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  1. I'm gonna challenge @B.Boston this week. I figure with 7 straight losses for the Red Sox, now is a good time to jump in and join the "Beat on Boston" party!
  2. Didn't have a chance to do the challenge this week, so the #CC4 team can relax and no longer live in fear of my score!
  3. Was on track to break 90 for the first time ever - +14 through 15 holes, then went triple bogey, double bogey, bogey to end at +20 (+3 net). Was playing with my father-in-law who tends to play fairly slow, and we were paired up with an older couple who were also quite slow, so I think the long day and the heat as the day went on contributed to the collapse. Frustrating for sure, but I'm more confident than ever that breaking 90 is within reach this year. Playing a new-to-me course in the The Falls in Chilliwack, BC. The course went into receivership a number of years back and isn't back into great shape yet, but it's a beautiful layout and it's clear the new owners are invested in making it a premier local course. Lots of elevation changes, including some really elevated tee boxes. I made good contact off this tee but unfortunately the ball plugged in the fairway, so it only went 292 yards
  4. I have it on my driver and love it there, but I can't imagining enjoying it on my irons.
  5. It is! I'm used to playing municipal courses where a really bad slice or hook will end up in the next fairway over. Here there are only two spots where that could happen - everywhere else a badly missed fairway means a lost ball in a canyon! It was immaculately maintained though - you could putt from 30 feet short of the green in the fairway if you so chose.
  6. For the longest time I didn't use gloves, but I've started using the Under Armour Iso-Chill. Having a stretchy/mesh panel on the back of the hand is a must for me, partly for ventilation and partly to prevent any binding or shifting of the fingertips of the gloves when I close my hand.
  7. I just want to take a moment to applaud the level of dedication it takes to cut a hole in the scorecard to show your front nine score.
  8. Just in case @Headhammer isn't following the "Shot of the Day" thread, a little something to put a bit of fear in his heart:
  9. For the first time ever, I managed a shot over 300 yards with the big stick! The hole was a 545-yard par 5 with a long forced carry off the tee over a canyon and bunkers awaiting any shot that goes off-line. I caught the ball right in the sweet spot and it went dead straight - based on where it landed it had about 260-270 yards of carry and caught enough of the downslope to keep rolling. I followed that up with a 3-hybrid to 40 yards out, put my wedge shot within 10 feet of the pin, and drained the birdie putt on the toughest hole on the course. Definitely the highlight of the round for me!
  10. Played the most difficult but also nicest course I've every played this morning, Tobiano (near Kamloops, BC). The tees we played were rated 70.3/131, with a total distance of 6295 yards - course handicap for me is a 24. After double bogeys on the first 3 holes I got on a run, with 4 pars in a row, followed up with a birdie on the toughest-rated hole on the course, and made the turn with a 43. Unfortunately we were rushed at the turn, and It took me way too long to get settled down again, and ended up with 10 penalty strokes on the round (7 after the turn). I shot 56 on the back 9 for a total of 99 (net +3). Disappointed for what could have been, as I thought it might have been my day to finally break 90, but still very happy with the round, and enjoyed an incredible course. I hit 54% of fairways and 28% GIRS, both well above average for me. And thanks to all my practice with the EXPUTT, my lag putting was excellent. There was only one occasion where my first putt didn't stop within 8 feet of the pin. Here's a few photos from the round: Warming up on the fully stocked range Sweeping views from every tee box Hole 7 - a 149-yard par 3 into a green that has very little margin for error. 10 yards short or long and your ball is in one of the canyons. I managed to get a GIR and make par. And finally, a shot of me teeing off on the 18th hole.
  11. I'm on vacation (again!) this week so that probably means no challenge attempt from me. Maybe if we get back early I'll throw out a late challenge to @Headhammer on Saturday afternoon.
  12. I had a buddy end up with a 1/2" socket extension through his sidewall. No idea how that happens!
  13. Best I've managed so far is 37 (19 putts). Doing this without the hints is hard! I definitely agree that the game struggles with sub-5' putts. I've had a 2-footer with no break that "missed" when I hit them directly over the 2' center line on the mat. Also had a putt that I hit into the bumper that only traveled 1.5' on screen. Definitely something funky there, which may be why they elect to not allow you to practice those - maybe the difference between simulated green speed and the speed of the mat makes it hard to be accurate with those (or at least have the actual putt translate to the screen)? I don't know.
  14. Updated my post as well, but my handicap is 20.8 and the rating/slope for the course is 68.6/120 (par 72).
  15. I was up early this morning for a round at a new-to-me course. After spending the last number of weeks grooving my swing to rock-hard fairways and very dry conditions, I arrived to a very wet, soft course and was in lots of trouble early on in the round. My ball-striking was up-and-down: lots of chunks, topped balls, and pulled shots, but every now and then an absolute gem of a shot. The inconsistency meant that I couldn't string together multiple good shots, and ended the day with only one GIR. I didn't miss my driver much though, in large part because my hybrid, when I was connecting, was going for miles. This tee shot on the 16th was the best-of-the-best (note that I typically drive the ball 250 yards). I also unloaded a few shots with my long irons, like this 5 iron (usually a 180-yard club for me, but it was in the wet rough and I really went after it). Unfortunately those shots were few and far between, and I got myself into trouble far too often, ending the round with 7 penalty strokes. Ended up with 103 strokes, for a net 84. (20.8 handicap, 68.6/120 rating/slope) So @edingc it's your lucky day, with the way my day went your score was pretty much safe from the time I hit the first green!
