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  1. This one will be cool to follow along - anyone know if the testers will get the balls labeled the same (ie box 1 for tester A is the same as box 1 for tester B)? If not it’ll be interesting to see if they can determine which balls they have are the same based on their descriptions of how the balls feel and perform. 

  2. 56 minutes ago, jddaigneault said:

    My fiancé (who will be my wife exactly two months from today! WEDDING GIFT!!!) will for sure get involved if I am selected. She has started playing golf with me, and loves how passionate I am about the sport. Her dad just retired and plays golf as well, so I'm sure she will be egging him on to get out on the course with me a bunch.

    One of my good golf friends runs a video company, so I may have to drag him in and see if I can get him to do some video editing. It'd be fun to have some quality videos to get the social media side more involved. I'll do my best to make Rick Shiels look like a has-been!

    I'm sure my golf team will want to get into it too. They're way better at golf than me, and thoroughly enjoy reminding me. We are working on an indoor golf facility, so it'd also be fun to get on the foresight and really dig into the numbers. Once summer hits I will play a TON, so I'm amped about the prospect of playing in the morning, writing in the afternoon. I'm super passionate about the equipment side of the golf industry, so that'd be a ton of fun to dig into. 

    I've been thinking about how I could create good content too - my wife has absolutely zero interest in golfing, but I primarily golf with my brothers, one of whom is a photographer and drone pilot, so I feel like I could create some really cool content with him. If I gave him my old iron set he would for sure be willing to put together some really good video content for me.

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