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  1. I'm always curious to see what people have in their pockets when they golf. Do you have a few coins that you jingle before you putt? Do you have a special ballmarker, or a custom divot tool? Wood tees or plastic?

    Here's what I always have in my pocket:


    I don't always have the ball in my pocket, just when I'm reading a putt. Setting it back down right before I hit it is part of my pre-shot routine.

    I carry two tees with me - I use the 2 3/4" one with my driver, and the 1" one for fairway woods, hybrids, and long irons. With short irons and wedges I'll hit directly off the turf. A single plastic tee will usually last me 3 or 4 rounds.

    The divot repair tool is nothing special, just a punched piece of steel. However, it came from the golf bag that my granddad gave to me and my brothers 10 years ago, so it has some sentimental value.

    And finally, the ball marker. When I was a kid I used to collect hat pins - I got this one during a visit to the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado (my family lived just outside Denver until I was about 7 years old). I cut the pin spike off the back of it and filed it down, and now I have a piece of my childhood reminding me to man up and not leave my putts short every time I'm on the green!

    So what's your pocket grab today? Share a picture and tell us the story!

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  2. 34 minutes ago, TBT said:

    Want to see something really funny? Most of us in the Honma driver testing still haven’t gotten our drivers…..this week a couple of us arrived home to find a box on the porch from Honma 🤩

    Really exciting!!!! Until you open it 😪

    yep that’s right nothing in the full size club box but a head cover and a wrench 😂



    That's hilarious!

    I actually have an acquaintance who lives in Houston who just switched to a Honma driver. Unfortunately he is only able to get out on weekends because he's a FedEx driver and his work runs too late to get afternoon rounds in...

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  3. On 9/2/2021 at 11:01 AM, Kansas King said:

    I tried a 52* CBX as well and found it erratic. However, I think that is mostly attributable to the stock shaft. The stock shaft is light and rather high launching. It makes it really hard to control what I found to be a very forgiving head. I may reshaft it someday with something heavier if I feel the need for a more forgiving gap wedge. I generally recommend the CBX to most people for a lower lofted wedge but I do sometimes note that the stock shaft isn't going to work well for everyone. 

    I previously used a 52* CBX and found it great on full shots - really forgiving, and I didn't have any issues with inconsistencies. However, with the Cobra wedges having a heavier head and shaft, I'm having a much easier time on partial shots.

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  4. 4 hours ago, LeftyMatt89 said:

    Honestly, I would have not gone one length. It has been such a big struggle with any scoring clubs it’s making me score significantly higher than my normal score. Pitching and chipping are difficult too. Love the woods and driver. I just am struggling big time with the one length. 

    Do you find the longer irons easier to hit? I’ve heard of some folks playing one length down to 7, and standard length below that. 

  5. 16 minutes ago, jlukes said:

    So fellow CC5 participants, I want to pose a question. Given that most of us have had time with some or all of the clubs, are there any changes you’d make to bag composition if we were given the opportunity to make some switch outs prior to the challenge starting?

    My most likely change would be my 3-wood shaft. My "fitting" (which was more of a demo) was pretty limited, so I was only able to try 2 driver shafts, and didn't get a chance to hit the 3-wood. I had to choose for my 3-wood between getting the same shaft as my driver, and getting the same shaft as my 5-wood. I went with the driver shaft for decreased spin and more distance off the tee, but I'm finding now that the 5-wood is significantly easier to hit than the 3-wood. I would've also liked to try more than 2 driver shafts - the Rogue was way better than the Motore, but I feel like there may have been more optimization available. I was a bit rushed in scheduling my fitting - if I had known the delays were going to be as long as they were I would've taken the time to do a fitting at a high-end fitting shop in my area rather than a regional golf retailer.

    As far as set composition, I haven't hit the 4-hybrid enough on course to know how well it gaps with my 5 iron (since they're the same loft) but other than that I really like the bag setup I ended up with.

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  6. Hit the range today to work out some of the issues I had with my driver last round. I'm moving in the right direction, but there is still some work to do.

