the look and responsive feel from a blade putter, so would definitely want to stick with that style with the Heppler. Thanks.
  3. Wow, it has certainly been WAY too long since I have been able to update the spreadsheet with a birdie "X." The last two weeks, I have not been golfing my best, but seem to be in a "Par or Double Bogey" area, which is not a good feeling. There is no in between. Last week we signed my wife up for a GHIN account at our country club so she can start tracking her handicap and join the women's league next season. Little did I know, this was going to lead to her "dragging" me out for 72 holes this weekend! We golfed 18 at two of our other county club properties and and 36 at our home course. We were playing the home course yesterday, and the Par 3 third hole was finally playing back to 156 (had been 170's all week, and I kept hitting front fringe) and I stuck one to 20ft right of the pin. There is a high ridge that runs through the center (back to front) if this green, so I had to putt up to that ridge with left break, and then plan for down the ridge to the pin while breaking back to the right. Rolled the putt right into the center of the cup and marked a circle. What was even more fun, was right after I made my birdie putt, my wife (who had chipped onto the back of the green) sunk her par putt.
  4. I would definitely be in for a 2nd event in Lexington. I am actually thinking about heading down that way this fall for some hiking and golf, and might have to play Lakeside! Haha And I agree, that Hallelujah bit by Mike was absolutely hysterical. I was listening to it while on my way to a golf outing and was dying in the car!
  5. @juspoole I agree! Chasing Scratch is one of the most entertaining podcasts I have ever listened to. Mike and Eli are HILARIOUS!!! I am one episode behind on Season 3 and almost died from laughter at Mike's version of "Hallelujah." A friend and I who are big fans of "the pod" went down to Raleigh for the listener's par 3 event and had a blast. We didn't play well, but got paired with Eli and had some great conversations. I also listen to all of the NPG podcast powered by My Golf Spy and really enjoy the insight and information that is provided. Always good for a laugh and update of the golfing world.
  6. If you are looking for a classic and easy to follow instructional book, "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" is a MUST read. For fun, I have "Commander In Cheat" by Rick Reilly. I have not been able to start it yet, but I have heard it is pretty funny. I also own "The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers" by Adam Young that I flip through on occasion. This book is great for training yourself on how to practice, and full of drills and improvement techniques you can take with you to the range.
  7. Michigan or Ohio State? (Hint: The answer is Michigan)
  8. Kevin K, Grand Rapids, MI I tried to use an app on my phone years ago, and forget the name, but I hated having to keep my phone on me while trying to be present. I have never used a GPS watch for golf, but I do currently wear a Garmin 230 Forerunner watch that I've used for running around 5 years now. My current method of determining yardage is a point and shoot range finder, which is a Nikon Coolshot
  9. Hole #2 at my home course, Sunnybrook Country Club is my absolute least favorite hole on the course and for some reason is a psychological nightmare for me. It is a 389-yard, Par 4 that is straight as can be. There is a creek that runs down the left side, with a large tree that can block you out from the left rough. On the right, there is some thick grass you have to clear if you go too right, but just 10-15-yards off the right side you have large, leafy trees that run down the entire length of the fairway. It is easy to get blocked, and if you're in the trees on the right, you may never get out of them. There is one bunker on the front right side of the green, but it really shouldn't ever come into play. The hole is quite simple...hit a good tee shot, have about 130-150 in, and hit a pretty easy oval green. But, it rarely happens that way and I get blocked on the right 8 times out of 10. I have shot par on this hole several times, but have missed every birdie opportunity I have had. Last week, I rolled my 2nd shot into the flag stick from 151-yards and it bounced off of it 15ft...of course, missed the birdie putt and tapped in for par.
  10. Kevin/Grand Rapids, MI I practice putting at home around twice a week on a simple roll out green mat with 3 holes on and a little slope on it, as well as 10 minutes or so before each round I play at my home country club's putting green. I average around 2-3 three putts each round at my non-home courses, and around 1 at my home course. What interests me most about Exputt, especially based on what I have heard on the "No Putts Given" podcast, is the information and statistics this device can actually provide. Furthermore, will there be actual, tangible results? I have always been someone who thought very little about putting. It's simple, right? Pick the right line, hit an even roll with the correct speed, and that's putting. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't. Therefore, I would be extremely interested in testing this product to see what is ACTUALLY happening with my putter and ball during putts and address how to fix any flaws. This product is extremely advanced compared to any devices I have heard or, used, or seen, which makes it a lot of fun and very intriguing.
  11. BIRDIE UPDATE!!! As stated in my original post about my home course (Sunnybrook Country Club in Grand Rapids, MI), here is my statement on Hole 4 (see above). If you asked me straight up which hole I would never birdie on this course, it would be Hole 4. The closest birdie putt I have had on this hole is probably 40+ feet....until last night during league! I had never birdied this hole before and it happened in the strangest way possible: Tee shot right off the toe of my driver and hit a tree about 100yds from the tee box and fell straight down 2nd shot with a 3 wood was struck very well...but, to the right of the corner I was aiming at. Fortunately, hit a tree and dropped straight down, otherwise I would have been in the pond protecting the next hole's green From here, I have 220-230 yards in and trees everywhere. I have about a 15ft wide by 15ft tall gap that I can get back towards the fairway in and the ball is sitting about a foot above my feet. I take a choked up 3 wood...close my eyes...and pray. End up hitting the ultimate stinger that never rises more than 3 ft off the ground...rolls up the green and sits 8ft short of the back pin location Drill the putt with right to left slope and card my first ever birdie on Hole 4. Conventional or orthodox? Nope. Does that matter? Nope! Very happy to "X" this one off the list! With this one out of the way, there should be no reason not to card them all this season! (Worst part was, with my handicap and a stroke on this hole, it would have been a gross birdie/net eagle, and I did not go in on skins this week)
  12. I would love to see Phil golf well in this event. I think most of America enjoyed watching him the most (from a personality and fun standpoint) in "The Match," and it will be a blast pulling for him.
  13. Great point about the walkers. My home course has a pretty tight parking lot to begin with, and relatively cramped parking spaces. It is almost impossible to walk in between any vehicles while carrying a bag on your shoulder...but, I am sure far too many people do!
  14. Thank you. That is exactly what I intend to do! Everything inside is almost exactly how he had it (he hadn't driven this truck in at least 15-20 years). There are little memo notebooks that list every maintenance event, as well as every time he filled up the gas tank. He also kept a postcard that had the Lord's Prayer hand written on the back. I know he would be proud of me for getting it running and driving it around. I just purchased a house with a third stall garage, which will be perfect for working on it in. Just need this pandemic to simmer down so I can tow it over. Your truck looks pretty mean, have you added any exhaust or other features to it?
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