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  1. I suspect I would do better on a course like that. I average +1.4 on par threes, +1.7 on par fours, and +2.0 on par fives. A par five just means three opportunities to totally shank a shot instead of one
  2. Can't speak to the others, but I use the free version of GolfShot and really like it. I can track individual shots if I want to, but it involves taking out your phone and recording where you hit the ball and where it landed, so I usually only use it for 1 or 2 shots per round that I want to be able to go back and look at. Only GPS distances the free version gives is center of the green (paid version gives front/middle/back plus hazards), but that's enough for me to know what club I want to pull. I really like it because it's simple to use - after each hole I enter strokes (including penalty and sand), putts, tee club, and where my tee shot went (fairway/left/right). It then calculates all the stats you want from that, and you can go into individual stats and see how they've changed over time. If you use the Apple Health App you can connect the two as well so that it will show you steps/mileage from your round (I don't use that, but still get pace of play info). After the round it automatically emails the scorecard to myself and anyone I was playing with (as long as I have their email address in my contacts). Let me know if you want any specific info or screenshots from in the app in addition to what I have here. The screenshot with tons of into is the scorecard that gets sent to email.
  3. From what I've read they're still waterproof.
  4. No poll option for zero? I golf in my trail runners - more comfortable than the golf shoes I've tried in the past. The tread is getting worn down pretty flat though, so I might replace them with actual golf shoes when they're done.
  5. 465 yard par 5, set up to discourage going for it in 2 (you would need to carry on to the green and then check up to avoid the hazards). Absolutely skyed my driver off the tee, carried maybe 150 into the right rough. Grabbed my 5 iron to try and set myself up for a makeable approach shot, but hit a terrible duck hook into rough on the other side of the fairway, just missing a water hazard. Ended up 160 out with a nasty downhill lie in thick rough, but my 6-iron managed to cut through and carry the green. 2-putt for the par, just how you would draw it up!
  6. How about the Srixon Marathon? I picked up a few last week following a pairing of newbies. 2-piece ball with an ionomer cover, marketed for "distance and durability".
  7. I've got an old Northwestern steel-shafted 3-wood. No idea how old it is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's as old as I am. I hit it cleanly maybe 25% of the time, so I often leave it in the bed of my truck so I'm not tempted to pull it out on the course. Would be nice to get a newer one, but I don't use 3-wood often enough to justify the cost.
  8. I agree with @den748 about getting false positives on your swing off of mats. My tendency is to come in too steep with my irons too far behind the ball. On the course that results in a fat shot if I'm lucky, or a chunked shot that only goes 5 yards. If I'm hitting off a mat the club head can skip forward into the ball instead of digging in, giving me a ball flight that looks like a perfect shot even though realistically the low point of my swing was too far behind the ball. Also, I've never experienced it myself but I've heard from others that turf mats placed on concrete can lead to wrist pain or injury from iron shots.
  9. With the way technology has changed in irons, the lofts are made stronger but you maintain a similar ball flight shape. So a traditional 7-iron blade flight is the same shape as a SGI 7-iron flight, with the exception of the distance the ball flies. With how low the CG is on CB or players irons, if you maintained the exact same loft you'd end up with a shot that launches way too high and would get pushed all over the place by the wind. Loft jacking doesn't substitute at all for putting in the work on your swing though - a chunked iron is a chunked iron, no matter what loft it is or what number is on the sole. I also don't understand being bothered by what equipment other people are using. If you want to play 20-year-old blades then go for it, but I'm going to choose equipment that allows me to have the most enjoyable time on the course.
  10. https://txg.ca/tensei-av-raw-contest/ Here's their review of the shaft. Must be a subscriber to their YouTube page to win. You'll get the shaft, with your name laser etched, and any grip and OEM tip on it.
  11. I work and golf in WA, but live in BC with my wife, so she wouldn't be able to get across, unfortunately. I was hoping to play Crosswater.