    I figured I would record a few shots with the 5 Wood to show you all how easy it really is to hit. I warmed up with about 10 shots (1/2 to 3/4 to full) with my gap wedge, then grabbed the 5 Wood, hit 3 shots with it, and put it back in the bag.

     My dad was complaining last round that he's pretty sure this club is illegal, and maybe it should be 😂

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  7. On 8/27/2021 at 7:51 AM, BostonSal said:

    I like a lob wedge with low enough bounce to hit from the parking lot asphalt.

    My present one, which is great on full shots, doesn't fit that description.

    AND, I don't hit that many full-shot lob wedges.  

    Who can recommend what?

    I'm really enjoying the Cobra King Snakebite wedges I got with the rest of my Cobra clubs. The full-face grooves on the highest-lofted wedges are great, gives you more face to work with but still maintains a traditional shape. The 60° is available with 4 degrees of bounce - I know a lot of people overlook Cobra wedges but I think that's a mistake!

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  8. Last time out at this course I drove the green on hole 5 and three-putted for par. This time I banished my driver after hole 4, then pulled my 5-iron tee shot a bit, leaving a 100-yard shot directly over trees. I managed to hit the green, but was nowhere near the pin. 

    Then this happened:


    That has to be the most satisfying feeling in golf - when your putt is still 15 feet out and you already know it’s going to drop!

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  9. After completing a move this past week, I got out for a round with my brother and dad late this afternoon. It was somehow the most frustrating and counterintuitive round ever. 

    Got there early to warm up on the range and was hitting the ball fairly well. Unfortunately that didn’t carry over to the course - by the time we got through the first 4 holes I was +8 with 6 penalty strokes. At that point, out of sheer frustration, I decided to banish my driver and 3wood (which were causing most of the penalties) to the back of my bag, and instead turn to my 5-wood for tee duties. Somehow that paid off for me, and I went +2 the rest of the way, including a 37 on the back 9 (first time under 40 on 9 holes). 

    That club is absolutely ridiculous with how easy it is to hit, and I feel like I’m hardly swinging. Even bad shots, like the one in this video, fly well (I hit this one fat, and still got 218 yards). 

    The epitome of how successful this club is for me was the 13th hole, a 515-yard par 5 with water just short of the green forcing a perfect approach shot if you’re trying to get there in 2. 

    That was a tap-in birdie (the eagle putt didn’t break and ended up stopping 2 inches above the hole). The approach shot was blind, but my brother was 60 yards up the fairway watching the green and says I missed an albatross by a foot rolling past the pin. 

    Overall I’m loving the clubs, but I’m just not getting along with the driver right now so I will have to make that a priority next time I’m at the range!

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  10. 6 hours ago, txgolfjunkie said:

    Here's what has been floated around behind the scenes...Instead of celebrating the winners, we will be penalizing the losers. The weekly loser will be subject to: 

    • Being stripped of all Cobra equipment and replaced with Ram clubs from his local Wal-Mart. I hope the loser enjoys trying to hit some greens with only a 5, 7, or 9 iron. 
    • Be forced to play with Nitro golf balls and brush tees for all remaining rounds. 
    • Will have his Cobra clubs replaced by the most popular 'as seen on TV' club out there starting with the Hammer driver, Alien wedge, Square strike wedge, C3i wedge, warrior 3 wood, and Gx7 wood. As far as irons go, it appears square strike makes irons so you're in luck! 
    • Will be given clear iron covers and an ad in his local paper will be run daily stating that he uses clear iron covers. 

    We're still discussing what the overall loser will be facing...I said caddying for Patrick Reed at a Ryder Cup overseas...but that might be a bit harsh for one's psyche. 

    You joke, but my last hybrid was a Warrior…..

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  11. My set GW is a 48°, and then I carry a 52° and a 58°. Same as you, a low-bounce 58° lets me open the face so it's plenty of loft (the full-face grooves help). I rarely use it though, since in most instances a partial shot with a 52° offers me a larger margin for error. 

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