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  1. I like this idea - @Golfspy_CG2 can we make a trip to Cobra HQ a part of the challenge?
  2. Maybe not the most technically difficult shot, but I managed to end up in the wrong side of this incredibly intimidating bunker. Took this picture after the shot and threw my glove down where the ball was - I had opened up the face on my 58* and the flop shot landed just onto the green and rolled out to 2’ from the pin for the tap-in bogey save (there were a couple not-so-great shots that led up to this moment ).
  3. Quick 9 holes after work. Not a bad round, but definitely some things I can improve on! Strokes gained are compared to a 15 handicap. Had three shots that hit water hazards, but two of them were ones normally out of range for me so I’m not upset (and one of those was actually playable so I didn’t take a penalty and managed to save par). Also managed to hit the green on both par 3s, which I’ve never done in a 9-hole round. My focus today was swinging easy - I never felt like I swung over 90%, but the slight loss in distance felt like it was worth it for the consistency and accuracy gains (especially with the irons).
  4. If you ask the folks at Arccos I'm sure they could add that feature for you
  5. Well I wasn't last. But second last doesn't feel much better.........
  6. Got out for a quick 9 with my brother after work yesterday. It was kind of a last-minute plan, and I had a meeting run long, so I didn't have time for any warmup. Then, just to mix it up for fun since we play this course all the time we decided to play from the tips, which we've never done. And boy was it an ugly round... While I did have a handful of good shots (including a 3W approach that went further than my drive on the previous shot), it felt like all of my game was poor. I was struggling to find the center of the face on my driver, my proximity to the hole on chips was terrible, and even my putting was much worse than usual. My irons actually felt ok, but with my poor driving and the added distance (900 yards longer than what we usually play) I probably only played 5 iron shots.
  7. Congrats all - and great to see a bunch of new testers getting involved!
  8. This is a really cool testing opportunity - exciting to see the results on this one!
  9. I do think that sometimes folks can place too high an importance on hitting the fairway - as long as you're not taking penalties or being forced to punch out a driver off the tee is nearly always the best play for mid to high handicap golfers. I'll take 140 from the pin out of the rough over 180 from the pin in the fairway any day.
  10. Last time I said my picks would fail and I was right - so this time I’m guaranteeing the win!
  11. Just don't pull a Charles Barkley trying to add that pause at the top of your swing!
  12. Quick driving range session at lunch today. It’s easy to see why my 52* is my favorite club in the bag - this is from 5 consecutive shots (one of them was a low-flighted spinner off the bottom groove, the others were all identical): Unfortunately the longer my irons get, the further out towards the toe I tend to make contact. Something to keep working on I guess, here’s my 9 iron:
  13. He brought it in to get a new grip and it got damaged in the shop
  14. I picked up the same hat for the CCC5. Our wardrobes are becoming disturbingly similar..... At least you never have to worry about me wearing a Bruins shirt
  15. I'll echo what others have said - with the Link I leave my phone in the bag entirely. I've been keeping score on a paper scorecard (strokes, putts, penalties) as a backup, and you can use the button on the Link to set the pin location on the green so you don't have to remember that. So at the end of the round I just have to double check the number of putts on each hole, add penalties where necessary, and maybe edit a few shots (like change what Arccos thought was a putt to a chip if it was from off the green).
  16. My current setup is a 52-58 combo of Cleveland CBX wedges, which didn't have much in the way of bounce and grind options in the first generation, so club choice is a matter of distance relative to the green. 105-75 I'll use the 52, from 75-25 I'll use the 58, and when I'm inside of 25 yards I prefer to use the 52 (unless I'm short-sided and need to come in steeper). For my CCC5 Snakebite wedges I went with the classic grind in the 52 (12° of bounce) since I want to be able to comfortably take a full swing with it. In the 58 I went with the versatile grind (8° of bounce) which gives me enough bounce to comfortably chip (I tend to come in steep) but still manipulate the face angle as needed. That club also has full-face grooves, so I'm interested to see how I get along with it.
  17. I have also had no issues with the Link - the all-black version looks extra sweet too for people who are on the fence. Does Arccos have a GPS-only mode for the watch that doesn't track shots if you're using the Link?
  18. The most likely thing they wouldn’t have would be grips, but I think all of us listed at least two alternate grips, so even though we haven’t heard anything we might not be getting our first choice. I also listed alternate shafts for a few clubs as well.
  19. Man am I excited to get my hands on the XB! What shaft did you go with?
  20. Semi-related question - how do you like the Ogio Woode bag?
  21. Nice work! That's an incredible photo as well, looks like an amazing day!
  22. Don't want to get a Cobra putter with the Sik face to fill out the bag?
  23. Played the round of my life yesterday, but the obvious candidate for shot of the day was on hole 6. The fairway on this par 5 is basically split in half by bunkers, forcing me to club down off the tee. I went with my 3hy, but put more fade on it than I wanted to and ended up in the trees. I had no look down the fairway, so I was forced to take my lumps and hope that I could get my approach shot close enough to the pin to save par. Unfortunately I overcooked my approach shot and ended up in a waste bunker/drainage area (used to be sand, still shows up as that on Arccos) behind the green, about 4 feet below green level. The ball was nestled down in deep rough and clover, and I was playing across the narrow side of the green, forcing me to open up the face on my lob wedge and play the Phil-style flop shot. I hit a perfect flop shot that landed 4 feet onto the green, bounced a few times, and then slowly rolled right into the center of the cup. I even got some cheers and applause from the balconies of the condos next to the green!
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