  16. If I was in that situation I stand at the center of the green and spin a tee, then use a random number generator to get a distance in feet, in that direction, where I would place my ball marker and use that as the cup to finish the hole. Alternatively, just give yourself your putting average for the day on that hole.
  17. Awesome group of testers here, excited to see the results on this one!
  18. I've got a tee time early Saturday morning at a course I've never played before, so you're on! You gonna give me any strokes?
  19. Last Friday had a decent round on the local course with my brother. Shot a 93 with a few bad holes but overall good play, finished the full 18 holes in 2:42. Went out last night with my brother to do 9 holes after work and was backed up behind a number of incredibly slow groups (including a 3-some of a couple and their ~7 year old daughter, none of whom looked to have ever golfed before). It was without a doubt the slowest round of my life - we would walk up to the tee, sit down for 5 minutes and wait, hit our tee shots, then walk to them and wait for another 5 minutes. Ended up finishing 9 holes in 2:27 (almost as long as the 18-hole round a few days earlier on the exact same course). The slow play and waiting meant I never managed to get into a groove, and couldn't stay warmed up - every swing felt like the first terrible swing when you step onto the driving range. Ended up shooting a 53, and really didn't enjoy the last 3 holes at all.
  20. I'd love to get in on this - just sent a DM.
  21. That's definitely true, I think it comes down to personal preference. For me part of the rationale is that in the future I'm sure that my putting stroke will change, and if I get a new putter then stroke length as a function of ball speed will change as well, making a chart based on stroke length obsolete. There are also differences from person to person - the stroke length that gets me 6 mph of ball speed is different than what works for you. So this chart would be transferable to different people or equipment setups. Plus, using the EXPUTT on challenge mode I started focusing more on ball speed and found it helpful - the below diagram shows what I'm visualizing for my backswing when I set up for a putt. The numbers correspond to ball speed in mph.
  22. Here's a starting point for you for ball speed and how it translates to putt distance on different green speeds (note that this is for flat greens, I haven't gotten to dealing with slopes yet). And here's the practice session it took to make that chart happen. I know that I could probably reverse-engineer the formula and get the data directly using some knowledge from my old college physics class, but sometimes brute-forcing a problem is just more satisfying
  23. Wow, you really dug in to this! I think my experience was similar, although I found value in different things. To answer your one question, the maximum putt length on the green is 95 feet - anything further than that and you're off the green (although I didn't notice that slowing the ball down at all). My preference is to train for ball speed, not putt distance, because ball speed is consistent when the swing is consistent, whereas putt distance varies with green speed. I plan to address this in more detail in my final review and see if it actually helps me on course though. I've been mentally associating specific ball speeds with specific stroke lengths, which helped immensely in Challenge mode. As far as data display goes, you get much more in-depth data when you do an "Analysis" set from within the Practice mode. It takes I believe 35 shots to get through (there's a countdown near the bottom left of the screen) and then afterwords you can view all the data, broken down by putt distance. Once you've done it 5 times it will show you your data over time (I haven't gotten to that point yet). And finally, on the topic of sound - I agree with you that the putt sound is unnecessary. I also really dislike the sound of a sunk putt, first of all because it sounds like a cast iron cup, and second because the sound is exactly the same every time, whether you ram the putt off the back of the cup and in, or if it just barely drops into the front of the hole. Maybe my irritation is just a result of sinking so many putts though ..... #humblebrag
  24. My final thoughts on challenge mode: I suspect this will be the least-used mode for me moving forward. Reading a green on a 2-dimensional screen is very difficult to do, and doesn't translate well to green reading on the course. I think the largest benefit will be in being able to compare putt speeds up and down hill at any given green speed to a flat putt. Over the next week I plan to put together a chart that tracks ball speeds vs putt distance on different green speeds - once I have that I'll be able to see that, say for theoretical example, a 20' putt that goes downhill by 6" will play like a 16' putt on flat ground, and be able to adjust my putting stroke as necessary.
  25. Best I managed to do was a 249. Those 8 made putts ended up representing 10% of my score. Here's a picture showing the amount of curve that the mat can get - the result is about 1" of curve over the full length (represented by 1/2" at the halfway point). Unfortunately I wasn't able to putt consistently enough to determine if it had an impact, but I'd imagine that it would. I also tried to find the limit of what the sensor can pick up. I couldn't get it to track any shots harder than 18 mph (it just wouldn't register). This was the longest putt I managed to record. Shows just how crazy that 139' putt that Michael Phelps holed was!
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