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  1. Looks like the new version is out in the wild! The mat looks the same, but that camera has a different shape to it. Biggest software change seems to be the addition of a tempo tracker of some kind (bottom right of the interface). Will be interested to see all the changes when more details are released!
  2. Last time out at this course I drove the green on hole 5 and three-putted for par. This time I banished my driver after hole 4, then pulled my 5-iron tee shot a bit, leaving a 100-yard shot directly over trees. I managed to hit the green, but was nowhere near the pin. Then this happened: That has to be the most satisfying feeling in golf - when your putt is still 15 feet out and you already know it’s going to drop!
  3. After completing a move this past week, I got out for a round with my brother and dad late this afternoon. It was somehow the most frustrating and counterintuitive round ever. Got there early to warm up on the range and was hitting the ball fairly well. Unfortunately that didn’t carry over to the course - by the time we got through the first 4 holes I was +8 with 6 penalty strokes. At that point, out of sheer frustration, I decided to banish my driver and 3wood (which were causing most of the penalties) to the back of my bag, and instead turn to my 5-wood for tee duties. Somehow that paid off for me, and I went +2 the rest of the way, including a 37 on the back 9 (first time under 40 on 9 holes). That club is absolutely ridiculous with how easy it is to hit, and I feel like I’m hardly swinging. Even bad shots, like the one in this video, fly well (I hit this one fat, and still got 218 yards). IMG_3509.MP4 The epitome of how successful this club is for me was the 13th hole, a 515-yard par 5 with water just short of the green forcing a perfect approach shot if you’re trying to get there in 2. That was a tap-in birdie (the eagle putt didn’t break and ended up stopping 2 inches above the hole). The approach shot was blind, but my brother was 60 yards up the fairway watching the green and says I missed an albatross by a foot rolling past the pin. Overall I’m loving the clubs, but I’m just not getting along with the driver right now so I will have to make that a priority next time I’m at the range!
  4. Having recently started using Arccos with the Link, I'm interested in following along on this and seeing how the newest versions of each compare! Good luck to everyone entering!
  5. My set GW is a 48°, and then I carry a 52° and a 58°. Same as you, a low-bounce 58° lets me open the face so it's plenty of loft (the full-face grooves help). I rarely use it though, since in most instances a partial shot with a 52° offers me a larger margin for error.
  6. I carry a high-bounce 52° and a low-bounce 58°. Pretty much everything from 100 yards and in I use the 52°, with 3 exceptions - from the sand, when I'm short-sided, and when I need to get over trees. Going with the higher bounce for the 52° gives me more confidence and a larger margin of error on full and 3/4 shots, and I feel like I'm throwing darts with that thing. The lower bounce on the 58° gives me more room to open up the face when I need to make an awkward shot, and the full face grooves help too. Could I get away without using the 58°? In the past it would've saved me strokes, but now that I make a more conscious effort to avoid using it unless I absolutely have to I've avoided losing strokes from using it when I shouldn't, and when I do need it it's available to me.
  7. I think between all of us we're missing a 3wood, a 5wood, and a set of irons yet. Once those arrive the challenges can commence!
  8. Looks beautiful out there! And glad to hear the driver is working for you!
  9. What will be the industry/career impacts to you when you lose the Cobra Connect challenge to #teamCHAD? Alternatively, when designing clubs for the general public who will likely not get fitted, what aspects of club design do you prioritize?
  10. Makes sense. I would argue for higher handicaps that it's even more important to get as close as possible, because even in the situation that you described they are more likely to hit the green from 35 yards than from 90 yards, and they shouldn't be worrying about getting enough spin to attack the pin but should instead just be aiming for the center of the green. I generally agree with what others are saying that I'd rather be close and in the rough than far and on the fairway, but I think it's unreasonable to expect Arccos to be able to identify via satellite view whether or not an area of rough is a "safe miss". In the Northwest we end up with a lot of tree-lined courses, so misses can vary greatly in how much you are punished. On some holes I can miss the fairway 30 yards to the right and still have a look at the green. On others I can be 5 yards into the rough and have branches interfering in my backswing forcing me to punch out. Maybe the Arccos algorithm can analyze the shots that people have made in the past from areas off the fairway to determine if it's ok to miss there or not when giving a caddy recommendation. Or maybe it already does this, does anyone know?
  11. Just imagine what my margin of victory could be if I hadn’t shot my lifetime-best round just before the new clubs arrived!