  12. Got a quick after-work 9 in with my dad. Driver was hit or miss (3/5 fairways) but better than earlier this week when it went 2/7. Played 5-iron off the tee a few times and was very happy with the results, rolled out about 205 yards on hole 5 - I think a driving iron would be a great fit in my bag. Was really struggling to get the feel for the putter though. Definite highlight was my short game. I felt like I was throwing darts with my 52° CBX wedge. Every single shot from inside 105 yards hit the green (a couple rolled off onto the fringe). I only had to chip twice during the entire 9 holes - once on a par 3 where I pushed my 7i right, and once from a poor lie on the fringe. With the way my game is developing, I feel like breaking 90 this summer is a very strong possibility.
  13. I haven't been watching yet, just catching highlights and clips, but Nick Faldo's dry sense of humor has been great IMO. Koepka tees off. Faldo: "He said he wants us to shut up so let's see what he has to say about that shot" 4 seconds of silence Faldo: "Absolutely fascinating stuff!" ------ Rory tees off, ends up in the trees right of the fairway. Rory: "Every f****** time!" Faldo: "He's using the technical term there for 'blocking it right'"
  14. Dang, this test is seriously popular! Apparently the Honma gear draws a crowd on social media! Gavin / Lynden WA I'd love to test the 460. Swing Speed: 101-105
  15. My wife and I were supposed to join my family for a vacation down in Sunriver next month, but with the border closure continuing it doesn't look like that will happen.
  16. Yeah, they look amazing. Too bad the list price is $170, vs $112 on sale for the regular ones. I really want a pair as well but not sure I can justify that extra cost...
  17. That F9 Special Edition is beautiful - I would take it over any OEMs current offerings, no question. Since you have two sets in the garage, do you mix-and-match what you take out with you on any given day depending on the course or how you've been doing with a specific club?
  18. I hear you there! This was my tee shot with my driver on #3 at Homestead Farms on Wednesday - 235 yards of carry, -1 yard of roll-out. Also the only hole in the round (9 holes) that I got both FIR and GIR, so of course I 3-putted for a bogey.
  19. I did specifically say aim - I aim for lots of things from the tee and never hit them!
  20. Do you make an effort to aim for the light-colored side to get the extra rollout?
  21. I think one thing that is often missed from the conversation about toe hang is grip tightness and club head weight. Everything I've read says that more arcing strokes need more toe hang, less arcing strokes mean less toe hang. But if you have a light enough club head and tight enough grip on the putter, you could game a blade putter even with a fairly straight stroke. My personal preference is for a heavier putter head, and I use a really soft grip, so when I try a putter with a significant amount of toe hang and a heavier head I can actually see the putter face open up by 10° or more on my stroke. I recently tried the TaylorMade SpiderX and the Odyssey TT 2-Ball side by side at Dick's on the practice putting green in-store. With the same stroke I was draining 10-foot putts with the Odyssey, and missing everything 1-2" right with the TaylorMade.
  22. I mean if the tour is really concerned about distance off the tee they could do that backwards (run the mowers from green to tee instead of tee to green). That would greatly reduce driver rollout.
  23. Watching the PGA Tour back in action at Colonial last weekend got me thinking: do you have a preference for fairway mowing patterns? I don't think I've ever played a course that used the half-and-half pattern - at least not that I was able to notice from the tee. In theory that should make it easier to identify the center of the fairway from the tee box. I definitely prefer contour mowing over a straight striping pattern though, I feel more comfortable standing over the ball when I can identify the curves of the fairway out of the corner of my eye. Of course it would be nice if every course I played brought in a giant grounds crew to push cut every fairway to get that extra 10 yards of roll out, but that's obviously not feasible (plus I don't hit enough fairways to really take advantage of that). Do you have a preference? Why?
  24. There's so much more that goes into ball flight than club loft though - to be honest I'd be fine with gaining 20 yards across the board on all of my irons as long as I maintained similar descent angles.
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