  12. It’s just maddening to hit an 86 one week, with only 2 fairways hit but 30 putts, and then come back a week later with the ability to hit fairways, and all of a sudden your putting ability has disappeared and you hit an 87… but hey, if every shot did what I want it to I’d get paid to play
  13. Just can never seem to get all facets of my game rolling at the same time. Got out for an early morning round with my brother, and off the first tee things were looking good. Unfortunately, after hitting the green we both proceeded to 3-putt for bogey. That would be an omen of what was to come for me - 38 putts on my way to an 87. In the post-round chat with my brother I remarked that the dispersion of my scores has come way down in the past few months - the difference between a good and a bad round for me right now is less than 10 strokes. I feel like I’m on the cusp of breaking 80, if only I can get every part of my game to do what it’s capable of at the same time!
  14. Nice, glad that change helped you out! I've heard losing doesn't feel as bad when you're comfortable...
  15. I mostly stuck with the driver off the tee - went with shorter woods and the hybrid a few times when there were hazards I was trying to avoid. And yeah, when my swing is grooved the driver is easy to hit and produces bombs! That course was very tight though, with not much room for error, and I also had to warm up hitting into a net instead of on a range, which makes it harder for me to get things sorted out, especially at 6;30 am when I’m still half asleep
  16. Really struggled off the tee today - 5 penalty strokes and only 2 fairways hit. However, my wedges were on fire, and I was putting reasonably well (1 disappointing 3-putt) so I managed to post an 86. Also outdid my projection for margin of victory over my father-in-law, beating him by 27 Next up I need a few more range sessions with the driver to get fully comfortable with it, and I need to get the lie angles adjusted on the irons. Once I get all that sorted I feel like breaking 80 is a distinct possibility during the challenge!
  17. At a point when I nearly need to win out to make the playoffs, I feel like I timed that Morikawa trade perfectly!
  18. Good first round with the new sticks! I hit the woods much better on the course than I did on the range yesterday. Driver felt great, but I started to spray it a bit towards the end of the round. Putting is usually my strength, but it was absolutely atrocious today. Overall though this gave me a ton of confidence moving forward with the new clubs! Vacation next week means a round with my father-in-law - he’s been busy with his business this year and hasn’t gotten out at all yet this season, so I’m predicting I beat him by 20 strokes I kind of feel bad - I remember when I started dating my wife I played a few rounds with him and he pretty consistently beat me, but that tables have turned there and I know it frustrates him, even though he’s way too nice to say anything. But I think it’s also a testament to where my game is right now - I feel confident over pretty much every shot I’m taking, even if it’s an approach from a distance I’ve never hit a green prior to the new clubs!
  19. Woods arrived today! Asked for the matte grey driver head and got the blue instead, so I might have to get a different headcover that matches better. Also got the 70g driver shaft instead of 60g, but I think that might end up being a blessing in disguise. Everything else (shaft and head) is what I wanted. I hit the range on the way home to try them out. Once I figured out how to groove the driver shaft with my tempo, I was hitting dead straight bombs - that thing is going to be a serious weapon! The 3 and 5 woods will take a bit of getting used to. I usually come out-to-in and hit a fade, but with the woods I was hitting a straight pull. I think a bit of lead tape out near the toe will help fix that. The hybrid as well will take a bit of getting practice before I’m fully comfortable with it, and it remains to be seen how it gaps with my 5 iron since they’re essentially the same loft. Driver and 3wood have Aldila Rogue Silver 70 S. 5 wood has the Motore X F3 6-S. 4 hybrid has the Mitsubishi MMT Hybrid 80 S Also, I haven’t mentioned it previously, but the new Crossline Connect grips for the Radspeed lineup look way nicer than the previous generations now that they’ve gotten rid of the white top end of the grip.
  20. Reminds me of golfing with my father-in-law. He carries a 64° wedge and uses it for everything around the green. I have yet to convince him to permanently remove it from his bag - it's painful watching him take a full swing from 20 yards and either catching it fat and advancing it 15 feet, or catching it thin and seeing the ball rocket across the green.
  21. I didn’t have a chance to try the 4hy and 5i when I demoed, so my set will go 5i > 4hy > 5w > 3w > D. One of the things I’m interested in is how the gapping will work out between them given the strong lofts of the irons, so I will keep you updated on how that goes once my woods and hybrids arrive.
  22. We'll need a picture of you in your cheer outfit if you want to try out for the position.
  23. Dang, this has to be near a record for earliest test after a club release! Good luck everyone!
  24. I was just thinking that @jlukes MIM Black wedges with the vinegar treatment look like they’d pair nicely with the copper irons, might be another option if the copper wedges aren’t forthcoming.
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